What I want, What I really really want

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I don’t care. I don’t mind paying. What’s the point of making a lot of money if not to shower girls that you want to sleep with and our biological children.

I do not believe in love at all. It’s just bullshit. Others may believe it, I don’t. Not me. Not most beautiful girls that I know.

Maybe those with less to offer, like poor men, or ugly women, would consider love, romance, loyalty, fidelity, as valuable.

Not me. I want beauty (and tits). I want good genes, not love. I don’t mind paying if that’s what it takes.

My love is expensive. I love my self, I can’t love another. Romance don’t turn me on. BDSM would.

Exclusivity? You kidding. I like switching girls. In fact, I like 4 some. I also don’t mind sharing. I don’t see what fidelity is for as long as I don’t end up paying child support to kids that are not mine.

Guess what, most males are like me. The richer the male, the more he is like me. You want exclusivity from a rich playboy under thread of life time alimony? Good luck.

Ask all the other male. If we all try to get what we really really want and not what society says we should want, women will be whores. It’s simply more efficient.

If no woman want me I’ll just play video games. Not like sleeping with women is a necessity.

To me, they’re just another toy and reproductive tools. If some women do not like men with my preference, say they want love, go ahead, find other men. I won’t complain, I won’t say it’s wrong, I won’t judge, I won’t force.

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