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Actually the bottom line is this:

Life time alimony, life time commitment, and obligation to support child not biologically yours is a really really REALLY stupid shitty deals.

When people are forced to pay a life time alimony, people said, well, it’s their fault, they chose that deal.

My whole point is that some terms in marriage is so shitty there is no way it’s done consensually by significant number of people. Let’s face that. Who want to agree to pay child support for kids that’s not his? If you got a girl friend that want to live with you, and say look, I agree to have sex with you, but if I got knocked up by some other guy you have to pay. Would you sign that contract?

Imagine if government is not in marriage business. Who would stipulate that kind of terms in his cohabitation contract? Seriously.

The thing almost nobody would make such shitty deals.

They do so because:
1. Alternative deals are taxed differently, illegal, or legally impossible. Those are sugar relationship, prostitution, contract temporary marriage, etc. In fact, the more similar the relationship is to marriage, the more illegal it is. Look at polygamy, for example. The farther away a relationship from marriage, the more it’s acceptable. Free sex and celibacy is legal because it doesn’t compete with marriage anyway.

2. The deal is not explicit. It’s one of those hidden contract deep inside the contract. It’s like McDonald saying that by eating in this restaurant you agree to be a life time slave and the deal is somewhere deep inside hundreds of page of “service agreement”. Normally, FTC, would crack down on this type of shit being unconscionable and not prominently displayed. Life time alimony deals is like that shady hidden terms.

3. They never make that deals. If government does not manage marriage, people would have to craft their own marriage contract. There is no way anyone would draft life time alimony deals when they draft their own contract. Women would simply ask for more money, and men would simply stipulate that the kid must be his. It’s win win for both side. Now such explicit cohabitation agreement is rare because of government heavy endorsement.

Government put a shit load of trick to trap people into marriage. That must go away.

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