IQ, Gender, and Race. Which one Makes Good Engineers?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I wonder how IQ, gender, and race help people get rich. Most engineers are men. There are more Asians and Whites in engineering than blacks and women.

Is this because Asians and Whites have higher IQ or is it because structural racism/sexism?

My take is, if we look at the controversial data point we will never know. It is too political each side will just claim their truth.

It’s like saying 1, 2, 3 and then what? Some would say 4, another would say 5 (set of numbers with less than 2 factors). With just those 3 points, we will never know.So we need more points.

Look at things where racism/sexism don’t exist.

Look at criminals. Do high IQ make more successful criminals? Well, higher IQ people hide bodies better. They hack crypto currency better. Fuck, they even hide and steal legally because they see or create loopholes in the law.

Low IQ people tend to do violent crime more, get shot more, and get caught more. Low IQ people don’t hack crypto exchanges. They rob banks with guns or rob people at night.

So yes, IQ, can make you a more successful criminal. That’s extra data point.

What else can we learn? More men are criminals than women. That means men are more motivated to make money than women. That means men are more willing to take risks for money than women.

Now we can extrapolate. If IQ make you more successful criminals, then it’s quite likely that IQ make you more successful engineers too.

Another thing we can look is at occupation that’s politically incorrect and far less regulated by government. If racism and sexism is a factor, then groups that perform well in engineering will be under represented in groups where governments intervention is less.

Businessmen are less regulated than employee. Crypto entrepreneur is less regulated than any business. What kind of people are in crypto businesses?

Curiously there are more black athletes and there are more successful women strippers and porn stars. If western civilization is sexist and racists toward women and blacks we would expect women strippers to make less money than men.

In my country, for example, stripping is illegal and women got to share income with cops. So my country is sexist against women. Western civilization? Well, when they ban stripping, yes.

Another aspect we can see is in occupation where grading policy is clear. Are there women in NBA?

Those extra data shows that it’s natural ability, such as IQs, that make people successful engineers. Not sexism or racism. Or we can just crunch numbers correctly.

Short Intro to Evolutionary Psychology

This is a very short intro to evolutionary psychology. Many people, especially those from rich country, do not think having children is important.

The thing is, let’s put it this way. Say you are the smartest student in your class. You have the highest IQ, you study the stuff, you teach the Math courses to other students. The teachers say that the exam will be survival for the fittest. You are “fit”.

But you slept during exam.

You get an F right?

The way evolutionary psychology works is like that. You can be the richest, smartest, most beautiful, most handsome, strongest, bla bla bla bla bla bla……

If you don’t have more children than your co species competitors, your kind will go extinct.

That means future generation will not be like you.

That means most people are like people that have many children in the past.

So while it seems that reproductive success is not important, in fact, most probably don’t even do that deliberately. They just have sex and suddenly end up with children, strategies of having many children are so hardwired in our instinct and emotion that we tend to do that. If we don’t we’re gone. Also how many children you have will have huge effect on things most of us care about.

Let me give the most obvious sample.

What percentage of world population will be poor, rich, productive, parasitic, capitalistic, democratic, muslims, christians, atheists, conservative, liberal, and so on and so on.

Most people would argue that it will depends on education, indoctrination, reasoning, dialog, war, economic status, and so on and so on and so on.

Nope. All those matter for like 10%.What kind of people in the future will be decided mainly by what kind of people reproducing.

Real life samples.

Will the world be more like western civilization or be more like Taliban. Hard say. Obviously western civilization is richer, have higher technology, smarter. Many said women like white men. Many says they are, on average, more beautiful. They also have higher IQ on average.

The Taliban? They’re cave men.

Will there be more advance democratic prosperous woke nations like western civilization or will there be more hard line islamic people in the world?

That will depend mainly on who have more children.

Currently, western countries give welfare generously. So that means white men will simply bequeath their wealth to whoever have more children.

Then? Then what’s the point? What’s the point of working hard, getting rich, if all your money will go to others’ children because you have few children.

Some people say, well, one child is enough then. Well, having children is not binary. It’s not you have or you don’t. It’s more like positive integer. The effect does magnify.

If Tax is the Price to Live in a Peaceful Society, Why is the Pricing so Complex?

I go to McDonald. I am buying 5 BigMacs. I asked how much I should pay?

The cashier asked, what is your income? If your income is from 0 to $10k, it’s 0.01% of your income per burger. If it’s between $10k-$20k, it’s 0.02% on top of it because you are on higher burger brackets. We have a list here.

Why don’t you fill up this form?

I filled up some form. Latter I got arrested by cops for fraud. There is a reasonable suspicion I do not fill my income correctly.

I argued with the judge that the increased valuation of some of my assets shouldn’t count as income. The prosecutor told me that according to some law books on some chapters, I should take into account 80% of it due to my relationship with my ex girlfriend.

My expensive lawyers argue argue and argue. He’s just taking advantage of the situation to bill me more and more hours.

Then, because I have had some history with some tax accountant, I cannot claim that I do not know about it.

I was sentenced for a few years in jail for burger fraud.

When I am out of prison, I go to Burger King. I asked, how much a burger cost? The cashier said, $1. I paid $1. Since then, I never went to McDonald again.

Guess…. Is this really happening or not? Why or why not?

Look this up in google, “Transaction complexity” and why almost no business under free market uses complex nosy pricing.

And for some reason, most governments do.

And it’s not just tax. Almost any deals mandated by government are nosy and complex. Child support. Alimony. Palimony.


Why not make simpler deals where right and wrong is easier to see and easier to enforce (by stop buying) and move on.

Why Theories Need to Be Grounded on Reality

Economy is grounded in reality. We can have all theories we want. However, at the end, we can observe whether people behave exactly like what we predict or not.

We can have 1001 theories on what women like. Those theories are not grounded in reality because no body knows what’s inside women. However, we can have fewer theories on what women will choose to fuck. And those theories are more disprovable. We can observe.

Notice correct theory of humans’ behavior will correctly predict their choice. It will fail, however, correctly predict what humans claim they want. That’s because we all lie when we say what we want and often don’t even know what we want.

I got a theory.

Most people would rather have this guy have 100 children

Than Elon Musk having 100 children.

Think about it. It’s like Jesus vs Barabas dilemma. Would you rather allow Elon to have 100 children or this useless feckless father to have 100 children.

Seems like an easy choice right? One pays tax. Another consumes tax money. One create jobs. Another don’t even have jobs. One contribute to economy. Another just suck on.

It would be absurd to think that most people want more fellow citizens like Keith McDonald compared to Elon Musk. If one Elon Musk can make so many productive businesses, imagine if he has 100 children.

The world will be far richer. And most people, if we ask them, will say, sure we want more people to be like Elon. But is it what they truly want? Is it what most voters vote for?

No. If people like Elon have 100 children, I bet child support would bankrupt him, unless he found a loophole. What?

Yes. There are laws that increase a man’s liability to be proportional to his income or wealth or something. The mere act of making honest money is punishable by tax. Recently Elon has to part with $11 billion dollars for the simple crime of making honest money as Tesla CEO.

Yet when Keith McDonald have 100 children, voters, will vote to subsidy all those children. Clearly most voters hate Elon and like guys like Keith. They want more people like Keith.

None of this make economic sense. Why would people want more people that suck on their tax money instead of more people that create jobs and businesses? However, from evolutionary psychology perspective, nothing is strange.

Most people are bigots. Why because we are all competitors. We are not created by some benevolent creator. We evolve, and we evolve to exterminate one another. That’s what our ancestors have been doing for centuries. Life is just a big and slow hunger games.

And what kind of competitors most humans want to get rid of? The superior ones. Or at least the more attractive ones. In test scores, Asians tend to score highest than other ethnics. So who does affirmative action hurt the most? Asians.

In dating sites, white men tend to get more replies (and I bet fucking) from women. So who are main target of racism? White men.

In last century, the jews make more money in Europe than other ethnics. So who got discriminated against and mass murdered the most in Europe? Jews. Sex workers and porn stars are prettier and smarter than most women. So ugly women want to prohibit sex work and porn.

Richer men prefer to pay than risk paying alimony. So many poor men want to prohibit paying for sex. Humans are bigots. The one they say are dangerous, evil, harmful, are often the one that’s actually useful, and productive.

Polygamists are people that can attract more women. Again, illegal in most countries.

This is why we need free market to oppose bigotry. Only under free market people, superior people, can get more and care little about others’ opinion.
In politic, the more you are right, the more they hate you.

Because truth is attractive and it compete well against their lies. In business, the more you are correct, the richer you are. Yes they will still hate you. But in capitalism, it doesn’t matter.

Life Starts at Conception and That is Precisely Why We Should Abort Undesirable Babies

I believe life starts at conception. In fact, earlier. If we follow the string of karma, then a child life starts with when their parents meet, and even before.

Not only life starts at conception, many important things on a person’s life already finish at conception. The genes, for example, will never change again for the whole of the person’s life.

And that is precisely why I support abortion. Fuck. Not only abortion should be an option for a woman, it should be mandatory if the kid will be on welfare or the mom can’t secure funding to raise the child consensually.
Why? Because life starts at conception. And so many things are already decided by that time.

If you want productive citizens that add value to the society, you got to start fixing the problem BEFORE the child is conceived.

Once the child is conceived, it’s too late to fix anything. The child’s IQ is pretty much predetermined. His chance of being a robbers, burglars, and so on, is already decided. His talent in Math and stuffs are already done.
So many leftists think that we can improve the economy by government investing in economically worthless children. The truth, when government interfere, with cheaper education, free food, welfare, whatever, its’ already too late. Way too late.

If the genes sucks, if the parents are not economically productive, than, on average, the kids will be sucks too. Would it always happen? No. But life is gamble and we always have to pick gambles with highest expected value (after taking into account risks).

It’ll probably cost say $200k of governments’ hand out to raise a welfare children. It costs $0 of governments hand out to raise Bill Gates or Elon Musk or Einstein’s children. Yet, children of those who contributed to society are hundreds of time more likely to be productive citizens for the society at one hundredth’s time the cost.

For every budget spent by government to raise a child on welfare, that government can get many more people like Einsteins, Gates, and Elons, for free. Their parents pay for all the child’s expenses, and most likely taxed when doing that.

When the genes are bad, better abort.

Public school is an investment, leftists say. Sure. Pouring money to welfare children is an investment. Really really bad investment. If somehow the mom wants to abort, and any economically rational humans will suggest aborting.

Should Abortion Be Legalized

To be honest, I am not even a libertarian on this.

Think about being libertarian but for the genes instead of for individuals.

Now. Who killed the baby? Their own parents. You know, same genes. Let them manage their own family. Killing a baby is like cutting your hand. Normally bad decisions but hei, it’s your body. Yes I know, the baby is a different individuals. I am talking about the genes here.

So what it’s murder?

Another issue, that I think is more important, is welfare.

I don’t give a flying fuck about abortion right because the child died can’t possibly be mine anyway. I have enough money and if I have another child I will just keep it. What about other people’s children? Well, doesn’t matter. They are others’ children.

And not only that, if the babies are born, those babies will be what to me? Think about it. If their own parents want to abort their babies, they usually have good reasons. Maybe they can’t afford those babies. So?

If government prohibit abortion, then those babies the parents can’t afford will be born. Most people cannot stomach leaving babies like that death starving.

So our tax payers will go to the babies. And that’s just near best case scenario.

Such babies are more likely to be poor and rob others. They will grow up being socialist. Our money will be seized through tax to feed those babies. Now THAT is our problem.

Abortion can be murder.

However, my right to do my best to protect my money from falling into the hands of non family member is something I want to protect. Something I care MUCH more than the life of a million babies.

Says who, right to live is basic humans’ right? Do we have right to live? Do we have right not to be robbed, defrauded, attacked? Most libertarians say yes, I know. But it’s more of, yes in a sense that we should have had that right.

Do we? Prostitution is illegal. Drug is illegal. We pay taxes. Why we don’t have that effective right, even for our own life? Because right is never free. If you want right, you got to fight for it or pay someone else who fight for it.

Now, those unborn babies. Do they fight for their right to live? Do they pay us for their right to live? So why should I, or you, bother protecting someone that’s not our children? Their own parents want to kill the baby.

Now what about if mom want to kill baby and dad want to keep baby alive? I would say this sort of issue can be resolved BEFORE conception. The state can have their own default.

Unlibertarian Ideas Libertarians can Understand or Embrace

I got 3 that I have in mind.

Ideas that don’t seem to be libertarian but if we understand and embrace, can get us more freedom, often ethically.

Might makes right

I didn’t believe this. I used to believe no matter how powerful a person is, he must not oppress the weak. And what happen is I often put my self in weak position and got scammed again and again.

In my mind, paying in front and paying latter was the same. What matters was what the deal is. In real life, of course not. Paying in front put you in weaker position.

That’s because the guy you pay can just leave and then you need cooperation of the state (or mob boss) to get what you pay for.

I once do business with poor people. Almost everyone of them just take money and run even though they make more money if they pay me my fair share. Lend money and they will run away. Almost always. Actually this is what attract me to crypto currency. Most libertarians think that a purpose of government is to uphold contract. I think crypto is a non government alternative to that.

It may seem unlibertarian. In fact, the whole philosophy of libertarianism is about condemning people in power that oppress those powerless people.

For example, libertarians condemn tax done by powerful government against powerless businessmen.

However, I now see power as another form of wealth. Is it wrong that some wealthy guy drink expensive wine when others’ are starve? I don’t think so. If it’s his money, he do whatever he wants. The problem is not how he spend his money, the problem is how he got his money. If he got it fairly and consensually, no problem.

The same way, why should I care that some powerful people oppress the weak? It’s his power.

Another way to see it is to simply be powerful. Look at monero, zcash, or something. It’s powerful. Libertarians can, for example, use bitcoin or something even more private. It’s hard as hell to tax. It empowers everyone to work under government radar.

Governments, realizing this, tend to lower tax. In Portugal, for example, tax on crypto is very low I’ve heard. When people have power to escape they tend to get better deals. So power matter. Not just what’s legal. Even if you’re a criminal, most lawyers would advice you to keep your mouth shut. Why? To put you in stronger position.

If you gonna confess something you do it in fair exchange, say in exchange of lighter sentences. Again, there is nothing wrong with using power to get what we want. When push come to shove, we’ll all do it anyway.Or at least don’t put yourself on weak position. Or take a look at sugar relationship vs marriage. Getting married put men under very weak position. The women can just leave and get half the money. Here, seeing that power tend to get what you want is useful.

Or what about seeing money as a form of power too that you can use as bargaining position to get stuffs? Makes everything transactional and your money becomes a source of power.

Wealth disparity is a problemAgain, this may not seem like libertarian at all. It’s the main justification of welfare and wealth redistribution.

However, let’s get practical here. Humans are selfish, greedy, and bigots. My understanding of evolutionary psychology teach me that each of us are competitors for everyone else. That is especially true with men.We are like participants in very slow hunger games.

Hence, it is very normal, even without clear profit, that many people, out of bigotry, wants to prohibit reproductive success of other humans. That explains why we have so many rules against consensual sex.

Rich parents for example, cannot have children without risking significant portion of his wealth.

Rich men, for example, cannot just pay women to give him children. When a child is born, the government impose child support laws where the amount of child support is proportional to a man’s income. It’s as if the true purpose of society is to prevent rich people from having children.

So what’s the solution? The solution is we got to be greedy not only in acquiring wealth but to also have enough children to redistribute those wealth. Bill Gates own $200 billion dollar. He said he will give each of his children only $10 million. I would agree. But for that to make sense, he should have had 20k biological children. Otherwise, why would he work all his money only to redistribute his wealth to parasites?

So yes, I agree that wealth disparity is a problem that need to be addressed. If we have tons of money and too few children, those wealth will be redistributed. It’s just a fact. Right or wrong it’s just a fact. So we have to outbreed the parasites.

A country has right for self government

Again, this seems to be the anti thesis of libertarianism. Most libertarians idea is about condemning the states’ action against individuals. Libertarians do not, in general think, that the states have right to make any laws. We think the states have right to make laws only for libertarian purposes, such as protecting rights.

However, in practice, the idea that a country has a right for self government, which is codified in Wesphalian treaty, is probably the single most important direction that make our world libertarians right now.

When countries are free to govern themselves, they compete. When the states compete with one another, instead of attacking one another, then many rich libertarians can move to states that treat them best. Laws tend to be more libertarians too.

In fact, US was and still is one of the most libertarian country in the world. Why? The state. The states compete with each other. It’s not until their Federal governments grow then US move toward statism.

Globalization also force the states to be more libertarians. Tariffs are declining all over the world. Minimum wage is also declining relative to average wealth. That means, a persons’ salary is more determined by his value than his country’s minimum wage.

If we think about it. Most shops, most crypto exchanges, most business, is also governed by centralized command. Again, perhaps, instead of bitching about how wrong the states govern themselves, we should think of ways to simply bypass the states’ laws.

Don’t like marriage laws? Do sugar relationship. Don’t like licensed Taxi? Use uber. Don’t like normal jobs? Make money in internet marketing or crypto world. Don’t like taxes? Consult lawyers and set up foreign corporation. Government is not stupid. It doesn’t want to fight determined individuals that want to be free. So there are loopholes anyway. The people are stupid.

Also following might makes right policy. There is a price of freedom. The price is ability to defend one self and to fuck up those who hurt us. Ukraine can defend itself against Russia. Can individuals defend himself against Russia or North Korea?

A country is a reasonably fair defense pact. If we look for loopholes we can get good bargains more than if we keep bitching about it.

Technologies that Predate Humans

I wonder if some technology or professions are so old they predate humans. That is, they are invented somewhere after the branching of our common ancestors with chimps and gorillas.

All such common ancestors that evolve into homo sapiens master those technologies. Descendants of those who can’t became our cousin species. Look at fire, for example.

All members of homo sapiens can cook. Brain is such an energy expensive organs that humans cannot survive on uncooked food. Humans that use uncooked food will have to hunt for more food. Those pre humans probably end up evolving into chimpz or gorilla.

Cooking is so essential for those humans, that technology probably direct the evolution of humans. Cooking lower energies required to digest most food allowing humans to have energy expensive brains. Energy expensive brains all homo sapiens have cannot evolve without cooking technology.

Capuchin monkeys, when they are taught to trade, will have male monkey having sex with female monkey and then give money afterward. So prostitution probably predates humans too. Perhaps the technologies or professions even predate primates?

Being politicians and leaders probably predate humans. We observe that in gorillas, wolves, and chimps. If something predate humans, that means the occupation is innate. That’s because engaging in such occupations is essential for gene pool survival that those occupations and technologies are probably what shape our species to be the way we are. I would say one day programming will predate humans too.

Humans will be so connected to computer that a child species may show up where members of those species can all code. Those who can’t code will either branch off into another species, or go extinct. Archeology will call them Homo Cannotcodus or something as some sort of cousin species.

Programming then will predate the new child species, Homo Sapien Cancodus.

Maybe this look far fetched. But take a look at writing and reading. In ancient time, most people cannot read and write. Now, almost everyone can read or write. But what about those whose IQ is so low they cannot read or write? Well, they are going extinct because reading and writing is so essential that it predates future humans.