Poor Kids

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Someone took this picture after eating with his sugar baby. This is a picture of a poor kid.

They beg on street trying to be clowns. They are poor because their daddy is poor. Most likely because their mom didn’t pick richer guys as father for their children.

But why?

If women prefer the rich how can there be many kids with poor dad?

Because we have norms and even laws that get in the way of women picking the rich.

In western world, child support is 25% of males’ income. So rich are more selective on picking women they want to have children with.

In my country we have religions. Also paying for sex is discouraged.

We are told to use emotion and pick mates strictly based on whether we like them or not.

People are getting married without reading and understanding marital laws.

Most importantly, people that points out the absurdity of this is said to be misogynists.

But those have no good solution. Their “solution” is to tax more and encourage poor people to have more children with welfare and free public schools. All those just create more poverty.

Why vs How to be Rich

Do you want to be rich?

Here is one thing you can do now.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you are rich?

If you have strong enough why, you tend to find ways to get there.

Here is another reason why you should ask that question now.

I asked a guy. He said he wanted to build school that teaches conservative values. That’s not bad of a goal.

The problem is, it’s not selfish enough. You need a goal that makes you motivated. My goal, 6 years ago, is to have many children and make them rich. I want to knock up pretty high IQ girls I want to make our children rich.

I also want to be free from religions and unfair laws.

Those goals work for me.

Your goal maybe different. However it has to be something that motivate YOU. Something that you can get and only can get if you’re rich.

Other people may want to travel around the world or buy versace. That goal doesn’t turn me on given that rich guys in my industry wear normal clothes.

I am not saying that the goal is “wrong”. I think if you think about why you want to be rich and what you will do once you are rich, you have clearer target. And then you may modify it. It’s okay.

And that will help a lot for you to get rich.

Another thing you can do is to be grateful for all of your successes. You must have been successful some time in your life. There must have been things that make you happy. The sun rises. You are still alive. All those are good things I remember when I was on a verge on suicide.

Sometimes we can solve our problems not by solving it but by side stepping it. Before I believed I had great biz ideas. However, no body believes me. I can’t convince anyone to cooperate. My biz partners want me to be his programmers wasting 3 years of my life. My employee that knows that my biz ideas are great just do it himself and drives me out of the market.

I was sad. But then I look at what’s positive. The biz works. The idea works. I still make money. My innovation allows me to push back my ex employee market share. I got a bro I can ask for interpersonal skill.

My solution? I do it my self. I code my self. Only when another employee do what’s reasonable to help my bizs I reward him with 25% of the bizs.

So I still couldn’t solve my interpersonal skill problem. I am still bad at it. But I side step it. Again,. the path for different people is different.

Thinking about your goal can motivate you to pick strategies that lead to your goal. It’s probably better than any AI.

How can we make people moderate?

What makes a person moderate or extremist?

The short answer is competition. Competition makes everyone moderate. When shops compete, those who ask for too high price or too low prices tend to go out of business.

I once ordered a hotel for 3 some with a very pretty mensa material Sugar Baby.

I ordered via an app called Traveloka. When we arrived at the hotel, there is a sign that says it’s a Shariah hotel. Couple that are not married must not go there.

Obviously we’re not married. Indonesian don’t allow 2 bro and one girl to marry each other yet. Not even in US that’s legal.

But I paid for the room. I didn’t know it’s shariah hotel before I ordered. It isn’t fair.

The room boys don’t seem to care. He just told me that I get cheaper rate if I ordered directly instead of through apps.

The hotel is not designed for BDSM party. The window is covered only by a curtain. People inside can see outside but not via versa. So not very private.

So I went in and start fondling my girl. My bro protested though.

We need better hotel. I am not comfortable here.

I thought so what? Better hotel can be for next session.

My bro finally found a better hotel. So we went out to that better hotel.

Because I definitely don’t need the shariah hotel anyway, I ask the office receptionist.

I told him that my friend and his gf wanna come here. Is it okay?

The receptionist say, yes. We don’t allow open BO where prostitutes stay in the room and get in with anyone. But if you bring your own girl, it’s okay.

What a moderate muslim.

But why is he moderate?

Because he is in hotel business. If he makes strange rules like only real husband and wife can fuck in the hotel, he’ll be out of business.

Competition makes even muslims moderate.

Lack of competition makes anyone extremist. Many US company with monopoly have tons of complaints with customer service.

Governments all over the world have been more moderate thanks to globalization. Without globalization tax rate will go very high. Thanks to globalization, we can keep minimum wage low and most profit can go to those truly contributing to economy, like high IQ start up founders.

We need to make governments compete and that’ll make everyone moderate.

Of course there is a corollary on this principle. There is such thing as moderate muslim. The one working in competitive industry where the market rules are moderate.

The market and only the market makes everyone moderate.

Choosing Father of Your Children

The IQ on this one

I will let you know a little secret. If a woman is smart and have high IQ, she can always choose a Mensa millionaire to be the father of her children, even in Indonesia. Must be even easier in Indonesia.

Otherwise it’s her fault or her genes’ fault.

Having a poor dumb father is always the result of a choice. Mom’s choice of who she wants to have children with, or societies’ choice of rewarding such choices with welfare.

Why I do not Feel I am Demeaning Anyone

I rarely post here. I just want to say that if anyone feel offended with anything I am posting, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just block me or tell me openly so I can block you.

I am blocking people that express disgust without pointing out where I am wrong.

I just want to make it clear that I do not feel like I am demeaning women or any human being in anyway.

I am definitely not racist. I like Thomas Sowell that is black and Milton Friedman that is jewish.

My girlfriends are also women. That means I can’t possibly be a misogynist.

I myself is not white but I like Adam Smith.

To me, hating and demeaning someone means lying, forcing, limiting others’ freedom. I do not see how consensually trading with someone is demeaning in anyway.

To me, what’s demeaning is restricting other people’s freedom.

I feel demeaned when people say drugs, gambling, prostitution, and pimping should be illegal.

All those can be consensual and we already have laws against poisoning, fraud, rape, and slavery.

Am I an idiot that average IQ voters have right to decide what is good or bad for me more than my self?

Are we dogs or slave that we have to give any fuck on people that are useless to us? Are voters our lord that they have right to tell us to lick their boot?

I feel demeaned when someone says they have right to our tax money just because someone else need it to breed kids they can’t afford. Are those majestic welfare parasites our lord and kings that we have to care about them?

Few things are as demeaning as being forced or even persuaded to spend money to support other people children. So some feckless father have 10 children and you, tax payers, have to support their children?

Who are those feckless fathers? Superior human beings? Are their children so genetically superior that you have to support their children?

If they are so superior, why don’t they make a lot of money under this fair and generous capitalism?

My bosses paid me to get me do what I want. Even though things don’t work out, I feel appreciated and respected when I am well paid.

I once worked providing redirectors. A white businessman told me he paid me fast and well for my programming work. I felt respected.

I then used the money I got from being their employee, so to speak, to buy bitcoin.

If a smart pretty girls treat me like whores, or gigolo, I will be very proud and happy.

I do not feel demeaned when people do mutually beneficial trade with me. So I cannot understand that saying things should be based on trade is somehow demeaning to anyone.

I’ve been an employee my self. I don’t feel demeaned being hired. I cannot understand the connection between being paid and demeaning.

I am proud to be paid. I am proud to paying. Paying and be paid is the most fair way to get anything from anyone.

I do not feel doing mutually beneficial transaction, as long as it is consensual, win win, and not misleading, to be in anyway demeaning.

It is precisely because I see something as human beings I trade with them. I don’t trade with chairs, or cats, or pigs. I trade with humans.

For the same reason I don’t see chairs, cats, or pigs as sex objects either.

I don’t understand how paying someone and seeing that person as a sex object means I am not treating them as humans. What’s the connection? Is this some eurocentrist bullshit I am too brown to understand?

Also it’s not true that I see most women as sex objects. I actually don’t see any women here as sex objects at all. None are pretty enough, close enough, and cost effective enough for me.

Everyone is, in a sense, equal under capitalism. Capitalism is the most fair AND HUMANE way to treat other humans being.

It fairly reward and motivate people to provide value for others. All other system are exploitative and demeaning.

Just look at how humans are treated in South Korea vs North Korea. Just look at how sugar daddies pamper sugar babies compared to husbands with less money.

And if you think the sugar babies are exploited and wives are respected, that’s just your opinion. Why not let the women choose?

If you disagree, you can do two things. You can show me where I am wrong. I would love to hear that. Or….. You can keep saying I am an incel, that I treat women like object, I am sexist, bla bla bla… Those are not even well defined.

But hei, save all of us trouble. Just block me if you don’t like me.

I am sorry that I like capitalism. It’s just too awesome. I think most things should be treated like the market.

Should a baby lives or aborted? Who are in demand of the baby lives and how much are they willing to pay?

Should women give heirs, be a stripper, or be an engineer? How much each job is paying, and why not let the women choose?

That’s the capitalistic way. Any other way means you are controlling others’ people life.

Any other way is slavery. Any way that’s not capitalism is slavery.

And slavery is demeaning.