What will Greatly Affect Income

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Can we predict which factors will have higher correlation with wealth.

1. Graduate high school (I don’t like this because graduating high school is a Boolean variable)

2. Have parents that have children after 21 (age of first children for parents)

3. Have wealthy parents/wealthy fathers/wealthy mothers

4. IQ of parents

5. Married parents

6. Number of parents in household (1 parent/2 parents/3 parents) households. That’s because many insist that being married is important for children’s wealth. That however, doesn’t explain whether rich parents cohabiting will more likely have richer children than say, married poor parents when the marriage is certified by the state. I wonder if getting your marriage certified and approved by the state has anything to do with your children’s wealth and if the effect is bigger than other factors.

7. Number of siblings. I mention this because I and my bro has synergy. He’s better at interpersonal skill. I am better at Math and analyzing risk. I am so bad at interpersonal skill it’s hard for me to work with others because they would scam me all the time.

8. Biological fathers changing diapers. Many says that good father changes diapers. So I wonder if there is strong causal/correlation between fathers changing diapers and wealth of children.

Are there any stats on these data?

Also I wonder if the correlation can be done creatively. For example, wealth is not normally distributed. When you’re on top, you get richer and richer. So maybe correlation between say, IQ and log of wealth?

Causality is another story. I want to know too.

Before seeing statistic, I wanna see if we can make a guess, and tell why and then see the actual statistic.

Anyway this is if we want to be a bit racist


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