Internet Companies are Stronger than Nation States

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I wonder why a bakery must cook cakes for gay but twitter doesn’t have to put up with conservative speech?

At the end, the bakery won on a split decision made by Colorado supreme court. However, that’s after lots and lots of court time and lots and lots of trial.

And this is why I rarely do offline business. There is no way I can keep up with all the crazy rules the government put.

So why the state doesn’t force twitter to accept conservative chat? And this is interesting. The bakery has to obey his state law. Why? Because the bakery is in the state. If state A, say Georgia or something liberal, say you got to bake cake for gays, then the bakery has to comply or move to another state. But moving to another state is a big thing for the bakery.

Twitter doesn’t have to do so. A state where twitter is located can say you got to tolerate conservative chat and twitter will simply relocate to timbuktu, seyschelles, Ireland, that doesnt’ have that issue. Twitter can relocate anywhere, not just another state, but also to another country. Internet business is like flying. Offline business is like driving.

When you drive, you got to watch the road. Governments love to put IUD and land mines on the road and you got to know it all. Every offline business needs a lot of lawyer because a simple case of cooking a cake could mean, let’s see, 100 Amicus Briefs. That’s beyond the comprehension of a mere cake cheff.

Who would know whether not baking a cake can mean breaking the law and bankruptcy? Nobody. Even the supreme court has split opinions. Obeying the law is impractical if the law is so vague and unclear.

So it’s not about right and wrong. It’s about the natural huge bargaining position internet companies have. And I love internet companies, I am an internet marketer my self.

That’s precisely why I am in internet marketing. Few can regulate us. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually sympathetic to many conservative ideas that supports free market, that for some reason, is classified as hate speech by those tech companies.

However, the fact on the table is, the tech companies are simply more powerful than nation states. Why internet and technology companies can grow so big?

Because they’re figuratively speaking, above the laws. They fly so high they are out of range of IUD and land mines.

I agree with the left on many facts

I actually agree with the left on many facts. I just disagree on objectives. What they think is oppression, I think is justice.

Poor people can’t afford food and healthcare?

That’s not a problem on my book. So get rich. Get filthy rich. Get rich first before breeding. Problems solved. Fail to serve the market, then die.

That’s justice to me. That’s not a problem at all.

Women left by their husband or boyfriend after getting pregnant? Well. Why does the girl choose a mate based on love or marriage?

Imagine you’re selling widget. Instead of demanding money out of your widget you just choose someone that you fall in love with and give your widget and get nothing. Or make a complex contract with no fault divorce rules. Then what?

Just make a deal with some millionaires of child support amount. Behind every poor kid, there is a woman that does not think like a capitalist.

Poverty is the market way of punishing women that don’t think like whore.

Oh ya, the right is not helping either. They prohibit abortion, don’t subsidize contraception, and advocate abstinence instead of just sterilization. They also promote disgusting government infected marriage.

So yea. I am a centrist I guess.

Middle Way

I think I have a criticism of conservatives. They’re too puritans. Denying sex will be too cruel. But that’s what conservatives do.

They promote abstinence, they prohibit abortion, they refuse to subsidize contraception. Then they just blame the kids for doing crime and ending up in jail, then they blame the left.

And the left? All they care about is more wealth redistribution that encourages poor people to breed.

What I propose is something far more humane. Have sex and fun all they want. Drug sex, whatever. Legalize those. Subsidize those.

However, make sure everyone is rich first before having children.

And the whole society will still be much richer than now. Less tax, less welfare, and yet less poor people. One generation.

Three Ways to Eliminate Poverty

There are basically 3 ways to eliminate poverty.

1. Redistribute wealth. It’s basically the progressive ways. More welfare. More public school. Things that encourage or subsidize poor people to have more children. The result is more poverty because well, poor parents usually have poor kids, at least at the beginning of the kids’ life. The result is turning the whole country into a welfare state where the governments have to keep taxing the productive to keep feeding cradle to grave welfare parasites that breed with no limit due to welfare blank checks.

2. Let the kids starve. Conservative ways. So eliminate welfare. Less government spending. If necessary, make abortion difficult. This is the conservative ways. The poor kids end up in prison, stealing, robbing, bla bla bla. Well duh…. They got poor parents. Probably not very bright because wealth correlates with IQ. No access to capital and high education and so on.

3. Subsidize poor people to kick themselves out of the gene pool. Soft eugenic ways. Subsidize abortion, tax children, subsidize contraception, hell, subsidize prostitution so poor people don’t get married and have children. This is the eugenic ways. Which one is more humane according to you.

Differences Between Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberal

Liberals in US want equality of outcome. Conservatives want equality of chance. I believe that humans are inherently unequal and the market should just take care of it.

I support abortion like fuck though. People that don’t want children or can’t afford them have no business being parents.

But yea, if for some stupid reasons they have children anyway, I do not expect their children will have equal results or even chances against kids from richer smarter parents.

Then? Nothing. Let the kids starve to death. It’s the capitalistic thing to do. Either that or abortion.

And in this area, I think conservatives are worse than libtards because they actively encourage people that don’t even want kids to give birth nevertheless.