Are Men Smarter Than Women

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Are men smarter than women?

I don’t know.

But there is a way to know from evolutionary psychology points of view.

Do smarter men more successfully reproduce than smarter women?

We become what evolution pushes us to.

If smarter men get more wealth and attract more women and produce more children, the answer is yes.

If smarter women go to college and be doctors or lawyers and produce fewer children, then the answer is also yes.

It may sound sexist to say that some jobs are men’s jobs. The thing is, men only contribute to sperms (and usually a lot of money) for reproduction. Women have to get pregnant.

So it’s natural that men are more diligent than women. Diligent men can get more money and attract more women. Diligent women will simply not get pregnant and go extinct.

Any laws that encourage women to do man’s job will lead to racial extinction. We’re seeing that in Europe, in Japan, in China, and in any “developed” world.

What is the point of being smart if you’re not rich? What is the point of being rich if you don’t reproduce? So you can inherit it to third world immigrants that fail to make money but have more children than you?

In fact, what is the point of anything if that doesn’t lead us to have more children? That’s the essence of evolutionary psychology.

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