Go Biden Go

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor


Go biden go biden go….. My bitcoin portfolio needs extra money. Please keep devaluing the dollar. Also, China wants to be number 1 too you know. Make it easy. After losing Vietnam war and abandoning their allies, US have finally become a communist country. You know what? I don’t care.

People, Children, Gods, Minorities, and Women

I sometimes wonder why people often speak on behalf of people, children, gods, minorities, and women.

All those people and things do not speak credibly for themselves? I mean they can speak for themselves, of course. Yet we’re supposed to ignore what they say and stick with the narratives that other users on behalf of those people.

Take a look at Apu. Most Indians probably found it funny. I do not think any Indians are offended by Apu. If anything they’re happy they are represented in the SimpsonsSome woke to say that it’s offensive.

Offensive to who? Indians? The Indians themselves are not offended but people listen to them.

Those beings are like pets. They don’t speak for themselves and when they do people tend to stick with narratives others speak for them instead of what they say.

American Cops are Angels

Compared to Indonesian cops, American cops are angels. I just met my friend. My friend told me about some guy videotaping cops in Indonesia selling tickets. The guy that tried to expose the impropriety is the one getting caught for libel.

I’ve heard someone squat in someone’s land. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. The guy got to pay cops to kick themselves out. Cops have to be paid to do their job in Indonesia. He told me that his friend told him that he’d rather pay the squatter than the cops. In other cases, people write a petition demanding certain journalists and bloggers to be freed.

My friend told me that cops love those petitions. They want to show all of us that they are invincible and almighty.

I am an atheist. I have now seen the gods. Those are called cops. And religions are narratives cops and politicians in my country make. Notice in Indonesia the rule for libel isn’t clear. It can be a crime.

You can go to jail for it. You don’t have to say, this guy is a corruptor. If you give evidence that suggests he is, that can be argued as libel. You may win in court but the cops, at his discretion can put you in jail for 4 months first and do something.

Yes. Like in US, we wasted half of our jail space for victimless crime like drug usage. While the normal penalty for first-time drug usage is rehabilitation, and once rehabilitated you are no longer penalized, that’s just in theory.

In practice, possession is also illegal and cops and district attorneys prefer to charge users with possessions instead of usage to maximize bribe leverage. There are rules against charging people for small possessions but the rules are unclear and people without lawyers just got slammed for 5 years for even very small possessions.

So when I see Cauvin being put on trial, I felt something is unfair. The cops did their job properly with no mistake. We got someone owning a significant amount of drugs.

To avoid being charged with possessions, he swallowed all those fentanyl. It’s a trade-off. If the drug is in his pockets he can get charged with possession. If the drug is in his stomach he can die. He chose the latter.

That’s how he died. He would have died anyway whether Cauvin arrested him or put knees on his shoulder blades.

Instead of murdering George, Cauvin actually tries to save George. He called an ambulance or whatever twice. He uses a reasonable amount of force. If Cauvin didn’t put knees on his back George may struggle and roll over to the road and get hit by cars.

This guy is on drugs okay. Fentanyl is not a soft drug. Could Cauvin have done better? I seriously doubt so. He doesn’t know George is on drugs. He did what a reasonable good cop would have done. I hope this guy is freed like ASAP.

What I think is Really Going on in George

I do not think Chauvin will get convicted. Based on what I know this whole BLM is just bullshit and the prosecutor has no case at all.

Here is what I think is really going on.

George is carrying lots of fentanyl. In US, because all drugs and all soft drugs are illegal, people use crazy stuff like fentanyl. He may be a drug dealer or buyer.

When he got caught, he tried to eliminate evidence? How. By swallowing all those pills. Using drugs is legal. Possessing it is not. I know. Weird. Most people don’t know that. So George did a legal thing before getting caught. Using the drug instead of storing it in his pocket.

The one that kills him is those pills and war on drugs in general.

As for the cops putting knees on his neck? The knee was actually on his shoulder blade. He moved around too much and need to be restrained for his own safety. The cops called an ambulance too, which is a waste of taxpayer money.

The cops were trying to save him. He got close to the best of care anyone can get. There were guys, whites, blacks, that got shot by cops even though they do nothing wrong.

There are things that make black people die in the hand of cops. The number of those that are unarmed is like 25/year. However, cops’ racism is hardly an issue. Single mothers, war on drugs, a minimum wage that keeps blacks out of jobs, welfare that keeps giving incentive for poor people to reproduce, and lower IQ average is the main cause of their problems.
I do not think white people in US are very racist. If it were true, Asians would get shot more by cops and NBA will be full of whites. Also Nigerians won’t be doctors and Indians won’t be CEO.

Oh ya, George is a career criminal that put guns on some pregnant mother. I think the world is a better place when their kind is gone or exterminated. Too bad lots of shops need to burn down with it. I hope next time, shop owners grow some balls and kill those looters legally.

As someone that has been a victim of violence and thieves myself, I am happy every time some asshole died. So my opinion may be biased.
Just my 2 cents.


Sugar Relationship > Marriage

I think more people should try sugar relationship. Less messy.

White people keep saying that monogamy is ideal or whatever and that father is necessary with their children.

What white men do is serial monogamy which is effectively far less fun polygamy. They just lost lots of money every time they do it. Then they got separated from their children anyway.

With sugar relationship, she leaves, you stop paying. Bye bye….

Want money? Well, I wanna see my children. More fair. Paying gives her an incentive to stay with you.

All women are whores. They just like to pretend they don’t. At least the super pretty and smart ones that I know.

Also, white men are the only animals that fail to see their female co species as sex objects because those are politically incorrect in their culture. They put women through schools encouraging women to be engineers instead of moms. Hell, they’re proud if women can be soldiers.

We won’t see lots of white people in a few generations down the road.

Difference Between Using Force or Paying

What is the difference between using force or paying? If I offer money to McDonald’s, am I forcing Mcdonald to give me a burger? From a game-theoretical perspective yes. I am basically threatening McDonald of not paying if I don’t get my burgers.

In fact, game theory doesn’t really differentiate between paying and forcing. Those are treated as outcomes.

You do strategies that make the others better off if they do stuff that makes you better off.

This is not new. Most mathematicians see gambling, insurance, and investments as gambling. We don’t differentiate things that others vaguely differentiate.

Things get even more complicated when governments get involved. Imagine the government fining people $5k for not having children. Does government force people to have children? Well, if I don’t I am fined and punished.

Things get even more complicated when governments get involved. Imagine the government fining people $5k for not having children. Does government force people to have children? Well, if I don’t I am fined and punished. So yes, I am being forced, or pressured to have children.

What about, if the government tax everyone $5k and offer $5k for having children. The whole thing is the exact equivalent. Here, when governments do things, we can have two points of view. One point of view is the government is forcing people to have children. Another is the government simply pay people to have children.

Issues get more complicated when we see political deals. Some countries agree to be absorbed by India so it can protect itself from Pakistan. Is that country coerced?

Most people would consider coercion as part of the game in politics and see that the deal is valid. The list can go on and on.

No one chooses your spouse but you can only choose singles. You are “free” to pursue happiness but go to jail if you eat MDMA and get rewarded by welfare if you produce children you can’t afford. So how to differentiate force and persuasion and paying?

To what extend one is right and another is wrong? Where’s the limit? I have no idea. Perhaps if the bargaining position is within another’s right it’s called forcing. If the bargaining position is within my right it’s called paying.

If I ask for your wallet so I let you live, I am forcing you. That’s because it’s not within my right to kill you. However, if I offer money to buy a burger then I am paying. It is well within my right not to pay. But what counts as right is also not clear.