Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I want to share a story from my country.

UK and US have lift up their lockdown and people are now walking without masks.

However, in Indonesia, we have another lockdown. Things are getting difficult.

That’s because we don’t get vaccinated fast enough.


Because our government prohibits private sectors from distributing vaccine.

Basically corporations can buy vaccines for all their employees but must be through governments. Self entrepreneurs like me have to wait like everyone else to get “free vaccine”. I can’t buy vaccine and use it my self.

Also there are rules. The one above 60 is prioritized and the rest follow. So for many months, from January, guys like me can’t get vaccine at all.


They are concerned that if private sectors are allowed to buy vaccines, the rich will buy vaccines and get vaccinated first and that will cause “gap” or “inequality”.

When I hear that I was disgusted. There are so many things wrong with this kind of thinking.

So what if there is a gap? Rich people have bigger houses, more cars. So what? Why is it wrong that rich people get something first?

Who says that if private sectors can buy vaccines it will reduce vaccines to the poor? The vaccines are bought from global market. Many of the producers can ramp up production if they know there is buyer.

We have more demand for plasma TV, for smart phones, for clothes, and so on. The rich can buy those. Yet the price keeps going down and the poor can have those too. Everyone is richer under capitalism.

In India, a vaccine manufacturers say they didn’t ramp up production because they don’t know whether there will be buyers or not. And that’s actually prudent. India prohibits export out of fear that there will not be enough vaccines for Indians.

Even in US, many vaccines are thrown away due to state and federal regulation. For example, a woke worker insisted that an old person doesn’t get vaccine or she’ll call the police.

The pattern that I see is out of unreasonable fear that we will have shortage, government restrict trades, and those restrictions is the very cause of shortage that they fear.

So now, my country isn’t fast enough in vaccinating people. I got vaccinated only once. Those under 18 cannot get vaccine yet. My friend in Bandung may not be able to come to Jakarta due to this issue. I am very mad.
Milton Friedman says, if you put government to regulate sand in Sahara, you will soon run out of sand.

Oh ya. My Dad’s boss died due to covid. I am so sad. We met once and he gave me good life advices.

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