Any Cinema Owners?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You are a cinema owner.

80% of your customers want to watch Avengers End Game

20% of your customers want to watch 2 girls one cup.

You have 50 theaters to show the movie.

The industry is very competitive. There are like 186 other cinemas people an go to.

What do you do?

  • Show Avengers End Game in all theaters because of the Majority Rules
  • Show 2g1c in all because the majority have to accommodate minorities Tell the majority of your customers to check their privilege
  • Become an anarcho cinema. Don’t choose any movie to avoid forcing people to watch what they don’t want. Let them fight things out themselves
  • Accommodate everyone. Split-screen showing or superimpose one movie on top of another.
  • Show Avengers End Game in 80% of your theaters. Show 2g1c in 20% of your theater, let each customer buy tickets and move to their preferred theaters

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