Capitalistic Democracy

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think democracy should be combined with capitalism for a better result.

The population has a diverse need. Hence, they have plenty of conflict of interests.

For example. Imagine we are all consumers of a bakery.

Say the bakery is owned by the state and the customers can vote.

Some want the bakery to produce more burgers, and some want to provide more pizza. Some wish to subsidize burger. Some want to support pizza.

Neither will truly be happy under democracy. Often the deals falls out and we have civil war. Just look at Sunni vs Shia kind of thing in middle east.

Often we settle for banal/neutral solutions like libertarianism, secularism, and liberalism. Those are fine. Neutral solutions allow different people to get along and most nations should be that way.

Should all nation be that way? Those who just want to stick with their own kind have no where to go. That is why racist and religious fundamentalist commit terrorism. They have nowhere to go under normal democracy.

Because of this conflict of interests, most narrative in a democracy are lies. Each of us provides narratives that serve our interests instead of what’s true.

Each of us “sells” our preferred solution as if it’s what’s good for everyone. For example, secularism is good for me. It may not be good for my Muslim buddy.

However, I would say secularism is awesome to persuade as many voters as possible to vote secularism. Some Muslim fundamentalists then commit terrorism.

So what’s the solution? Imagine multiple competing pizzas, burger, and bakeries companies. Imagine if each people can buy and sell shares of those companies and customers can buy pizza and burger from those competing companies.

Here, many things that are hard to measure, such as how delicious this pizza is, can be measured effectively. How many people want to buy the pizza and how cost-effective the pizza is already taken into account. We have something called share valuation to see that.

This is how capitalism works.

That is why I think democracy should be combined with capitalism.

For a start let’s give some dividend to all citizens. Those dividends should replace welfare. Universal basic income or citizen dividends will be implemented in many places.

I think we should call welfare program what it really is. It’s really dividend. Those welfare parasites got welfare not because we are compassionate. Those welfare parasites got welfare because they can vote and we want them to vote “our way”. Welfare is our way to buy their vote.

But let’s simplify welfare program, job creation, and corporate welfare into simple citizen dividend.

Then, turn voters into “owners”. So each guy owns a state/province. Each guy have one and only one share and each share has valuation.

Then there should be a market where people can exchange the ownership of one state with ownership of the other state and there should be some market value on those exchanges.

For example, say someone wants to exchange Chicago with California ownership. If California is more valuable than Chicago then he has to pay money while the reverse gets money. The same way if I want to exchange ownership of Jakarta with a share of Irian.

Each share have valuation and people that want to change have to pay or get the price different.

If California is governed well, taxpayers will move there, and the state will be more valuable. The guy that can predict which states will be governed better will be rich. So everyone will have the incentive to be correct.

Each voter does not have to care what the actual population want. They need only to care about the valuation of their share and pick the one that’s “about to go up”.

Taxpayers then vote with their foot and move to states that they like.

I think this will fix democracy a lot.

Hell. Most share holders don’t even bother voting and yet most blue chip companies are doing fine.

In other words, rather than having our will represented in an election in 4-5 years election, let’s see how our will are represented constantly in the market of state/province ownership.

When you disagree with what your governor/major do, but everyone else agrees, you just exchange your share of your city/province with the share of another city or province. You can repurchase it once your prediction comes true.

States/provinces that can attract the most taxpayers and the highest paying ones will make more money, give more dividend, and have a higher valuation.

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