A Hypothetical Referendum for Libertarians

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Your countries have tons of states. People can easily move from one state to another without restriction.

One day there is a referendum.

Choice 1:
Everyone can paint their house in any color they wish

Choice 2:
What everyone can paint their house with is decided by the state. Some state will say cool, paint any color you wish. Some state will say, all house must be red.

Which one will you choose?

You’re a libertarian.

If people pick choice 2, everyone that doesn’t like the decision can have 5 years to move out and settle on other states they prefer. So the law is not in effect too soon.

Also some people like color red so much they want to live in a state where all houses are red. Some people like color green so much they want to live in a state where all house are green.

If everyone can paint their house as their wish, then those people, that like to live among people with similar preference with them, will have to move to another country, or another planet.

However, if the state can decide which color the house is, those who like red can group up among themselves and live together. Those who like green can easily go to another.

So the second choice has more “positive choice” namely the choice to live among people with similar preferences with you. If you like to paint your house with any color you wish you can still do that if choice 2 passes. You just need to move to another state within 5 years.

Let’s just say all states are equally wealthy and they vary with one another just on those house painting preferences.

What about if movement between states are not free? What about if some states only accept people that like green or accept people that like red? I mean it’s impossible to ensure that everything is red if deep down some people prefer green. We got graffiti and stuffs.

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