Why Politicians are Correct?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I began to think that politicians are actually correct.

Capitalists are obsessive with acquiring wealth through productive mean. Politicians are obsessive with acquiring power through any mean.

Capitalists demand others to simply respect others’ freedom. Politicians demand others to be racist against their own race, to give money to ungrateful people that hate you, to pay exorbitant taxes to build jail for you when you get caught, not to do many fun harmless things. Other people condemn too many innocents.

Then again, why bother acquiring wealth if you don’t have power over those wealth? Why restrict yourself only on productive mean when others don’t.

The pattern that I see is we are all selfish. Capitalists are selfish, and so are everyone else. But capitalists are reasonable. We want win win. Others?

They demand welfare, they demand bigger government, they want to jail you for doing victimless acts, they want your money, others want to kill you, another want to appease guys that want to kill you.

And here is the catch. All those people that don’t even respect your individual freedom say that capitalism is evil because you are selfish.

Capitalists that move jobs to China to avoid prosecution of minimum wage in US, for example, are blamed for the lack of jobs, in US. Why don’t they create their own jobs? Many blame capitalists and billionaires for not donating wealth to the poor. Why don’t those poor people postpone having children till they’re wealthy too?

Capitalists are already very reasonable. But everyone else, hypocritically, demand unrealistic higher moral standard that they themselves don’t bother following.

Who cares if I got rich productively through managing internet traffic or by lobbying officials? Who cares if I blame peasants for not being nationalists because they buy others’ better products instead of mine? Who care if I can scam tons of people if I have back up of judges and politicians in my pockets?

Maybe crony capitalism is just what is happening if societies reward politicians way more than capitalism.

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