Humans are Factories

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Humans are like factories of other humans. That’s how reproduction works. We create those that are similar to us by reproducing. We also create pencils, pens, and stuff.

I favor production of things that are actually in demand.

In a sense, I am not an eugenic. If we go to a shop we buy the best product at the most affordable price. If we pick mates we pick the prettiest and smartest that we also can afford.

The process is not eugenic. We don’t try to improve product quality or humans’ genes. The effect is eugenics. Product or mates that are chosen reproduce.

If we pick a nice pen, then the pen factory gets paid. That factory can produce more similar pens.

If we pick pretty girls, the pretty girls will get richer men. In the absence of welfare, their sons can attract more women leaving more descendants.

Reproduction is not symmetric. Women practices hypergamy and men wish to practice polygamy. A bit complex than pen but works the same way.

Ugly women can do men’s job like they always demand and will be out of the gene pool themselves. They’re undesirable so they’re out. It’s how the market works. The problem is they insist that the pretty and smart ones don’t be sex objects too.

You see how whites commit their own genocide?

This maybe a bit hard to understand for someone with monogamy culture because whites tend to expect everyone to produce the same number of children.

I am not opposed or support population growth. Who cares? Let the market decides. Then whatever is in demand will be plenty.

In most countries, we have welfare that encourages the unemployed to reproduce. If Bob is unemployed, that means he is not in demand.

Under free market, when prostitution is legal, Bob is unfit to be husband or boyfriend. How can Bob compete against guys that can just pay girls for sex and for giving heirs?

Poof. He’s out of the gene pool. Even if we feed and give Bob money, as long as we don’t give more welfare just because he has more children, poverty will be gone.

Under more market oriented system, Bob will use his UBI to start a business and get rich first before breeding. Under current system, if Bob works hard, he will be taxed to pay welfare to his breeding peers. See? Income tax and welfare.

We have monogamy and anti prostitution laws to prevent people from picking what they think is best.

To me that’s socialism and anti eugenic.

Also I think pure libertarianism may be too extreme. Why would the less competitive humans want to let the most attractive humans get all the mates? That is why no country is pure libertarianism. We have laws against porn to limit the amount of attention pretty girls get. We have laws against prostitution to limit the amount of money rich men can use.

And that’s also part of political reality we need to accept. Libertarianism, for better or worse, is not too “desirable” for voters.

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