Stop Genocide Against the Rich

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Donating money to those who are not your bloodline is a crime against nature.

Bill Gates can afford 4000 biological children and yet only produces 4.

Anything that reduces gene pool survival of a group of people is effectively genocide.

We need to stop committing genocide against productive start up founders

Why are Freemasons Monotheists

Can anyone tell me why freemasons and Illuminati have this “believe in supreme being” which is essentially monotheism?

Basically, it’s okay to join as Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, but atheists cannot get in.

In fact, I suspected my first president, Sukarno, is probably a mason too. Basically, the first principle in Indonesia is “believe in supreme god”. In practice indonesians mass murder PKI.

In theory, and in practice now, you can be openly atheists but you can’t persuade others to join.

Many Mensans in Indonesia are atheists. Well, they express believes in Zeus or Toutatists. I am pretty sure that’s satirical.

Why Romantic Monogamous Relationship is Confusing

One reason why I have a hard time understanding marriage is that people use words that mean totally unnatural.

To others, being a responsible dad means marrying the mom. To me, being a responsible dad means being rich and financially supporting the mom.

So, in my book, only rich people can have children responsibly. I have little sympathy for people complaining they can’t afford their 4 children. Let them all starve.

I simply have no connection whatsoever between the word responsible and the word marrying. I think getting married is like entering a concentration camp. It’s one of the most irresponsible things anyone can do.

To others, being loyal to your spouse means not fucking other girls. To me, being loyal to your mate means not leaving her, and in case of separation, pay child support.

If you have one employee, can you have another? Sure. What about your employee, can he has other bosses? Just talk it out. Why sex is different?

I also do not understand why people say that whores or sugar babies that want 1-3% of your wealth is a gold digger. They provide value, they deserve money. What is wrong with that? This is while someone that wants 50% of your wealth is not.

The most expensive gold diggers are those who want marriage, not those who want a reasonable amount of cash.

I also don’t understand the concept of romantic love. Of course, I love my self and my bloodlines. Wives, gfs, mates, spouses, sbs, whores, secretaries, are just whores I pay to produce children.

Loving them means not scamming them and not forcing them and keeping them happy with wine and lobster. Of course, that’s in return for them producing heirs and sex and entertain me and my biz partners. Fair enough.

I also have a hard time understanding why love and “serious relationship” must be one on one. Where in the bible/quran/kamasutra/newton’s law or whatever you believe in that mating must be one on one?

Do the best stores have only 1 customer? Do the best movies have the same number of viewers? So it’s natural that the richest guys and the prettiest girls got more mates.

Even rich white guys practice serial monogamy which is polygamy but not more than one at the same time.

Last but not least, is I have a hard time understanding why people want the government to be their 3rd fuck buddy. I went the extra mile ensuring that my whole life is out of the governments’ reach and yet somebody just wants legal recognition from governments.

If they love each other, if they’re a match, if they are in the relationship because they want to and not because the government tell them to, then why involve governments?

Why is Religion Special

I’ve been thinking that secularism is a form of libertarianism. Libertarians are seculars but not the other way around.

Secularism without libertarianism is inconsistent. It doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just inconsistent.

Imagine if some guy smoke weed. Under influence of weed he hijacked a few airplanes and drive them to some sky scrapper.

Then the government says, no more weed. The truth, most people think it’s okay for the government to prohibit weed.

That’s despite the fact that most weed users do not slam planes to sky scrappers. In fact, none are. In fact, there isn’t even any data that say that weed or drug users are significantly parasitic for society.

However, when people under influence of religion slam planes to buildings, somehow it’s “wrong” for the government to prohibit such religions.

What’s the difference between drugs and religions then? Why it’s okay for the government to prohibit drugs but not religions?

Why not consistently give the government power to do both or none? None means libertarianism. Both means statism. Should we even be consistent?

Is US More Free than Indonesia?

In what sense?

If we look at the law, then US laws are more libertarian. You are freer to do more in US. At least in the surface.

Porn, for example, is legal in US, but illegal in Indonesia. American porn is boring though.

Sex outside marriage? Borderline. Both are legal in both countries. Indonesia recently had bills wanting to prohibit that but the bill doesn’t pass through given that most marriage in Indonesia is informal anyway.

In US, there used to be laws against fornication, I’ve heard, and marriage must be monogamy. There is a price control for sex outside marriage in the form of the maximum wage. You can have sex for marriage but you can’t pay for it. Paying for sex seems to be the most cost effective way richer guys can get laid (and eventually have heirs). Looks like a bit of a checkmate here.

However, in practice, living in Indonesia can be freer than living in US. Why? Because most of the time Indonesians do not enforce their laws too much. In other words, we’re corrupt.

Is it a good thing? Well, sort of double edge.

In US, female cops would pretend to be a whore and catch guys that are bidding for the whore.

In Indonesia, no female cops would do that. Everybody knows that all those massage therapists are escorts. Is the law enforced? Well, the cops got paid to look the other way around.

Sugar babies are very free in Indonesia. They can offer ppm and so on. If you like each other they can give you heirs and with an informal marriage, society will accept that anyway. Being accepted by society and be able to get along with neighbors is more important for many indonesians.

All my life, I want freedom. The truth is, how free I can be, depends not on the law of the country, but on how much I am willing and able to test the limits.

How the government enforce laws

Say you smoke weed. Then you want to own a gun. Then you got to fill the federal form.

Do you use weed? If you say no, you’re lying. If you say yes, you don’t get a license to own a gun.

What would you do? What about if one day, governments decide that eating meat, having sex outside marriage, not being castrated, watching porn is illegal. Then there is a federal form before you can own a gun.

Do you have sex outside marriage, watch porn, etc. Basically, simple registration that looks innocent can be used to disarm a large portion of the population.

How I’ve Been Scam

I’ve been had A LOT. Each is painful. However, this pain is probably what makes me what I am.

1. I used to be a christian wanting monogamy relationship. I didn’t understand why my friends are dating because I thought sex is only after marriage. Then I read evolutionary psychology that told me that church wants to prevent rich guys from having legitimate biological heirs and that’s the true purpose of modern monogamous marriage. Also, the one girl I was in love with, already marries another. That pain is why I avoid marriage, monogamy, romance, and religions like the plague.

2. I teach my business secret to employees so they can be partners. They did it behind my back becoming very tough competitors. Basically, I thought my biz ideas are awesome anyway and no one can compete with me. Well, there is one. Myself. Backstabbing me can be more lucrative than cooperating with me. That sob knows that I am innovative and pretty much see what I am doing and copy it exactly. I finally innovate a way to shield my bizs from his sight and that teaches me nature of bizs.

3. I got a divorce. Indonesia allows no-fault divorce. Still, the divorce cost me a lot. My lawyer kept misleading me. He didn’t tell that Indonesia has no fault divorce. He didn’t tell us that we do not even talk about alimony until the divorce is finalized.

4. That lawyer also encourages me to buy insurance. I thought it’s a good way to see whether he’s honest. Turns out the whole insurance industry in Indonesia is scammy. The money I thought invested is gone for fees. I ended up buying a scammy insurance product that cost 100 times normal fees. Also, in Indonesia, the claim ratio is so low due to scams that insurance fees are around 10 times Singapore. In other words, it’s useless to buy insurance in Indonesia, but insurance companies pay their sales agent well and I fell for that.

5. A sugar baby said she would live with me for 5 months. I thought I will use her to compete with my regular sugar baby. They both conspire to ensure I get as little as possible. I paid a bit too fast to one because I am pissed on the other and I ended up losing $4k. I knocked up another sb and that one ended up becoming my wife but she is too possessive like, well, wife