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Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I got cancer. I went to doctor and I asked the doctor to kill the cancer cell.

The doctor told me that the cancer cells deserve to reproduce just like my other healthy cells.

I complained saying that the cancer cells are parasitic and they produce too many children taking away resources that can go to healthy cells. The doctors insist that I am nazi because I think cells are parasitic when they are born.

It’s environment, nurture, instead of nature. I told the doctor that if the parent cells are cancer cells, chance is, the children cells will be cancer cells too. It’s genetic. However, the doctors have none of those.

With proper education, every cells can be neurons. Then I died. That’s how welfare socialism works.

Racism in All Countries

In Indonesia, I have heard that a university chancellor of ITB (the best college in Indonesia) decided for a pure meritocracy admissions.

Anyone can get in based strictly on test scores. Usually, chinese are harder to get into.

In that one year, 80% of those who attended the university are chinese.

Again, I am not sure how accurate is this.

The chinese consist of a mere 2% of Indonesians’ population. They, in private sector, free from discrimination, however, control 80% of trade.

However, chineses are usually discriminated when they apply for governments’ job. It’s open secret.

Then, there is an uproar. Whose country is this? Why are we giving cheap education for chinese?

And that makes me think a lot. Is this fair to just have pure meritocracy on government funded education?

Pure meritocracy is not racist. People get in on test scores. However, the policy disproportionately benefit chinese.

Let’s put this in a different way. Imagine if governments give money to those who are good at basket ball, those who have slanted eyes, or those with blue eyes, or those with light skin?

Then without being explicitly racist, government can create policies that are racist in practice. And obviously, under democracy, those that are not relatively better off will vote the other parties. Irrelevant of whether that’s fair or unfair.

While in general, I hate racism, I can sort of understand why many blacks demand affirmative actions. Imagine governments creating jobs, but they don’t get it. Imagine governments building universities they don’t get into. After all, who own the country? If there is war, they fight for the country too right?

A sample on how non racist laws can be very racist in practice without any merit whatsoever is punishing crack cocaine more than normal cocaine. Blacks use crack cocaine more and hence, go to jail more.

So what’s the solution? The libertarian in me, say, the solution is for government to do nothing but guarding security. Again, guarding security will also disproportionately benefit the rich and productive and not the thieves.

Another solution is for government to ignore races. The thing is, race is not ignorable. Most people favor their families, and hence, also their race compared to others, with the exception of white libtards.

I don’t know the solution. One thing for sure is, I see similar problems in US.

But at least you talk about it openly. In Indonesia it’s open secret.

Perhaps a better problem I can solve is, if I am chinese, what should I do?

Most chineses are businessmen or work in private sectors where discrimination is less.

I, personally, because I hate government so much, that’s always racist against me and my kind, choose bizs, that’s far away from government regulation as possible. I do internet marketing and use bitcoins.

Oh ya, that’s also why the chinese control 80% of economy in Indonesia. Businessmen tend to be richer. And that’s the only occupation we can do.

There is another solution that I think I can pull my self. Imagine if 80% of Indonesians are chinese. Then no body will complain that mere 2% of us control 80% of the economy right? Great. I’ll just hire sugar babies and knock them up and spread my genes to many.

Is Morality Relative or Absolute

Should we think that morality is relative or absolute?

I used to think it’s absolute. No force. No fraud. That’s it. Everything else is okay. Well. That and fairness. Making sure everything is win win, maximizes economy as a whole.

The problem is, what about if we live in the world where everyone is not that moral?

Imagine if you are a jew during nazi and you are told to report to concentration camp? Imagine if you are a businessman that are told to report your income to government.

Should you not commit fraud and be honest because it’s the right thing?

That can mean losing your life.

What about if everyone else scam and lie. Should you be honest yourself?
Imagine governments put $1 million dollar on a pool. Then say don’t steal it. But that’s it. No penalty for stealing. No cctv. Nothing. Everyone is taking money from that pool.

Should you use absolute morality standard and say, stealing is wrong? Or you just see that being moral simply means being “relatively moral”.
If everyone takes $1k, I take $1k.

Do people lie to their dates to get sex? Is everyone else doing it? Is it moral to do so? Should you always keep promises?

Makes me think a lot.

Was Gengish Khan evil for comitting genocide? Was white people evil for enslaving black guys? What did everyone else do at that time? During Gengish Khan time, do other kings commit genocide? During slavery time, do other cultures practice slavery?

Is my government evil for taxing me? Is the tax rate is lower or higher than tax rate in other countries?

Set morality too high and everyone is our enemy/evil. Set morality too low and we’re surrounded by evil people that we think is good. So we should set morality as somewhere between. We have enough people we consider evil and stay away from. Then we hang out with the “good guys”.

But that means morality is relative. That is, we demand as much honesty as honored by say, 80% of the population. If all people are not honest, it’s useless to think that being that honest is good.

Seek Power and Not just Wealth

In Physics, we presume gases on top press gases on the bottom and correctly predict gas pressure. Of course, that’s not true. But the model works.

Economists say humans are selfish. Whether it’s true or not I have no idea. However, theories that humans are selfish, often correctly predict humans behavior. How can it be when it’s not true is another story.

Why not go one step further. Assume all humans are psychopaths that want power and do anything to achieve that to get what they want?

Is this true? I don’t know. Does it correctly predict humans behavior?

Libertarians live under the idea that people want money through productivity. That’s often true in free market. I think a more correct understanding is that people want power by controlling things other people want.

Free market is a special case of that. Under free market people have a right to control what they produce, and hence derive benefits from it. Hence, free market rewards productivity, usually.

There are many exceptions in real life.

Imagine someone inventing vaccine and don’t apply for patents. He doesn’t control his invention. How rich will he be? Not much.

Imagine someone controlling something without producing it. Imagine politicians controlling drugs, controlling education, controlling distribution of vaccines. Well those politicians be rich and happy? You bet.

I think a lot of failures I have in my life happens because I seek wealth through productivity instead of power over control. My desire to respect others’ freedom get in the way of success.

I taught my employee my biz secrets and ended up having competitors. I was very productive. However, I lost.

Capitalists produce jobs and services and goods. Yet the majority of people want capitalists to be unselfish. Why?

Because capitalists are weak and because many poor people can vote. You see how good things, like welfare checks, go to those in power. Bad things like tax, go to those who are powerless, like rich smart men.

Yes it’s power. Not mercy or humanitarians. Otherwise most liberals would want to support Africans too. They only support their fellow citizens that have power over them.

All those morality, mercy, humanitarian, honesty, justice, are just bullshit. When they have power, they will say anything to justify their power.

If people with lower IQ have lower income, for example, they will say it’s due to racism, lack of welfare. Why? Because saying that give them power. Saying that the market don’t take care of it will motivate people to give them power to deviate from free market.

None of it is true and none of it make sense. Obviously if we understand that those in power will do anything to cling to power, it make a lot of sense. More poverty means more people voting communism. More power for politicians. More welfare for parasites.

Why another wants to promote marriage and prohibit prostitution? Power. They want to be the pimp of all hoes.

Why another want to prohibit abortion? Power.

No morality. No humanitarian factor. Just greed for power to enslave others.

Political narratives are rarely true. They spread if and only if they empower those in power to create those narrative.

I can be very productive, and get very little, if I think being nice means I will get good things. Good things come to those in power. And power often come from being mean.

Love another and you lost all incentive for others to care about you. Why should they? You already lost power over them. You already do stuffs for them for free. Why should others’ love you?

Love yourself. Reward those who are good to you and only those. Then people will have incentive to love you. How do you show that you love yourself? Many do that by buying expensive cars. I have no idea.

After all, who in this world, deserve your love more than yourself.

So maximizing power is in a sense, the true humans’ nature and goal. Rather than thinking how we can make money productively, we should think how can we control things profitably.

It’s just happen that my main way to maximize my power is by productive consensual means. It’s power anyway.

So instead of thinking how can I maximize wealth through productivity, I should also think how can I maximize wealth and power, by controlling things around me.

After all, wealth is a form of power. Power is true wealth.

I want to share a story from my country.

UK and US have lift up their lockdown and people are now walking without masks.

However, in Indonesia, we have another lockdown. Things are getting difficult.

That’s because we don’t get vaccinated fast enough.


Because our government prohibits private sectors from distributing vaccine.

Basically corporations can buy vaccines for all their employees but must be through governments. Self entrepreneurs like me have to wait like everyone else to get “free vaccine”. I can’t buy vaccine and use it my self.

Also there are rules. The one above 60 is prioritized and the rest follow. So for many months, from January, guys like me can’t get vaccine at all.


They are concerned that if private sectors are allowed to buy vaccines, the rich will buy vaccines and get vaccinated first and that will cause “gap” or “inequality”.

When I hear that I was disgusted. There are so many things wrong with this kind of thinking.

So what if there is a gap? Rich people have bigger houses, more cars. So what? Why is it wrong that rich people get something first?

Who says that if private sectors can buy vaccines it will reduce vaccines to the poor? The vaccines are bought from global market. Many of the producers can ramp up production if they know there is buyer.

We have more demand for plasma TV, for smart phones, for clothes, and so on. The rich can buy those. Yet the price keeps going down and the poor can have those too. Everyone is richer under capitalism.

In India, a vaccine manufacturers say they didn’t ramp up production because they don’t know whether there will be buyers or not. And that’s actually prudent. India prohibits export out of fear that there will not be enough vaccines for Indians.

Even in US, many vaccines are thrown away due to state and federal regulation. For example, a woke worker insisted that an old person doesn’t get vaccine or she’ll call the police.

The pattern that I see is out of unreasonable fear that we will have shortage, government restrict trades, and those restrictions is the very cause of shortage that they fear.

So now, my country isn’t fast enough in vaccinating people. I got vaccinated only once. Those under 18 cannot get vaccine yet. My friend in Bandung may not be able to come to Jakarta due to this issue. I am very mad.
Milton Friedman says, if you put government to regulate sand in Sahara, you will soon run out of sand.

Oh ya. My Dad’s boss died due to covid. I am so sad. We met once and he gave me good life advices.

Understanding Women is Easy

It’s not hard to understand women, or men, or politicians, or businessmen or cats or physics or math or anything if you have correct scientific theories.

These 2 sentences, for example, explains 50% of their behavior. Humans are selfish. They response to incentives.

The rest are fine lining on what incentives and selfish mean. For example, do people maximize their selfish interests based on what they believe or based on what’s true? Do interests of families matter?

Of course, most people have wrong theories, including me, and any discussion that lead to the correct theories are “offensive”. And that’s pretty much 90% of what the problem is.

I bet my ass that most men are more difficult to understand than women.
Perhaps in western societies women are hard to understand because you can’t just pay them for sex. So you need to resort to all these complex techniques to get laid.

In sugar relationship, women are easy to understand. 50% of what she will do depend on how much financial security you can provide compared to your competitors. The rest are things like like how handsome you are, how young, or old you are, how delicious food you eat together, and how pretty the other girls you ask her to have 3 somes with.

Women response to incentives, just like men.

Are White People Racist?

May be an image of text that says 'Talking About Racism With Racists B N Black Laughing Lincoln Prison Was Population Emoji Republican Black on Black Free! Crime? Obey The Police White Privilege Doesn't Exist "You're the Racist!" Love America or Leave It! Never Owned Slaves Talking About Racism Is The Problem Link To Mainstream Breitbart Media Liberal Propaganda Institutional Racism Is A Myth White "BS" Guilt We Had A Blame George Black President! BLM Soros Dems Chicago? LOL Sharpton Sheeple Started Al KKK'
A misleading picture showing how reasonable arguments are hold by “racists”

I am going to say this jokingly. I can’t be racist. I am not even white. Better yet, I am a foreigner. So I am more objective on this just like white people tend to be more objective when analyzing my country. However, many of the things in the box are very reasonable argument, whether you agree or not, that the system is NOT racist.

⁠Take a look at “We had a black president”. It shows that US as a whole is not racist that black people can be president. Can a Chinese be president in Indonesia? Are NBA filled with white? Do Asians have higher IQ tests than white? All those shows that whites is not racist, at least not much more than any other races. If anything they’re less racist.

⁠I also never owned slaves is a legitimate reasoning. Sure white people enslave black people in the past. Like the opposite never happens, as if the rest of the world don’t do slavery thing.

⁠However, is the fact that blacks, on average, have lower IQ than whites are also caused by slavery 300 years ago? Is the fact that most black women are single mothers are also caused by slavery 300 years ago instead those mothers not choosing rich sugar daddies as fathers of their children just 10 years ago?

⁠Perhaps a better way to see this is to see whether blacks with the same IQ as whites earn as much as white with similar IQ on average.

⁠Are white people responsible for black current economic condition? Yes. But not in a sense that those BLM portray.

⁠For example, black people in US is the most economically advance black people in the world. In fact, any race is probably richer in US, on average, than in any other country. The difference is pretty huge for blacks though. Asians are richer in Singapore. Whites are richer in some European countries. Show me a single black country that is richer than black Americans?

⁠Also overly generous welfare allow the most stupid people to breed. And yes,. whites and only whites are so stupidly generous in giving welfare and that’s the main cause of poverty in advance countries. Instead of helping the poor to get rich, they encourage the poor to breed more kids so communist parties, i.e. democrat in US get more votes.

⁠So in a sense, white people do have roles in black economic outcome. Though not in the way democrats want you to believe.

Perhaps a better question would be, does white people “deserve” to be called racist?

I don’t think they’re racist now, but do they deserve to be called racist? If you keep listening and agreeing to nonsense and racist narratives against you, and those who accuse you of that get something of blaming you, they will keep doing that. In that sense, they deserve it.

Imagine someone suing you in court. You know you’ll win and the lawsuit is without merit but you settle anyway? You get more lawsuits. So Don’t.

Why Politicians are Correct?

I began to think that politicians are actually correct.

Capitalists are obsessive with acquiring wealth through productive mean. Politicians are obsessive with acquiring power through any mean.

Capitalists demand others to simply respect others’ freedom. Politicians demand others to be racist against their own race, to give money to ungrateful people that hate you, to pay exorbitant taxes to build jail for you when you get caught, not to do many fun harmless things. Other people condemn too many innocents.

Then again, why bother acquiring wealth if you don’t have power over those wealth? Why restrict yourself only on productive mean when others don’t.

The pattern that I see is we are all selfish. Capitalists are selfish, and so are everyone else. But capitalists are reasonable. We want win win. Others?

They demand welfare, they demand bigger government, they want to jail you for doing victimless acts, they want your money, others want to kill you, another want to appease guys that want to kill you.

And here is the catch. All those people that don’t even respect your individual freedom say that capitalism is evil because you are selfish.

Capitalists that move jobs to China to avoid prosecution of minimum wage in US, for example, are blamed for the lack of jobs, in US. Why don’t they create their own jobs? Many blame capitalists and billionaires for not donating wealth to the poor. Why don’t those poor people postpone having children till they’re wealthy too?

Capitalists are already very reasonable. But everyone else, hypocritically, demand unrealistic higher moral standard that they themselves don’t bother following.

Who cares if I got rich productively through managing internet traffic or by lobbying officials? Who cares if I blame peasants for not being nationalists because they buy others’ better products instead of mine? Who care if I can scam tons of people if I have back up of judges and politicians in my pockets?

Maybe crony capitalism is just what is happening if societies reward politicians way more than capitalism.

Race is Not a Problem

Race is not the problem. Imagine if corporation uses IQ instead of degree. This will greatly benefit us right?

⁠Obviously the low IQ don’t like it. So they pick some race that happens to have lower IQ average and say, IQ tests are racists.

⁠Now. Who benefits from prohibition of IQ tests? Black people? No. The one who benefit are the low IQ.

⁠When companies uses degrees instead of IQ to hire employee, then the high IQ and the low IQ need to spend a long time in school to get those degrees.

⁠Same with wealth.

⁠Oh ya, the group they use as mascots are always the same. That’s because higher IQ groups tend to be rich. So when they complain about wealth disparity they will act like they support black. When they complain about admissions in college or standardized tests, they will act like supporting black.

⁠All they benefit are the low IQs.

⁠Race is a diversion, like religion. They already want socialism even without considering those races.

⁠Of course, actual high IQ nigerians that come to US are doctors and is probably discriminated in favor of white female. But liberals don’t care. They want some impossible useless goal where all groups have the same income.