Am I a Liberal or Conservative?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Sometimes I wonder if I am liberal or conservative. I think tax should be low and the market should reign. I think that already happens if you pick your biz carefully.

Microsoft hardly pays any tax thanks to ireland structure. Bezos pay almost 0 tax despite having billions of very real (haig simons) income. So that part is already working. The rich gets richer. Yay……

I also support abortion like fuck. If there is any welfare I agree with its abortion and free contraception. No brainer. Those who can’t afford those shouldn’t have babies. I think the reason why europeans are as prosperous as americans is because they abort poor babies in genocidal manner.

Open border? Hmmm…. You can’t maintain a libertarian society if everyone can come. A simpler system where people pay to come or can buy citizenship from those wanting to leave should be there I think.

That means citizenship have market prices and states become more like corporations. We can easily check whether the states are doing well from the price of citizenship. Too much crime, too many want to leave, price drops. Huge prosperity, many want to pay to come, the price goes up.

In general, immigrants and their children are less dangerous than the welfare parasite children of your fellow citizens. The latter can vote for more welfare when they can vote. So abortion all the way. Yay……. Pick your poison.

I obviously don’t like government regulating marriage. You can avoid most of that by not getting married at all.

Both conservative and libtards want to criminalize prostitution. I think all sex should be transactional.

That’s how I get the best genes for my children and the best cunt for my cock. I no longer believe in religion, romance, love, or anything. Just transaction. I want the best, the girls want the best deals. How the hell this isn’t done through capitalistic competition? That means deals and transactions.

I’d rather make deals with girls I like than make deals with lawyers when divorcing her. Transactions all the way. Fuck marriage. Well, marriage is a transaction too if you think about it. A very messed up one thanks to government that we definitely not need.

Polyamory? You think all shops should have the same number of shoppers and all books should have the same number of readers. What is it with everyone has the same number of spouses? Polyamory kick ass.

It gets so ridiculous that even when same-sex marriage is legalized they still have to have one spouse. Dude, the reason God creates gays is to take young handsome men away from our women. Let the gays have polyamories. The more the better. We should encourage it.

A father for every child is also good. I take it one step further that the father should at least be a millionaire mensan. Conservative somehow think that marriage is important instead of wealth and IQ of the biological father.

In general, I like what conservatives want. Eliminating racism. Cops shooting thugs and other vermin. Low taxes. Free market.

I just think that conservatives are just as guilty if not more than the libtard when they fail to get what they want. Conservatives want to lower tax and reduce welfare but also wanting to prohibit abortion. That’s just as assinine as it goes.

Want biological father, instead of the state, to pay for the children, and yet want to prohibit polyamory that prevents more women from simply picking richer men that can afford those children. Wtf?

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