Why Modern Marriage is Genocide Against the Rich?

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This article is analyzed from the point of view of a normal richer guy that wants to build a relationship with smart pretty younger girls. So here, that the guys are far richer than the girl.

This is actually normal.

Most guys like pretty girls 18-22 irrelevant to her wealth. Also many girls are gold diggers. Being wealthy and powerful helps men get women. Being pretty helps women get men.

So women often end up richer as much as men end up wearing make up.

  • Huge alimony. The richer the guy, the bigger the alimony.
  • Inheritance laws. In marriage, you inherit money to your spouse. Evolutionary psychology dictates that rich people want to inherit money to their bloodlines. So unless the spouse is sibling, inheritance law in modern marriage doesn’t work.
  • Monogamy. Most men want more than 1. Richer men are willing to afford more than 1. One girl for life is boring.
  • Dating may be free, but free vs paid sex means very little for a man 1000 times richer than the girl.
  • No fault divorce means modern marriage is closer to repeat order prostitution. The main difference is the prostitute get half of the guy’s wealth after leaving.

Notice that all these problems are much smaller problems for poorer guys at roughly the same age with the girl.

If the wealth ratio between the guy and the girl is close to 1 on 1, then huge alimony shared wealth, is not much of an issue. If the guy is the same age as the girl, the chance is they will produce children and the money go to children anyway.

In fact, poorer guys are benefited by monogamy. If rich people have more women, then poorer guys are more likely to have one instead of single.

Hence, it seems that the true purpose of modern marriage is to prevent rich guys from having heirs and hence, increasing numbers of babies with poorer dad.

Also that means marrying a richer guy is far more difficult. It makes far more sense to have sugar relationship with richer guys than persuading him to marry.