Why I Do Not Think I am an Incel

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think calling me incel for not being able to get girls without money is not fair.

My situation is the following. I want heirs. Not just sex. I don’t like girls that offer only sex. I see little point of paying for sex for the sake of getting sex. I need heirs. I am not taking my money with me and I don’t want to squander it for vacations or donate it to others.

If I just want sex, I can easily pay for it. But that’s not what I want. Not mainly anyway. I am an atheist libertarian man that lives in a very corrupt country. That means I cannot and will not offer marriage. It makes so little sense for someone like me to offer marriage.

I am relatively richer than most people in my country. Let’s just say I am a top 1 percenters. I also want only smart beautiful reasonably young girls below 25. Too old and she won’t give me many children and her cost of living will just be the same. Not cost effective.

I want smart children. If I can choose between paying smart beautiful women or getting an ugly girl for free, I’d rather pay.

If I can choose between sharing a smart beautiful girl than being the only one for the ugly, I’d share. Quality is important for me.

In fact, some SB actually make more with other guys. She said she will consider giving me children because she wants high IQ children and because she knows I will take care of her for life. And I don’t mind spending money for it.

Financially supporting girls for the whole of her life and all the children produced is not a problem for me. However, doing so is a complex contract.

I also do not look down on sex workers. To me, porn stars and strippers are just sexy. I feel disgusted with girls that want love, monogamy, or marriage, or want to be accepted by societies.

I have cases of SBs agreeing to live with me, and then complain about how evil I am for not doing what society think it’s right. So if a girl says she wants marriage, I am out.

Sugar babies scam.

I have codes. I don’t defraud, I don’t force, and I don’t break promises. Common scam is we both promise something and then she doesn’t keep hers. I still did what I promised long till I realize I’ve been had.

So what should I do? Of course I offer money and of course, I split transactions into smaller pieces.

If a girl doesn’t like me, I prefer to just introduce her to my friends while I move on to other girls.

However, it’s not that simple. Sugar babies would hide the fact that they don’t like me, make me promises to take care of her for 1 month, and then fuck other guys. I need to avoid those girls.

Another common scam is telling sugar daddies that they like generous guys. Of course, after I am generous, the girl will just fuck everyone else for far less or even free and leave.

Look, not every girl gonna like me. I don’t offer marriage. I am old and a bit fat. However, I don’t want my money to go to such girls anymore.

How do I know if a girl like me or not?

Paying for say, hand job, solves that problem. If a girl really hate me, they will not want to do so. Problems solved. I’ll just move on to others. Also mutually beneficial transactions help people see each other positively.

If she wants to then I can pay her to do sexier and sexier things. It’s much easier to ask girls to be heir factories if my cock is already inside. If my baby is already in her womb, it’s even easier.

There is no other way. I don’t want a situation where a girl choose me just because she is legally required too. I like win win relationship. I do not want to do unreasonable commitments.

For example, I don’t want to keep financially supporting a girl that doesn’t give me children and fuck other guys. Many married guys ended up like that. If we don’t like each other I want us to be separated amicably. Of course, that means I stop paying, unless she has my children.

There is no such situation in the world anyway. I can’t count on promises and commitments. The best I can do is to do small transactions. If we’re both happy, I repeat order for life.

That is the only solution for reasonably rich atheist libertarian man. There are girls that like that solution. They’re more of mistresses rather than prostitutes. What else do you think I should do? Let those girls pick poorer guys and be single for the sake of “morality”?

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