One Thing Is Often Really Include the Other

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Often we use words to describe abstract concepts such as good, bad, war, and peace. The problems then become classification problems where we classify events or objects into words.

Our boundaries of what count on those words are imprecise. When we use our intuitive boundaries, we will often see that the boundary of one word often include the others.

In which case, it’s actually good news. That’s because we can use traits and analysis we’re familiar in one circumstances to understand what happen on supposedly different issues.

When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. That’s simply how we evolve.

Of course, a competition in productivity is better than war for both sides. However, some people are not competitive. Freedom means competition. Hence, war is often necessary.

When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. Whether we’re in a race or war, certain things remain the same. The best genes are more likely to prevail.

In fact, those are not the only similarity.

Many Chinese businessmen use art of war to start their business.

When the Coca Cola Company sees that its territory being invaded by Pepsi, it comes up with various way to win lose lands.


One way to do it is by sending a lot of suicide bombers to customers that convert to Pepsi. Pepsi then retaliate by sending a lot of rockets to Coca Cola headquarter and withheld customers’ payment that Pepsi held on behalf of Coca Cola Company.

Is that how they do that? Of course not. Coca Cola will simply devise a better weapon, such as better taste sweeter drink that it unleash as weapon of mass conversion to the market.

Should Coca Cola win, their CEOs will get so rich they will get laid a lot and produce many off springs. Pepsi’s CEOs will be driven out of the gene pool for lack of performance. This is true in whether in war or in peace.

You see, there is some difference and there is some similarity.

Due to similarity, business is, in a sense, a form of war. Many humans instinctively feel that way. When a lot of peaceful immigrants come from Mexico, they’ll say we’re invaded, as those Mexicans are actually killing them. What happens is that the Mexicans simply give better offers to factory owners.

And war, in a sense, is business too. Why the Palestines and Israelites kill each other? Because that’s what their line of business is. They’re in killing each other business. That’s because the rule of the game for them is that both sides will get more land by killing the others.

Why there are many corruptors and dictators in communist countries? That’s because that’s their line of business.

And what did the soldiers in saving private Ryan said in the movie when German’s bunker guards are being killed? They said, “We’re back in business”

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