Master One Self

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Would be nice if you add samples.

For example, I used to lament when people chose evil toward me. Latter I learn how defi got hacked and I realized that the key is not to change people into good. The key is to make sure my system is not hackable.

Since then I do my best to deal with people in ways where they cannot cheat me. Then it’s working out.

For example, like most people I tried to make women like me. I once spent $4k to make 2 women live happily and they don’t like me. They just kept telling me how they like generous guy and I am stingy. Latter I gave up, introduce her to my friends that pay her only $35 for gang bang.

That friend are bored with her, and she is broke again and want to borrow money. I lend $35. Guess what she told me? I am stingy.

For months I blame the girl. How can she be that inconsistent. Latter I learn that everything is my fault. I should have made everything transactional.

That way she cannot scam me. By realizing what I can do, I effectively “master” my self, and hence no need to master others. I no longer care women like me or not.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." Lao Tzu'

Conservation of Angular Momentum

It has come to our attention that some Mensa member spread foul heresy that angular momentum is not conserved.

If such heresy are let lived, I am afraid many technology that will count on our unshakeable faith on conservation of angular momentum will fail.

Imagine falling airplanes and helicopter, or the earth stop circling the sun for losing it’s angular momentum or guys betting on it.

Hence I feel the need to stamp down such heresy once and for all.

Behold…. Derivation of Conservation of angular momentum using only 3 Newton Law and strong form of Newton third law that force one particle do to another is opposite and central.

See the truth and repent for false beliefs that we may see the truth and the truth will help us understand stuffs.

Capitalism Helps the Poor get Rich

Most people think capitalism helps the rich and I just want the rich to stay richer. Actually I care most about poor people. I care about poor people that want to be rich. People like I was. I care about vertical mobility. One of the thing why I like capitalism is that it enables poor people to get rich.

And it does. My employee have more money than I was when I was his age. We both make tons of money.

Socialism gets in the way.

For example, say Bob is poor and want to be rich. How? Live in parents house, postpone having children, invest, get rich FIRST, then have children. Tada he’s rich. His children has rich dad.

The problem is, if Bob does that he is taxed on his income and the money goes to pay welfare for another guy like Bob that just knock up babies they can’t afford. If Mary wants to have rich children.

How? Simple. If she is smart pretty and young, she can just sell sex to millionaires. After a few transaction, if they like each other they can just make arrangements for Mary to get financial support and some cashes to give the millionaires children.

It’s not tough for Mary to do so. Most men want a few woman. The richer a man and the younger the man, the more women he wants.

Tada…. Mary’s children will be rich and her standard of living go up. More children have rich smart father. The problem is pretty much every single rules non libertarian wants get in the way of this.

Anti prostitution laws means Mary cannot just get paid for sex. I am not even sure she can get paid to give children. Child support laws scare off rich men from having too many children. Government encourage women to work like men. Once a woman get her PhD or earn a lot of money, she is old and her sexual market value drops.

And governments make many rules that benefit women that want to be her own man. Paid maternity leaves, for example. This hurts everyone else.

Smart beautiful relatively young women can just pick the rich and her children will be as rich as the rich guy’s children. They’re the same children.

Is Business Skill Measurable?

enter image description here
GM vs 1000 ELO

We have an argument whether wealth is luck or skills or talents.

I think it’s a bit like chess ELO.

Individual games depend on luck a bit. But on average, your ELO is a direct function of your skills and talents.

If you say, bet all your money in one game, then yea, it’s luck.

Same with wealth creation. It’s easy to say Elon or Bill Gates (but not Zuck and Bezos) are rich simply because they are born rich. Elon has asshole father that’s rich but doesn’t really care for his child.

However, if businessmen have elo rating, Elon, Bill, Zuck, and Bezos have far far better ELO than any of us and that’s why they’re rich. And because we don’t have ELO for businessmen we can’t really measure it. So people can say anything.

Right wingers say it’s hard work, and left wingers say it’s privilege. They’re both wrong.

While we don’t have ELO rating for businesses, we have many measurable tests to quickly compare one person over another. Those are things like SAT and IQ tests.

A GM in chess, understand this more than a beginner. That is why GM gives up quickly. The same way, a skillful businessmen knows that some strategies suck and don’t bother pursuing it.

Laws that are Anti Men actually Benefit Lots of Men

Many laws that many people think are pro women and anti men are actually a bit nuanced.

Those laws tend to benefit poor men and ugly women. However, they hurt rich men and beautiful women. In other word, like anything not capitalistic, they tend to benefit those with less to offer and hurt those that have more to offer.

I am more on trying to understand what’s going on and what to do about it for OURSELVES, or at least for my self.

My back ground isn’t even man’s right. I am an eugenic libertarian capitalists. My main source is evolutionary psychology. Because I am a libertarian, I am actually, in a sense is feminist. That is, I want women (and men) to have more good choices.

I now believe that all sex should be transactional and I should avoid anything government regulated as much as possible. That means no marriage, obviously. Yes there are laws against transactional sex. There are ways around that and ways to do it and not get caught either.

Lets pick a sample.

Anti polygamy laws. In US this law almost has no bite. You can just easily circumvent it by not registering your marriage. No body should register their marriage to any state anyway. But bears with me. In many states those laws have lots of bite though. In Canada, people go to jail for it.

That laws look like it’s benefiting women. Now, more women can have devoted husband for her self. Things that “hurt” women like having to share is illegal.

Is it?

If ALL women want to be the only one so much, then we won’t need that law. The thing is, there are many things women want more than just being the only one.

From evolutionary psychology, many women would rather share more handsome, smarter, richer man than be the only one for someone that’s not really winner. It’s natural.

Women got to get pregnant for 9 months. Men only needs to squirt sperm to have babies. Both men and women want high quality genes for their children.

However, men tend to want more quantity. Women want quality. Women are often willing to share if that means getting richer smarter men. Men are willing to settle for normal high school girlfriend if he can have a few instead of one beauty queen.

Laws against polygamy is not there because ALL women want to be the only one. Laws against polygamy is there because TOO MANY women want to share.

Look what Matt Ridley, a renowned evolutionary psychology says.

Anti polygamy laws benefit many poor and middle class men. Those men want a beautiful wife. However, if rich men grab all the women, then the poor men won’t get any. Actually this is an actual problem. In US, where prostitution is illegal, 27% of men are incels. The cause isn’t really polygamy. Many women prefer more handsome men the rest don’t get any.

Usually societies are not stable with so many incels. US is even more so because prostitution is illegal and men cannot just pay women for sex.

And obviously those incels can vote. One way they vote is to prohibit polygamy.

Another law is anti prostitution law. If prostitution is legal, rich men can just rent lots of high IQ beautiful women. Guys like Bill Gates, obviously can just pay hundreds of women.

You can think of anti prostitution laws are like anti working laws. Imagine if government says nobody can work for money. Then life as workers sucks right.

As usual, people would argue that the law is there because “No women really wants to be prostitute”. Again I have met many high IQ beautiful women that wants exactly money and offer nothing but sex.

Why women are rewarded a lot for divorce? Those laws seem that they benefit women. Really? Think about it. Imagine if government makes a rule saying that once you unsubscribe to Netflix you will still have to pay netflix subscription fees. Will Netflix be happy? No. That means nobody will sign up to Netflix.

The same way marriage laws are extremely punitive for rich men to scare rich men from marrying women.

Basically, anyone, including women, like choices. Our lives are better off when we have more choices. That include choices to reduce our choices.

Imagine if government say that Chinese’s cannot be forced to pay loan. You think chinese will be happy? No. Chineses will not be able to borrow any money.

Now. I raised an issue in my other posts about women cannot commit to reduce child support amount.

The true effect of child support laws is not to support any children but to scaring rich men from fathering children.

What is the logic behind requiring some father to pay $1 million dollar child support per month? It doesn’t make sense. It’s legal for welfare parasites to have children and dump them on dropboxes. It’s not legally possible for a man that say, wants to build a business dynasty to pay women to have children and pay reasonable amount of child support.

Government demand those that already contributed a lot of money to their children to contribute even more. Government turn ability into liability. A very common tactic from communism.

Think about it. In ancient china, for example, it’s very common for rich men to just have many concubines. Those concubines happily pick that rich man. If rich men have concubines then poverty will be gone. That’s because their children have rich and smart dad.

Why rich men now don’t just have many concubines? Why women don’t pick the rich? Why women don’t like money enough? Because of so many laws making getting paid by rich men illegal or complicated.

If you’re not chinese, if you are religious, for example, just read bible or your scriptures. Are there any scriptures in the world that prohibit polygamy, transactional sex, and sex outside marriage? They will quotes verses after verses but all those verses are often far from actually doing what they claim.

What about maternity leaves? Does that benefit women? Perhaps. However, it benefits women that choose to work. It doesn’t benefit women that choose to have children and don’t have to work.

Feminists complain that women do more “unpaid work” and get paid “less than men”. Really? Name me any work where women are paid more than men, much more. Any work. There are plenty right? Strippers. Sugar babies. Prostitutes. Porn stars.

Many feminists complain that women do unpaid work but they criminalize works where women are paid well. Kind of strange right? Why works where women are paid more are called degrading?

What about anti women trafficking? I don’t even understand what trafficking mean. We already have laws against slavery and kidnapping. Why we need more laws against trafficking?

Those laws are not there to benefit the trafficked women. Many happily wants to go to richer countries and find richer men. Those laws are there to benefit ugly women in rich countries that want to prevent competition.

So, what’s the solution?

  1. Basically, I realized that laws that are advertised as pro women and against men are really not there to help women. That means there are women that want to circumvent or break the laws. If you are rich there are smart beautiful women you can knock out outside marriage.
  2. Many of those laws are often circumventable. For example, anti polygamy laws can be avoided by not registering your marriage. You can replace marriage with sugar relationship. You can replace contract and commitments into smaller transactions as much as possible. You can move to states where child support laws have maximum value. And so on.
  3. Most of those laws have loopholes. This is kind of obvious. There are winners and losers everywhere. If a law force everyone to be losers then people will fight. There are ways for those determined to win to just win. Prostitution is illegal but sugar relationship is not. Of course, the best way to build relationship in sugar relationship is to treat women like whore first and do small transaction first.
  4. Keep everything, as much as possible, transactional. Remember, women can walk out from any commitment and not hold responsible for it. Women’s commitment is worthless at least on the eye of the law. What happens when a man commit something in exchange of women committing something? The women will just walk out of what she commits and the men keeps paying. That’s how alimony works. So instead of committing anything, always do everything transactionally. Your wife don’t want to have sex with you? Nothing you can do. Your sugar baby don’t want to have sex with you, you just move on and stop paying.
  5. Replace all marriage with sugar relationship. This is no brainer. Keep things transactional. Keep transactions small.
  6. Those laws and norms are not mainly enforced by cops. Those are enforced by lies. For example, if you say all sex should be transactional, they usually ban you. No argument. Nothing. There is this false beliefs that those laws really benefit women that all men and women wants loving monogamous marriage. That men that pays women are incels and women that gets paid are exploited. Any opinion to the contrary is “offensive” and the guy is usually banned. I am banned from most subreddit.
  7. Tell me where I or anyone can share ideas like this.

Another thing we can do is to learn what happens.

Many men and women support misandrist laws. That’s because the laws actually benefit many men.

Anti prostitution laws benefit men that want to marry smart beautiful women. Many of those women will probably prefer to be paid good money than to get knocked up and spend their whole life of marrying a loser.

So expect people to disagree and then try to ban and avoid the conversation. They will defend those false expectations.