A Country Should be More Like a Cinema

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think a country should be more like a cinema. In Cinema, each theater is diverse. Different movies in each theater but homogeneous people in each theater.

The variation between theaters is huge. Each theater show totally different movies. Variation within the theater is small. All customers in one theater want to watch that one movie. More variation between states.

Legalize drugs and prostitution in one state. Criminalize in another. Ethno state in one state. Diversity in another. Then everyone just moves to the state they like.

No need to argue which rules are right or wrong unless one leads to prosperity and stability and another leads to chaos and poverty.

The problem says a state wants to legalize drugs, what would happen if a lot of anti-drug voters from other state go to that state and vote differently?

An easier way to resolve this is that voting and residency right has a market value. Only those willing to pay for those voting and residency rights can stay. Only those sharing the value to the state can move in and stay.

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