A Man Called Ahok

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor


What happens when a guy from a job works on another job? Say a businessman becomes a politician? The result is pretty good. At least when it comes to making government cost spending far more effective.

A sample is Ahok.

He went too far. He hired all cleaning workers bypassing their bosses. Making money with the government is so difficult due to rules Ahok implement to save governments fund.

The result? Rivers are clean. Roads are wide and fixed. Flood is gone. We have plenty of budgets left over. Also, kids got free education. Jakarta citizens got universal healthcare. We can do our papers for free or just the official price without giving more money to people.

Wanna reduce budget deficit? Call Ahok.

However, they’re often bad at politic. Ahok went to jail for blasphemy.

Then? The budget leftover is portrayed as “wrong”. Government is different than business. He’s supposed to spend it, says the opposition. His clashes with the legislative branch is labeled hostile.

The oligarch just uses religion, accuse Ahok of blasphemy and he is sent to jail for 2 years. He can’t even be minister even though he’s popular enough to be the next vice president or president of Indonesia.

There’s a movie about this guy called “A Man Called Ahok”. I think he’s similar to Cato the younger. This guy is the reason why I think local government should be more like businesses.

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