Another Light on Palestinians and Jewish Conflicts

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A Friendly Jew
Aug 15, 2011A Friendly Jew
Israel strives for an ideal — one that no other country does. If the London riots were in Tel Aviv, and the police were as brutal, then the world would condemn Israel. Do you hear anyone condemning the British? Are any of their professors boycotted from teaching in a university because they represent the policies of the British entity? Anyone boycotting Cadbury chocolate? No, of course not.

Israel is held to a higher standard, where anything they do is not good. No matter what.

This fuels a great debate in Israel between the hawks and the doves. Either side proves that Israel will always be hated, attacked, and marginalized. So the Hawks figure, might as well deserve the criticism and be as brutal as they say we are. The Doves figure, we should never stoop to the level of the enemy and be a low as they are.

There are no easy solutions.
Jim Thio
Aug 16, 2011Jim Thio
Mind if I post your answer in free market forever?

If the issue is as you said, then perhaps the solution is encourage objectivism.

People should see the other side as is. The good and the bad. If all allies see only the good part and all their enemies only see the bad part, then it make sense to just be brutal because allies don’t see that anyway and enemies will hate you anyway. However, if the world are more discriminating and have mechanism to reward and condemn based on real issue, then people will have more intensive to behave.

However it’s not true that British don’t get criticism. I think cops should have been more brutal there. They sucks because they’re not brutal enough. It’s for the same reason why I think Israel should be more brutal toward Samir Kuntar. You should have had death penalty.What do you do if people are robbing and stoning people?

Also there are riots too in Syria and Libya. US don’t criticize. US bombed Libya for a bunch of reason. People criticize those who are different.

In one reasonable aspect Israel does look worse than the rest of the world. You’re the only country recently that grab land and kick people out. There are other land grabbing too, but not usually followed by kicking people or usually buried deep inside “internal affair” thingy, or that it’s usually involve a small portion of a country’s land, or for any reason, not famous enough.

Now if we see that arab kicked jews out too, and that jews can’t live in palestine, and that jews are discriminated everywhere before Israel and that the most innovative and productive people in the world didn’t even have right to live 50 years ago, all those is understandable. But people don’t know that.

In my opinion, jews are simply better, in many area and people instinctively want to get rid those who are too good. Comes with the package. Sort of like borgueis in China during cultural revolution. I was surprised to learn that in non israel palestine, jews can’t even live.
A Friendly Jew
Aug 16, 2011A Friendly Jew
thanks for asking. I would prefer that you do not quote me in this area. I’m not at all an expert in political affairs of this nature and really don’t want to be quoted. I appreciate your support of the Jewish people and of Israel. It is heartwarming to see that some people are compassionate and able to understand others.
Jim Thio
Aug 16, 2011Jim Thio
I think what you said cut straight into the heart of the problem. If people are going to think we’re evil anyway, why not be evil? Can I quote without mentioning your name.

I think lack of objectivity is the reason behind all conflicts in the world. The key to end suffering is enlightenment of what’s going one. (It’s Buddhist idea, actually). As you see I learn from many religions while having little faith in all.
A Friendly Jew
Aug 16, 2011A Friendly Jew
>Can I quote without mentioning your name.
The reality is that a society is a collection of many people and voices. In Israel there are very divergent opinions about the best actions to take. Convey that there are doves and hawks, and neither side has the answer, both feel like they can help, but not solve the problems. And that the world offers them no support either way. So why even try to please others. At best, just make their land safe for the kids to live in.


Disclaimer: I am not pro jews. I am pro capitalism. I don’t care who win. I care that whoever win, win by paying and not by killing.

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