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I’ve been fucked over a lot in my life. People steal from me. They committed fraud against me. When I tried to destroy his life he bitched that I were the one frauding him. The forum mod didn’t My ex employee become my competitor. My partner want me to be programmer and hide that fact before the partnership start.

I felt I were a victim. That it’s all THEIR fault. That I am a good guy getting fucked over. That it’s not my fault.

Then I start seeing it from a different point of view.

All those people are simply better politicians.

Think about it.

Through out millions of evolution humans brained are genetically hardwired to be better politicians and businessmen.

That means we lie better. We kill better. We are the best hypocrites. In a sense we think it’s evil. We rightfully think so. All those traits are things that can be very costly for the overtly naive.

But then again, the traits are so common. As M says to James Bond, if we only do biz with honest people we will never deal with anyone.

There is a certain industry standard of morality. Be a fraud and you’re an asshole. Too honest and you are eaten.

I am the one that insist on behaving “my way”. I behave in ways that are way out of norm. So naturally people suspect I am the one that’s problematic.

I have goals and considerations that’s unusual. For example, rather than having short term profit I want reputation that people that deal with me are profited. What happen is they are often profited, at my expense, and claim that I am the asshole.

It makes perfect sense.  If you see someone keep having problem with everyone else, who is the trouble maker? That person. It makes perfect sense.

I were the one that are far worse politicians than most people.

But why am I a far worse politicans? Is it due to my lack of IQ? Is it due to my lack of understanding of politic?

I think this part is interesting. When a skill is important for genepool survival, our skill does not necessarily depends on IQ or game theories understanding. We can just follow our feeling and we will automatically be at least a mediocre politicians. Remember when we say thank you after being given money? We instinctively say thank you.

So why am I not a good politician? I have feeling too. I evolve?

That’s because I think politic is evil. I am a libertarian. I feel all those dishonesty, inconsistency, tacts, are evil. “If yes say yes, if no says no. The rest is from evil.” says Jesus. I used to believe that.

Imagine if you are a socialist believing that wealth is evil. Will you be rich? No. Any way you can get rich will feel evil to you and you just avoid it. Then you don’t have money to buy stuff you want and afford your kids. Then you bitch about not having money (and demand government to pay for it).

Libertarian has similar problem. They think politic is evil. They think power is evil. Then what? Will they be powerful? No. Then they bitch about how they get fucked over. The thing is, that’s just what happen to powerless people. They get fucked over.

Repeatedly I made decisions that put me in very weak position. I didn’t even care. It made my stomach churn. Yet I kept convincing my self that I did the right thing and if things go wrong it’s the others’ fault.

I, for example, fill someone else’ adsense account and expect the fraudster to keep their word paying their fair share of revenue. Do they? Most of the time they don’t. I was just mad. I didn’t see it as it’s my fault for counting on others’ honor. I saw that as the fraudsters’ fault for lying to me. Of course they lied. Humans are honed to be successful politicians. Successful politicians lie.

Are there ways to solve my problems? Sure. I can use escrow, etc. But then I didn’t think. I just made very unstable deals and get fucked over.

How to change that?

I should stop thinking that politic is evil. I shouldn’t fuck over people. However, I should do so by properly understanding that it hurts my reputation. I should protect my reputation. Before, I think protecting my reputation means not screwing others. That’s it. If others believe that I am screwing others, even though I am not, it’s everyone else’ fault. That is irresponsible.

Guarding my reputation means having witnesses and notarize to see the deals. Guarding reputation means having proofs that I am the right guy. Having good reputation means showing MY side of the story, rather than being objective.

Being responsible means being selfish. Being fair toward others means being selfish. Others are selfish anyway, it’s not fair to sacrifice our profit for the sake of fairness. Fairness is up to society after all.

In short, I should stop thinking that politicians are evil. I should learn that politic is part of the game. I can’t get out of it like fish can’t get out of water. I should learn from it. I should mimic others’ morality standard rather than making my own. Not too high, not to low.

Now I said that those vermin are better politicians.

Is it politically wise to screw people?

If the person is as irresponsible as I am, it is indeed wise. Then again, most people are like me.

How many people think, if government officials are screwing us, it’s their fault, it’s not the true intent. How many people think, I honestly think ganja is dangerous. I so I prohibited it? Well, turns out it’s not. It’s not my fault, I am being lied too.

When we do all that, when the outcome is different than what we want, we are just lying to our self. We don’t really think ganja is dangerous. We instinctively want to control what people want. Then we believe whatever nonsense that justify it. We wanted to be lied too. We just lie to our self.

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