Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Imagine for a while if you are a corrupt selfish politician or an atheist religious leader. Basically, you’re a hypocrite. We often talk about how “evil” those people are. But what about if we’re in their shoes? Perhaps it’s better to understand our “enemies” more or perhaps be more like them. What would you do if you’re a corrupt selfish politician?

How would a corrupt selfish politician “look” from the outside? Compare to how our politicians look. See any similarity? For example, if I am a corrupt politician I want bigger religious influence. Religions motivate people to pick options not based on verifiable data and hence I can corrupt more money.I will bribe religious leaders.

If the religious leaders are atheists they would interpret religions in a way that benefit me, their sponsors.

People from outside will see how religious interpretation often correlates with the interest of religious leaders. Most religious leaders, for example, will promote marriage because that means they have more control over people’s life.

Some, the secular will call me “lying”. Another, the religious, will get “offended”.In any case, the people are divided and as long as they fight each other, they’re not fighting corruption, which means more money for me.

Corrupt politicians will want bigger governments so I get more kickbacks. Also, I want complex rules that are hard to navigate.

For example, I will want a huge redistribution of wealth because that makes governments bigger. I also want a complex welfare system that encourages the poor to breed and remain poor so I can play around and steal money.

I think the question is essentially, how to get rich through politic. Till we understand this, we can’t change the world, nor can we change ourselves to adapt to the world. I’d say it’s easier to adapt to the world if we understand the nature of the “gods” that rule the world, the corrupt politicians.

It’s easy to think that if we’re a powerful politician that can make changes we will stick with our ideology now. The libertarians will say I will promote free market. The socialist will say I will redistribute more wealth.

However, when we’re politician, our incentives changes too. Now, we no longer make more money if tax is low. We can steal more if tax is high.

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