Are there correlation between attractiveness and moral values?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Please verify my answer. I think it’s true. I haven’t actually done any statistic but I do observe some. Not exactly double blind tests. Just observing.

We all are sex objects and we all wanna be ones. Well 99% of us at least. Well me at least would do anything to have all hot women think of me as sex object. Men usually pay for it. While women usually get paid.

So things get complicated because attraction is often more than what you are but also what you offer to get sex.

We would support a value that benefit us and prevent value that benefit those who are different than us.

I predict that, in general, more attractive people are more likely to be pro market when it comes to sex. While less attractive people are more likely to be pro states.

This is quite vague because 40% of attraction for males are political power. The way politically powerful males get laid are often through force rather than attraction.

A welfare recipient, for example, can attract women by prohibiting prostitution. Even though women would prefer mating with a richer paying males, she chose to mate with a death beat poor guy instead because that death beat poor guy can vote richer males out of mating market by prohibiting prostitution and ensuring that marriage terms would bankcrupt rich males. Also, poor guys can use his voting power to enslave productive individuals to support all his kids.

In western civilization, child support is proportional to income. Hence welfare recipients can actually “afford” even more kids than a billionaire. What he lacks in money, he have that in power over the oppressed billionaire. Women instinctively want to max out the number of grand children and pick the poor.

Should we count this as attraction or force, is arguable.

In general I would see that there is a strong causal and correlation between value and attractiveness. In fact, I see that there will be strong causal and correlation between moral value and how a person become attractive.

Beautiful women are more likely to be pro porn, sexy clothes, and sexual freedom

Unattractive women are more likely to be pro emancipation. Unattractive women are more likely to be lesbians and affirmative action is more important for them than the hotties.

Studs are less likely to oppose sex outside marriage. Singles are more likely to support monogamy and prohibition of sex outside marriage. That way they can kick out all non singles out of mating market.

In democratic countries monogamy are norms way more than in monarchy. That’s because in democratic countries singles’ opinion matters more. Sultan that sleep with different girls everyday will obviously oppose democracy and prohibition of polygamy.

Rich men are more likely to support legalization of prostitution. Poor men are more likely to prohibit that. Politically powerful men are more likely to support polygamy and oppose sex outside mariage (sex without their approval).

Poor handsome males would more likely oppose marriage. They’re more likely to think that adultery should be legal and cuckold husbands should pay for the kids nevertheless. Looking at the laws in western countries nowadays, I bet white males are pretty handsome. Also poor handsome males would oppose prostitution also to kick paying males out of mating market.

Ugly women are more likely to be pro burqha and sexy “endowed” women are more likely to support top free rules.

Ugly women in rich countries are more likely to oppose legalization of consensual women trafficking. The same way poorer males in poor countries will oppose that.

Richer males will think that consensual women trafficking are just key to resolve global poverty.

This is just prediction. Can anyone please verify? Yes, I based this on causality. What we think to be moral is whatever give us edge over others 🙂

Please help me verify rather than just voting up or down.

Oh ya, in general men prefer the pretty and women prefer the rich and powerful. So you may want to take that into account. In western civilization looks may count more than wealth due to welfare. Welfare program are then effectively genocide against rich ugly males which are more likely to vote conservatives.

But that’s what makes our species unique. Winners are those who can knock off competitors and bullshit their way to do it, and sugar coat the shit. That’s how we became the smartest species on planet. We’re full of… you know, holy, sacred, sacrosanct, absolute truth, ideas, especially those regulating sex.

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