Abortion Right is Awesome

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Not only abortion right is awesome, but it should also be strengthened. Men should also have the right to demand abortion if they don’t want the baby. If the woman chooses to give birth the man should be free from child support.

This should give women incentives to abort their babies if they are not rich or don’t have financial support from a rich boyfriend/sugar daddy/husband.

There should be no welfare. Again another incentive to just kill more babies.

1 year after born? C’mon. What’s the fucking difference. No it’s not satire.

What will solve this even further?

What about, instead of marriage, men and women can make deals of child support before conception. That’ll solve a lot of problems.

I’ve heard some women would claim to a man that she is on the pill when she’s not. That’s a fraud. Sometimes a woman claims that a man is the father and put it on newspaper. The man, not knowing, not disputing that, and somehow is liable for child support.

It’s very easy to solve this. Imagine a law that if a woman wants child support from a man they should get married first to the man. But that’s too much, right? Too intrusive.

Get the man to commit a certain dollar for child support before conception. That’s it. Nothing else is important.

What about if the man commits too little? Easy. For the sake of the child set a minimum amount. Say the cost of supporting a child to go to college is $500k. Make sure the man has deposited $500k first before he produces a child. That should cut down number of kids with poor dad a lot.

Not only we should legalize abortion, but prostitution should also be legal. That means sugar babies don’t have to hide anymore. It’s all up up.

Now, how are we going to persuade right-wingers to support this? Simple. Tell them that all those dead and unborn babies from the poor will mean less welfare and tax for them in the future.

I couldn’t understand anyone that wants to prohibit immigrants from coming in fearing the immigrants will drain societies’ fund to somehow hate abortion. Those unwanted babies will drain welfare far more than immigrants.

You see those looters, burglars, robbers and BLM? You know why they’re there? Because they’re born. If they get aborted there wouldn’t be such problems would they? Less robbers, less burglars, less looters, less welfare, less tax. Which are these are not libertarian values?

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