New Theory on Voters Behavior

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

n economy we are told, simplistically, that humans maximize their wealth and then gain happiness by spending their wealth for consumption.

I think I want a closer model that can also extend to political realm. Humans want power. They will use their power to gain happiness. Happiness are often obtained by unhappiness of others, usually the very rich.

For example. Say I want to explain why drug is illegal. Using theory #1 it doesn’t make sense. Even if it were true that drug is dangerous, why in the earth people would go the extra mile protecting others from self inflicted danger? It presupposes that society love you more than you love your self, which is a great over estimation of society’s love by a factor of 1000. However, theory #2 fit perfectly.

Voters want power, namely power to decide drug you use.
Any drugs that’s fun, save, popular, and cheap are prohibited. Here, theory #2 correctly predict what will be prohibited.

Why people opposes organ market?

Theory #1 doesn’t make sense.
Voters want power, namely power to decide who live or die.
Any method where the more productive can live longer is politically incorrect. That’s also why US have national health care.

Why sugar relationship is grey area (it may be legal, it may not be)?
Theory #1 doesn’t make sense. When the rich make kids, their kids don’t take welfare check. That means less tax.
Voters want power, namely power to decide who get the girls.
Any method where the rich can get girls in ways that do not lead to some catastrophic surprising financial shock is either illegal or politically incorrect.
In fact, that’s the very reason why marriage is so politically correct. It often financially devastates rich males, like Tiger Wood.

It also explains why child support is set proportional to a man’s wealth. It’s not to support any child. It’s to ensure that reproduction is financially devastating for the rich.

Here, theory #2 correctly predict what’s politically correct or incorrect. Can a relationship financially devastate a rich man that are surviving in the gene pool? If yes, like marriage, then it’s politically correct. If no, like prostitution, then it’s so politically incorrect it’s illegal.

In fact, I think all opposition of free market can be explained by this desire to enslave and effective bigotry.

Yes the capitalists aren’t like that. But they’re minority.

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