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Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

My smart beautiful daughter asked me. Why my girlfriend got a baby sitter and why her mom didn’t. I told her to pick a rich guy and don’t worry about marriage. I told her to pick a guy already rich instead of someone that may be rich in the future.

The truth is, I doubt my own advice but I think it’s something that a parent should talk to their children early. It’s about the reality of life. Having a one-sided story that marriage good and everything else is wrong isn’t going to be good either. At least that’s what I think.

Why would I parrot societies’ opinions that I don’t agree with? The truth is I am probably the only guy like me. Hence, my advice is probably bad advice for most girls.

Most guys want fuck whores and love a wife or have several wives. To me, a whore and a wife are the same things and I want a hybrid.

It’s just different arrangements. Whores and sugar babies have a stronger link between payment and sex. I don’t need laws or religion to love someone. I just want to be fair.

I still love my ex wife because she gave me a child. Marriage and end of it mean absolutely nothing. Our marriage ends because she disagrees with me (obviously). We keep calling each other stubborn.

I also like strippers because they turn me on. I want to spend my life with one and I want her to keep stripping after she’s with me. I am very open minded with sharing and polyamory.

This is 21st century. There are paternity tests and contraception. If not because of the risk of STD I would pay per meet girls and be friends with benefits with many. Having children will just be another deal for me. To me, marriage is obsolete.

Sugar relationship ensures the woman’s financial need. Paternity tests ensure fathers’ paternity. And that’s pretty much 90% of why people need marriage. Marriage comes with so many unnecessary baggage that have nothing to do with the child’s well being.

My girlfriend wants marriage and because she is Muslim and because Christians don’t have an unofficial marriage, that means Muslim marriage. The one officiating wants me to say syahadah.

I offered more money to avoid that and he refused. Marriage is too complicated to me. Why would I have to do so many strange things? Why would I want to embrace a religion I do not believe in? I don’t live religiously and so are my sugar babies.

Sure I am a financially responsible father. I took care of my children financially. The word responsible, to me, has nothing to do with marriage. It has a lot to do with being rich first before reproducing.

What should I say to my daughter next time we meet? Her 43 years old mom (same age as me) is around. I still love her. Of course, my ex wife stubbornly doesn’t want to live with me unless we’re married again. That will never happen because I hate marriage.

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