Why People Fight Over Religious Doctrines

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I like Math.

Unlike Math, life is confusing. So many things are suspicious. Moreover, unlike Math, people don’t seem to see the difficulty.

When I have problems with Math, people tend to understand that this stuff is tough and explain it to me kindly.

Yet, so many things in life are suspicious. When I question it, people would say that I was the most stupid people on earth that don’t even know stuffs.

Why people fight over differences of religious doctrines?

I mean there are so many evil people in the earth. There are thieves. There are robbers. There are burglars. There are fraudsters. But why we fight those with different beliefs?

To me, why people fight heresy is not obvious. Most apologetic explanation raises even more confusions and suspicions.

However, we have the Math of life. We have something like math that can consistently explain life’s phenomena in ways that make sense.

It’s called science. The math of inanimate object is Physics, which you’re all familiar with.

The math of life is evolution theory. That one is heavily censored.

It’ll be too long to explain, how it works. You can check it in my website at http://GenePoolSurvivalGuide.com

I’ll give a brief explanation to the question I was asking.

And why people fight over difference of religious doctrines

The way we evolve is when we’re not at war, we’re in a race. People want to knock down those who run the fastest. When envy bigots can do so effectively, how to be successful then

Before free market, the most successful people in the earth are not businessmen.

At that time, we didn’t have Bill Gates streamlining operating system to the whole world.

We didn’t have Warren Buffet buying stocks and commodity when everyone wants to sell and supplying commodities when everyone wants to buy.

Nor did we have Thomas Edison that invents so many useful goods for society.

Why? That’s because in countries with plenty of envy bigots, you can’t be successful honestly. No matter how honest, fair, and productive the way you make your money, you’re still hated. When the bigots are the one influential, which means you’re still death.

So how do successful kings, emperors, and dictators maintain their success They do so by showing people that they’re not competitors. How? By ensuring that we’re not in competition. So what’s the alternative War…

So that people don’t fight their king, a wise king will come up with some common enemies the people should kill and fight to unite the people.

When Frederick from Holy Roman Empire attack the Pope, the Pope wisely told all those excess hot heads to attack the Muslims in another crusade.

When a Sultan have full harem, how can he prevent those who don’t get any women from rebelling By encouraging the non alpha males to commit Jihad. So that they die. Gee, and all this time we are taught that prostitution is inhuman.

That’s why Saladin didn’t destroy all Christian cities. He left some. Saladin knew that once common enemies are gone, the Muslims will fight against each other.

He could also be quite compassionate. However, any preferences must have some selfish motive too right. That’s the fundamental assumptions behind selfish genes theory. And that’s an assumption that has correctly predict plenty of phenomena.

Of course, it won’t be fair to pick only Christians and Muslims as samples. The truth is all societies have their fair share of war that’s unworthy to fight.

Some wars are necessary. When US don’t have nukes aimed at China, they’re dust, literally. The same way when China don’t have nukes aimed at US, we’re dust literally too.

When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. Some people are not competitive, so they want war. The underlying structure of life is a virtual latent gun fight.

If we do not want to die, we either have to kill or make a credible threat that we are able and willing to kill when things go too far against our interests.

The way to make that credible threat is by actually killing on some small scales. So some war is necessary.

That’s why I support Death Penalty. I also suggest that we should do it once in a while to those who really ask for it. That’s how we create a credible threat against murders, and robbers. In doing so, we protect the innocents.

However, most of the time, the other side do not attack us. We can make money honestly and productively. Many times, there is simply no good reason for war.

So why war? What’s the justification for that war? Guess what Fairy tales like religions of course.

Religions can justify anything. Faith does not require evidences. Hence, it’s a perfect justification for those who want to pit people against each other.

We see that countries that fail to embrace freedom and meritocracy are countries plagued with religious prosecution and war over differences of faith. That’s simply how to be successful in such countries. Pit people against each other.

It’s so easy to downplay and exaggerate an aspect of life. Punishing thieves will put power in the hand of weak but productive individuals. Punishing the innocents will put power in the hand of politicians. Of course, politicians prefer the latter.

Prostitution, Porn, Homosexuality And Welfare

They said that it’s to protect morality.

However, that’s just pretexts. Pretexts, while contain some truth in it, are filled with incoherency and will often fail to predict people’s behavior.

A governments official may talk at length the virtue of prohibiting factories with high labors’ productivity. Their real motives are to get bribe from factories that cannot compete with the prohibited factories.

Understanding the real motives will help us solve the problem. We can choose to bribe more money or tell the truth to population depending on whether the deceived people are committed to freedom of speech or not.

We need science to probe real reasons behind those pretexts. Understanding the true reasons will give us advantages over those who do not.

Now, to understand why people oppose porn, prostitution, and homosexuality, we need to understand the mother of all sex laws against victimless consensual sex, anti polygamy laws.

The reasons, as you can find in http://GeneTips.com with plenty of scientific explanations, are to ration females in equal share for everyone.

Moreover, humans tend to be dysgenic because they want to get rid superior competitors. When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. That’s simply the way we evolve. Freedom means competition. Some people are not competitive. So they oppose freedom.

Free sex means free competition in desirability. This will wipe out unsexy people out of the gene pool.

So, becoming sexy and advertising sexual desirability will motivate others to kill you.

For example, because women prefer the rich, rich means sexy for males. So when one man gets rich the other will get in the way. Hence we have communism.

Males prefer the pretty, hence pretty means sexy for women. Of course, beauty is not just outside but also inside clothes. So when a woman advertises her beauty in porn, the other women will oppose it. Hence we have anti porn laws.

That’s why most humans belong in either liberal communist party or religious fascist conservative party.

The liberal want to prevent you from getting rich. The conservatives want to ration females in equal share for everyone to the unsexy so even if you do get rich, you can’t just easily and consensually make thousands of kids.

It starts of with the democratic Greece. Democracy means one man one vote. Natural resources get divided proportional with men’s bargaining power. One men one vote soon leads to one men one wife.

But the true reason behind anti prostitution and anti homosexuality goes beyond that. Not all males mind that some males get more females. Some males are poor and would rather have more money. Some males are happy because they have prostitution. Some males are homosexual and really don’t care. All those males either don’t mind or easy to appease.

What happened when Titus sieged Jerusalem on 70 AD? The Zealots terrorist groups burn the Jews’ food supply to ensure no peace agreement.

Porn, prostitution, welfare, and homosexuality are, in a sense, food supplies that’ll provide an alternative to marriage. When all those are legal, those who want to wipe out the best and brightest males from the gene pool will not have enough supporters.

The non alpha males will think, “All right, Bill Gates get so many females, but he’s rich, and he pays tax. We got richer because of him and can use the money to get rich too and attract females or hire prostitutes. He’s useful enough for the society we should just let him be.”

Prohibition of porn, prostitution, welfare, and homosexuality will put all non alpha males in a situation where they can either get married or live a shagless life. Given those alternatives, most non alpha males will insist on prohibiting polygamy.

And that’s the real reason why.

Moreover, of course, those who do not enjoy prostitution and porn are more easily persuaded to join an army or even a suicide bombing squad.

The Two Most Politically Incorrect Sentences in Western Civilization

Sentence 1: Men naturally want as many females as possible.
Sentence 2: Women want the best genes.

These 2 sentences can be very politically incorrect.

Especially sentence 2. Women want the best genes, imply that there are such things as best genes.

What are the best genes?

Whichever customers prefer. Continue reading “The Two Most Politically Incorrect Sentences in Western Civilization”

One Thing Is Often Really Include the Other

Often we use words to describe abstract concepts such as good, bad, war, and peace. The problems then become classification problems where we classify events or objects into words.

Our boundaries of what count on those words are imprecise. When we use our intuitive boundaries, we will often see that the boundary of one word often include the others.

In which case, it’s actually good news. That’s because we can use traits and analysis we’re familiar in one circumstances to understand what happen on supposedly different issues.

When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. That’s simply how we evolve. Continue reading “One Thing Is Often Really Include the Other”

Why Politicians Lie?

Most people lie because they believe that lying will give them what they want. Sometimes, what they want is what you want too, in which case you’ll call it white lie, or good lie.

Sometimes, what they want is the opposite of what we want. So we call it a foul lie. In any case, it’s still a lie.

What’s often happen, is it’s important to see the lie as a lie even though is “good.”

Many of the conclusions evolution theories will tell us are facts of life the dictators and politicians have known for thousands of years.

However, those are aspects they try to hide. Moreover, for thousands of years, those facts are known only as facts. Few know how to link all those facts with few principles.

For most of the time, only a few know those facts. Most people believe the opposite. The more something is true, the more people try to convince you for the opposite.

For example. Here are two facts people have been using for a long time.

1. Human males want as many pretty females as possible.
2. Human females, women, want the best genes, usually signaled by wealth.

There are two corollaries of those two facts.

1. One is that we can hold this truth with plenty of evidence that humans are not equal. There are such things as better genes and best genes. Disparity of genes quality is a fact and they matters, because women want that and men want women.
2. Second, we just see an inherent basic difference between males and females.

Those two corollaries are probably the most politically incorrect ideas nowadays don’t them?

Hence, those facts are hidden to prevent racism, slavery, and sexism. Those facts are often used as justification for various now politically incorrect institutions. Still the facts are facts.

There are more, arguably better, rational reasons to oppose racism, slavery, and sexism.

For example, racism and slavery will set a precedent where the greatest among us are those who can convince that the others are sub humans and kill the others.

Under capitalism, the greatest among us are those who provide better services to more customers.

Quite obviously, capitalism leads to prosperity, while racism and slavery will lead to more war as all sides have intensives to slaughter the others.

But those are reasoning people do not emotionally connect with.

So a politician, with intentions you may consider to be good, then simply lies or deceive the people with abstract concepts such as humans’ equality.

Of course, incorrect theories, while correct in some places will cause some problems in others.

No Matter How You Define It Some Evil is Always Necessary

It’s not true that we only get money by being productive. The fact of life is, humans also rob each other.

There isn’t any way to completely get rid this aspect.

Think it this way, why the Chinese don’t nuke US? Why US don’t nuke China?

Because we’re both are nice civilized guys that just don’t kill each other to solve our differences? Do we?

We’re good. We’re not that good. Continue reading “No Matter How You Define It Some Evil is Always Necessary”

Why I do not Hate Welfare So Much?

When I was young I paid heavy tax.

Then I went to a supermarket.

A fat black lady, smiling at me, is buying food with food stamps.

“Argh,” I said to my self, “It’s my money. Hik hik… I am a slave to the majestic welfare kings and queens.”

I had wanted to click my shoes and salute my newly recognized master right in front of everyone.

I am tired of people claiming they are enslaved by capitalists. I’d like to who are the real bosses.

However, the smile is non hostile. This woman may need it to feed their kids, which she shouldn’t have made. I made a lot.

Somehow, I just don’t feel like making a big deal about it no matter how I rationalized it. My mind says “It’s wrong”, but my emotion says, “Let it go.”

At that time I didn’t realized that our emotion is genetically proven algorithm tested over trillions of years.

Kong Fu Chu said that if there is a logical way to get rich he wants to get rich. If there isn’t, he’ll just follow his feeling.

I was rational. I didn’t listen to my feeling.

At that time I admire the Republican Party a lot because they support lower tax.

At least someone is voicing freedom in a supposedly free country.

However, now I realized that there are aspects of life economy classes don’t cover.

You see… Good or bad is always relative and subjective.

Sure, welfare program is bad. However, it’s bad relative to what and for whom?

Obviously it’s good for the recipient. It’s bad for the productive. However, even though it’s bad for the productive, how bad is it relative to other schemes it may replace?

Governments conjure tariffs and trades. Governments subsidize farm products and obsolete industry. Governments kill foreigners for oil industry.

There are plenty of sex laws against consensual sex.

If paying welfare check can allow us to buy enough votes to replace those even greater dangers, is welfare still bad?

Is Welfare Program Really Evil?

When I was young I paid heavy tax.

Then I went to a supermarket.

A fat black lady, smiling at me, is buying food with food stamps.

“Argh,” I said to my self, “It’s my money. Hik hik… I am a slave to the majestic welfare kings and queens.”

I had wanted to click my shoes and salute my newly recognized master right in front of everyone.

I am tired of people claiming they are enslaved by capitalists. I’d like to who are the real bosses.

However, the smile is non hostile. This woman may need it to feed their kids, which she shouldn’t have made. I made a lot. Continue reading “Is Welfare Program Really Evil?”

Labor's Salary and Laws Certainty

A Lot of workers are demonstrating demanding the cancellation of a law draft regulating workers’ in Indonesia.

I am not going to argue against or in favor of the law. It’s just that I think the dispute is wrongly targeted. Those who fight in favor or against the law is penny wise point folly.

I need to point out to all parties of how to improve workers’ salary and income in Indonesia. Continue reading “Labor's Salary and Laws Certainty”

Difference Between Truth and Facts

Facts are facts. Any beliefs, whether factual, imaginary, realistic, or preposterous, can and often are used as justification for many political acts.

You will think that those political acts are good, when they match your interests. You will think it’s bad when it doesn’t.

So, we can agree that some beliefs are used to justify some “good” or “bad” things where “good” and “bad” can be very subjective. Still, facts are facts. Heinous ideas some facts justify don’t change the factuality of a fact.

Facts that crime sometimes pay, for example, will motivate people that correctly believe in the facts, to rob you. Hence, politicians will often try to convince you that crimes don’t pay to reduce robbery. Continue reading “Difference Between Truth and Facts”