Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I went all the way to Bandung to meet a pretty college sugar baby. We talked about lots of things when I was on the bus. She wears hijab and stuff. She told me how Islam is “perfect”

She makes me think a lot. Obviously, I care about whether I am going to get laid or not after travelling quite far.

It’s a none issue. She’s way nicer than the other babies. I have a wonderful “date”. Turns out she is a college student in a state university. I am impressed. Not good at Math and I didn’t get her to do IQ tests. We’re busy doing “something else”.

Persuading her to have children outside marriage may be tough but itit’s not something I should worry too much after the first date. I think she needs more “deradicalization”. But so are most girls in Indonesia.

What makes me wonder is by how much religions actually change people’s behavior. She is obviously a religious person that doesn’t mind to be a sugar baby.

To me, it’s pretty strange that someone would act inconsistently with his/her beliefs. I don’t believe bitcoin will go up and don’t buy. I don’t believe bitcoin will go down and don’t sell. In fact, I believe that I don’t know whether bitcoin will go up or down and hence spread my investment. I act in ways that are consistent with my beliefs.

Others do not. They believe sex outside marriage is sin, and they do it.

She still does many of her tenets. She doesn’t eat pork and stuff. I wonder if religion can persuade people to switch from Pepsi to coke?

It seems, and this is how I think religion works. People have a subconscious mind that will correct them against truly stupid rational thought.

The religious one is the conscious one. So it is actually normal for most people to act in ways that are not consistent with what they consciously believe.

To be blunt. Her left brain is religious. Her right brain “normal”. I don’t think left and right brain theories are correct. More like her reptilian brains (amygdala, brain stem) work normally. Religions just change the “software” in neocortex. It seems that religions work mainly not by changing people’s behavior but by changing their beliefs so they can more easily convince someone else perhaps?

And that’s probably why I am not religious. Other people can be religious because they simply do not do what their religion tells. I have a hard time doing that.

Either I believe religion is true and do what religions teach and reach horrible results (like practicing abstinence). Or I don’t believe in religion and that’s what I do now.

Think about it. Do any Christians turn the other cheek? Not fight their enemies? Sell all their properties and give it to the poor? Those who do will do very badly in the genepool and have gone. Yet there are still tons of Christians.

Religious people are able to simply switch off religious commandments that lead to extinction.

I don’t have that switch. So I am not religious. I expect more research on this.

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