Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

And someone says that it’s not even clear what systemic racism is.What other words aren’t clear?

For example:

1. Gold digging. Do all women that want money gold digger or only those excessively do so.

2. Treating women like whores. What does it mean? Does it mean paying them fairly based on value added?

3. Exploitation. When is fucking exploitation? When we pay or when we don’t? Why?

4. Sex object. What are sex objects? Are those beings we can have sex with and produce viable offspring?

5. Empowering women. What does it mean? Does it mean giving choices or taking away choices?

6. Racism? What does it mean? Treating people differently due to their race?

7. Sexism? What does it mean? Treating people differently due to their sex? So all people that are not sexist must be pansexual?

8. Discrimination. What does it mean? Should we accept anyone as CEO by lottery?

9. Capitalism? Is chrony capitalism, capitalism? Again, what are words you think is vague in political discourse that it leads nowhere?

And lots of arguments are wasted because we don’t even agree on what we mean when we say a word.

For example, accepting more Asians to top university is bad because that’s called racism.

Who the hell care something is called what? Also it just confuse people because they have different definition of racism.

To them, discriminating against Asian is the true racism.

Vague words allow people to mislead or otherwise lie in political discourse.

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