No High IQ kid Left Behind

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I have a biz idea where no high IQ kid will be left behind. All can get free education and get a degree at a cheap price no matter how poor they are.

College gives education and degree.

I would say, most of the cost in college is in the degree.

The “education” itself can be very cheap. We don’t really need college for “education”. So most of the “value” of college, namely the actual education, can be obtained much more cheaply.

The degree itself can be cheap. All we need are graders to grade tests and projects.

I can take graduate-level math class straight without prerequisite and learn the course in a day. I got A.

My friends that took programming classes ask me for help. In one case, I help them finish a programming project that’s due in 2 hours.

They took the damn class. The project should be done in 3 weeks. Within those 2 hours, I studied a textbook, learn java, learn to use the debugger, and help the other kid code. I think the other student got A too.

Another friend was so impressed that he taught me my first business 20 years ago. He still thinks I am a good programmer 15 years after. At that time, I am already a businessman far more than just a programmer.

If I have the money and the team and the leadership (I can put my capital on this but I need a team). I always want some truly free-market education.

Something where high IQ kids can get a basic college degree quickly.

We KNOW that the high IQ kid is more competent than a typical college graduate. We know competency is mostly IQ. In Math and computer science at least.

All we need to do is to certify it say by tests or cheap projects.

If the governments do not want to acknowledge our “degree”, we go ahead anyway. Slowly some of our fellow businessmen will honor our “degree” because well, the kid can code.

Then we make money and unlike other greedy capitalists, I think we’ll expand instead of raising the price.

One such implementation is the university of people. I am looking at their model.

Of course, any reasonable accreditation won’t hurt.

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