I used to be a feminist

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I was actually a feminist, till I learn that when women can choose, many won’t choose me.

Seriously. I think women choosing to be rich on their own and get married is like men choosing to be trans.

It’s their right. It’s a personal choice. I can have an opinion that it’s sooooooo dumb but that’s just my opinion.

Everyone, including men, should EQUALLY have right to DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. If that’s not feminism promoting women’s choice and equality, what is?

Actually it is feminism. Libertarian feminists are like that.

The problem starts when some people think that someone else’s money should be used to encourage others’ choices.

I definitely have right to ensure that my money will never go to women that don’t have children with me. I also think it’s women’s right to choose to get paid rather than marry.

Welfare means some multi millionaire will be forced to pay for children that are not their own. I also think it’s absurd that government would pay maternity leaves (with employers’ money) and pay for trans surgery.

Now. I am no longer a feminist. Deep inside, I still think it’s wrong to interfere on humans’ choices. However, who the hell care.

Many laws restricting women’s freedom make it easier for me to knock up prettier smarter women anyway.

Anti porn laws eliminate women’s income that could have made money in onlyfans. That makes their price cheaper.

Why I just Pay Women for Sex and Having Children

I am a libertarian. Not extreme one. More like a minarchist one. I tolerate government as long as it’s not too evil.

However, when it comes to sex, I think anything politically correct is the opposite of what makes sense.
I was a simp. I wasted so much money on getting women. I also lost significant portion of money in divorce proceeding. I finally know the solution, for my problem with women. Just pay them.

If I just pay women, for example, most important things are crystal clear.

By paying her to do IQ tests, I know how smart my children will be if I have sex with her. By paying her for video chat I know how beautiful she is live. By paying for her facial, I know how she look like without make up. Finally, by paying her for handjob, I know how much she will cost if I repeat order for life.

I can interview 50-100 women (I have chat with many). I quickly know whether things are working or not by whether small transactions work or not.

Now, imagine if I try to make women like me. What can I do to make them like me? Who knows. Do they like me? How do I know? Who knows. Certain wink the right way, certain move the other way. I know many rich guys that got rape charge for thinking the woman want it and the woman latter say otherwise.

In transactional sex everything is clear. We just make deals.

What about children? What about if I want more than just sex?

Normally, we try to make her like me and then we get “married” right. There is so many things wrong with this idea. Why marriage? Why let government be the pimp of my relationship? So many rich men lost so much money over marriage. It doesn’t make sense.

In ancient time, marriage is a good way to ensure paternity. Now we just have paternity tests.

What about commitments? There are ways to enforce commitments without government. Split commitments into smaller transactions. See. Just pay works again.

What about the children? Well. Women that consider money can get richer guys if that’s what she wish. The richer guys, in return, doesn’t have to fear paying alimony or excessive child support. The child end up having richer father.

And it has nice side effects too. Richer men can just pay many women. I know. I did it. That means more children will have richer father. So less welfare.

Finally my own emotional need. I don’t mind spending money on women that provides value to me. I also respect women’s right to choose any men they want under any consensual offer. However, it’s also my right to make sure that my money shouldn’t go to women that don’t choose to have sex with me or don’t choose me as father of their children.

The only way to achieve that is by making all sex is transactional.

Many people say I am a misogynists and disrespect women. Fuck it. Why not just let the women decide? They don’t like it, they can just say no. In fact, I prefer women that don’t like me to say no quickly so I can move on quickly instead of wasting time and money on women I can’t pay.
I wonder why most men don’t just do it this way.

Am I a Feminist

People are surprised when I said I was a feminist. Think about it. As a libertarian, I values everyone’s freedom.

That includes women’s freedom. I think women should have right to choose whatever she wants for herself. She wants to be paid for sex. It’s her right.

She wants to marry someone, it’s her right. She wants to pursue a career, it’s her right.

And I agree. That’s what we do with fellow humans. We respect their individual freedom and right and that’s pretty much it. I can have different opinions, I can advice, I can give reasonable offers, but at the end, every high IQ beautiful women will have a choice whether guys like me should be a father for their children or not.

I think if a woman is very beautiful and in her 20 and have high IQ, she should aim for guys with money. Raising children is expensive and marriage terms are too hostile to rich men. But that’s just my opinion.

At the end, it’s up to her. I am annoyed by other men saying that selling sex demean women and want, by force, “protect” women from her own choices. I am annoyed seeing how governments use tax payers money to reward women that pick poor guys or pursue a career while punishing women that sell sex for money.

Why government, instead of the actual women, decide what she choose? Of course, I also have right to do with my money and my self according to what’s profitable for me. It is my right, and responsibility, to ensure that my money will never ever spent on women that don’t choose me and their children.

No large amount of it at least. And the only way I know how to achieve that is by making things transactional. Any other ways can lead to really unfair outcome. Just look at this. https://9gag.com/gag/aRrZVwj I said I was a feminist. Am I still one?

I no longer care. All those laws protecting women actually make it easier for men like me to get pretty smart women.

Women can’t do porn? There goes money source. They need money then. Cheaper sugar babies. Beauty don’t matter for most “normal” jobs. So, I no longer care.

I still think that monogamy is wrong, marriage is wrong, and so on and so on. I think government should stay the fuck out of marriage. But I no longer care. I think women, instead of society, should decide what’s best for themselves.

However, I no longer care. All I care is how to get knock women up cost effectively and how to get the best genes for my children and how to get my children rich.

She can always say no and I prefer she says no fast so I don’t waste time on women I can’t pay. With romance, it took a few months or even years to know things not working out.

With transactional sex, I can interview 100 of women, and pick the smartest prettiest ones I can afford cost effectively.

I have 2 sugar babies I really like. I knocked up one and getting another and that seems to be more than enough for me. Making things transactional, avoiding marriage, and romance have both worked very well for me.

How Humans Work

If you want to understand humans, you need to understand politicians.The most enlightened humans are taos, and the most enlightened taos behave like normal human beings.

Look at that Kremlin meeting. Anyone talk about God, religions, or morality?

No. They are all psychopaths. They do not want to kill more civilians. Why? Because it’s immoral? No. Because that means the political costs will be more expensive.

That’s humans for you and all humans are effectively like that. The difference between us and those psycho is that we lie to ourselves first, believing propaganda we told.

Be like psychopaths and understand that deep inside, humans are all psychos. And we will have interpersonal skills, which is simply political skills.


Syria and Ukraine

Most of us think that Russia attacking Ukraine is “wrong”. And I sort of agree that the war sucks. Treaty of Wesphalian is pretty much one of the corner stone of modern world.

The idea is every country should not interfere in other countries. When countries don’t attack one another, they compete with one another, we got globalization that have brought huge wealth to all of us.

The thing is, I can also understand people that disagree with me. Think about it. There are far more similarities between Russia attacking Ukraine and US attacking Syria or even Iraq.

1. In both cases, there are some weak rebel in Ukraine/Syria, and for some reason, Russia/US declare that the rebel is legitimate while the normal government is not.

2. In both cases, the country is claimed to be not democratic. Syria is not democratic. Russian people claim that Ukraine is not democratic. Ukraine used to be Russia leaning and then there was a coup. Again, the truth of the claim is not the issue here. But that’s what people believe.

3. Ukraine is europe and white. Syria is a bit brown. So some people think it’s okay to bomb brown people for their own good but not white people like Ukraine.

4. And Syria is very very fucked right now, like Ukraine. Whoever makes decision to wage war in Syria/Ukraine doesn’t care. Putin doesn’t care about the economic collapse of Ukraine. American voters don’t care about economic collapse in Syria.

It seems that the true difference is just might. US is simply way more powerful than Russia. That’s why it can “liberate” anyone. While it’s wrong for Russia to do the same.

Humans are Evil

I am old and I think I understand interpersonal skill more.

Instead of thinking how to make people like me, I should think, what is the worse people can do to me and how do I prevent that.

Think about it.

$320 million https://www.etftrends.com/crypto-channel/solana-hack-wipes-out-320-million-dollars-of-wealth/

Everybody knows what the problem is. Humans are greedy, selfish, evil. If they can hack, they will hack. So how to prevent hack? Make sure you have no security holes or vulnerabilities. Make sure people can’t screw you.

Imagine a security advisor telling programmers of Solana that the hack occurs because they lack empathy or because they lack interpersonal skill and are too mean to people they don’t care.

That will be very absurd right? But that’s the kind of advice people have been telling me and many others all my life. That I am somehow evil and people are evil to me because I am evil.

Americans people have this proverb. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What about, if power don’t corrupt. What about if humans are just evil. Most people are simply powerless to be evil so they don’t do evil. But once they have power, they screw? Power don’t corrupt people. We are assholes from the beginning.

Most of the time, we’re just powerless to do selfish evil things. For example, it’s easy to say Putin is evil for invading Ukraine. But how many of us would do the same if we have the same power of him? We’d never know.

Most of us aren’t powerful enough to just invade other countries and threaten nukes to everyone.