American Cops are Angels

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Compared to Indonesian cops, American cops are angels. I just met my friend. My friend told me about some guy videotaping cops in Indonesia selling tickets. The guy that tried to expose the impropriety is the one getting caught for libel.

I’ve heard someone squat in someone’s land. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. The guy got to pay cops to kick themselves out. Cops have to be paid to do their job in Indonesia. He told me that his friend told him that he’d rather pay the squatter than the cops. In other cases, people write a petition demanding certain journalists and bloggers to be freed.

My friend told me that cops love those petitions. They want to show all of us that they are invincible and almighty.

I am an atheist. I have now seen the gods. Those are called cops. And religions are narratives cops and politicians in my country make. Notice in Indonesia the rule for libel isn’t clear. It can be a crime.

You can go to jail for it. You don’t have to say, this guy is a corruptor. If you give evidence that suggests he is, that can be argued as libel. You may win in court but the cops, at his discretion can put you in jail for 4 months first and do something.

Yes. Like in US, we wasted half of our jail space for victimless crime like drug usage. While the normal penalty for first-time drug usage is rehabilitation, and once rehabilitated you are no longer penalized, that’s just in theory.

In practice, possession is also illegal and cops and district attorneys prefer to charge users with possessions instead of usage to maximize bribe leverage. There are rules against charging people for small possessions but the rules are unclear and people without lawyers just got slammed for 5 years for even very small possessions.

So when I see Cauvin being put on trial, I felt something is unfair. The cops did their job properly with no mistake. We got someone owning a significant amount of drugs.

To avoid being charged with possessions, he swallowed all those fentanyl. It’s a trade-off. If the drug is in his pockets he can get charged with possession. If the drug is in his stomach he can die. He chose the latter.

That’s how he died. He would have died anyway whether Cauvin arrested him or put knees on his shoulder blades.

Instead of murdering George, Cauvin actually tries to save George. He called an ambulance or whatever twice. He uses a reasonable amount of force. If Cauvin didn’t put knees on his back George may struggle and roll over to the road and get hit by cars.

This guy is on drugs okay. Fentanyl is not a soft drug. Could Cauvin have done better? I seriously doubt so. He doesn’t know George is on drugs. He did what a reasonable good cop would have done. I hope this guy is freed like ASAP.

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