Are White People Racist?

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A misleading picture showing how reasonable arguments are hold by “racists”

I am going to say this jokingly. I can’t be racist. I am not even white. Better yet, I am a foreigner. So I am more objective on this just like white people tend to be more objective when analyzing my country. However, many of the things in the box are very reasonable argument, whether you agree or not, that the system is NOT racist.

⁠Take a look at “We had a black president”. It shows that US as a whole is not racist that black people can be president. Can a Chinese be president in Indonesia? Are NBA filled with white? Do Asians have higher IQ tests than white? All those shows that whites is not racist, at least not much more than any other races. If anything they’re less racist.

⁠I also never owned slaves is a legitimate reasoning. Sure white people enslave black people in the past. Like the opposite never happens, as if the rest of the world don’t do slavery thing.

⁠However, is the fact that blacks, on average, have lower IQ than whites are also caused by slavery 300 years ago? Is the fact that most black women are single mothers are also caused by slavery 300 years ago instead those mothers not choosing rich sugar daddies as fathers of their children just 10 years ago?

⁠Perhaps a better way to see this is to see whether blacks with the same IQ as whites earn as much as white with similar IQ on average.

⁠Are white people responsible for black current economic condition? Yes. But not in a sense that those BLM portray.

⁠For example, black people in US is the most economically advance black people in the world. In fact, any race is probably richer in US, on average, than in any other country. The difference is pretty huge for blacks though. Asians are richer in Singapore. Whites are richer in some European countries. Show me a single black country that is richer than black Americans?

⁠Also overly generous welfare allow the most stupid people to breed. And yes,. whites and only whites are so stupidly generous in giving welfare and that’s the main cause of poverty in advance countries. Instead of helping the poor to get rich, they encourage the poor to breed more kids so communist parties, i.e. democrat in US get more votes.

⁠So in a sense, white people do have roles in black economic outcome. Though not in the way democrats want you to believe.

Perhaps a better question would be, does white people “deserve” to be called racist?

I don’t think they’re racist now, but do they deserve to be called racist? If you keep listening and agreeing to nonsense and racist narratives against you, and those who accuse you of that get something of blaming you, they will keep doing that. In that sense, they deserve it.

Imagine someone suing you in court. You know you’ll win and the lawsuit is without merit but you settle anyway? You get more lawsuits. So Don’t.

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