Are White Men Hubris?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

There is a discussion in autistic forum whether white men feels they are superior or not. I thought about it. I think white men around me is pretty confident.

Are they over confident? Are they over estimating themselves? And how does that make me feel?

I think yes. They are often over estimating themselves. It doesn’t make me hate them though. As usual I just feel curious and am actually pretty concerned.

Behind affirmative action, income tax, welfare, huge alimony payment, and non prostitution laws, there is a hubris.

Affirmative action means, I am so superior I can add scores to black people and will still get hired anyway. No you’re not. Also people of color includes, uhuk uhuk uhuk, jews, asians, indians that score well above white in IQ and standardized score.

Income tax means tax me, and I will still be rich anyway. Much harder baby.

In fact, the way I observe is, the main way to get rich is to avoid tax. Jeff Bezos won’t be as rich if he has to pay 30% income tax on his rising stock prices. Microsoft and Apple and Google wouldn’t be big if they don’t incorporate in tax heaven.

Welfare means, let me fund others’ children instead of my own, and I’ll reproduce well anyway. NO. White people are getting extinct. Instead of paying welfare on other people children, everyone should just get rich capitalistically and produce children their own.

If you have extra money, you should have more children. Under no circumstances you should donate to others’ children. Otherwise, the population growth will decline.

Huge alimony means, the woman like me so much anyway even if she gets a lot of money if she leaves me she won’t leave me. No. most marriage end up in divorce.

That’s why I have mistresses instead of getting married by the way.

Non prostitution laws means, I can get laid for free and those who can’t get laid for free are incels.

Dude. Sperms are cheaper than eggs. Each men want a few woman. Each woman want only the best.

It’s far easier for young smart beautiful women to get men that want to fuck her than the other way around if price point is zero. The market doesn’t close at price point zero. Also other men offer money that implicitly imply financial support. Just get rich and pay her market price.

If you want relationship instead of just sex, offer more money to give you children. Much simpler.

So yea. I think there is a hubrish behind laws white men make. They hurt mainly themselves doing that though.

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