How Sugar Daddies Differ from Prostitution

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Who says I do not care about who I fuck and whether they like me or not? I care a lot. I tested their IQ. I do not fuck girls I do not want to spend my life with.

And obviously I want them to like me too. I wish one day, I can stop paying and just financially support because I care, and the girl fuck me because she wants to. That’s not possible in new relationship.

Our children are my heirs. It’s not just sex. I never want girls just for sex (except handjob).

After years of experience, I learn that the best way to make sugar babies like me is to just pay them.

Many of you are wealthier than I am. Fine. How many of you earn 100 times more than your country’s per capita income? How many of you are 1 percent in your country?

How many of guys like smart pretty girls at 18-22 irrelevant of status? Irrelevant whether they come from a poor family. Hey, I can accept whores. I like slutty exhibitionist girls. My problem with my current wife is once she’s with me she doesn’t want to try even a soft swing.

How many are like me?

Now if you are like me and that’s the objective, then yea, the best way to seduce them is to pay

Also unlike most people, I do not intend to bequeth my money to anyone that is not my bloodline. That’s not how marriage used to work and I won’t let libtard govern our relationship.

My money, my children. There’s plenty for me and my girls to have fun with. If they divorce me, they got what they already got, which is not small. Also, they got investment tips and biz and child support, etc. So I am not giving bad deals either.

I am also polyamorist. I don’t mind sharing and I obviously prefer more than 1.

Everything is a Trade

What about if everyone is selfish and everything is a trade?

For example, socialism is a trade to buy votes from the poor brokered by politicians. Nobody really cares about the poor. If they do they would have taken care of the african. Of course, they care with their fellow citizens’ poor because their fellow citizens can vote and have bargaining position to get welfare.

Also, the best way to get women is to just pay. Romance is just bullshit. If she can get your money without fucking you will be blamed for everything under the sun. Make sure she get paid if and only if she performs.

And marriage is just prostitution.

Every good things that happen to humans happen due to trade. Bad things happen when trade fails usually because we do not think it’s a trade.

Seeing women as sex objects and whores can improve understanding and success with women

Many feminazis complain that men see women as sex objects and whores.

I personally never want women as mere sex objects or whore. Not anymore. Boring. If I wish, I can just pay whores easily. Instead, I tested sugar babies IQ hoping she can give me heirs and be my biz partners and live together happily with my friends and other sugar babies.

To other sugar daddies, sugar babies are whores. To me, if she has a high IQ or likes my lifestyle, she is the one or one of the ones I want to spend my whole life with.

I just prefer paternity tests to decide who my biological children are instead of a complicated marriage. I also prefer to make my own arrangements with women instead of entering government infested marriage. As a libertarian, I believe the government should not have much say on what marriage should be.

However, I think seeing women as objects and whores can help men understand women more.

What is a whore? The ancient definition of a whore is a woman that has sex with many guys. It’s not so much about being paid. Even a wife was paid and bought by bride price. It’s the number of guys the woman have sex with.

Because a whore has sex with many guys, there is no way to know who the father of her children is. So her children didn’t get inheritance.

If that’s a whore, then I don’t want it. Why would I want to abandon my own bloodline? I have enough money to afford and raise 10-20 children and I have only 2 now.

However, the modern definition of whore is very bizarre. It’s defined as a woman that does prostitution. Prostitution means having sex for consideration. I am confused. So women must not consider anything when they have sex? They may get pregnant for 9 months and do the bulk of child rearing and she shouldn’t expect financial or any consideration? It doesn’t make sense.

I asked lawyers what does it mean by “consideration”. The lawyer said, anything given in exchange for sex. I asked again, what about if a woman demands marriage before she has sex? Is she a whore? The lawyer said, legally no. Common laws dictate that marriage does not count as consideration for the definition of prostitution.

That is a very bizzare definition isn’t it? Why it’s not okay to demand money for sex but okay to demand marriage, which can be much more expensive than money, for sex?

I am often 100-1000 times richer than the smart pretty girl I like. So she can have sex for free for me or she can demand marriage but anything between is illegal?

In any case, I found that seeing women as whores and sex objects can help build mutual understanding and hence more beneficial arrangements.

I’ve heard a case, for example, that a man does everything to make her wife happy. The wife simply “doesn’t like the man” and leave the man and fuck poorer guys for free.

Normally, it will be very difficult to understand the situation. Why doesn’t the wife like the man? He did everything to make her happy. Also if she doesn’t like him, why marry him?

However, seeing a woman as a whore will make situations simple. She is a whore because she got cunt. Maybe the man is rich. Marrying the man means she got money. In normal western marriage, marriage means a huge financial obligation for man and no extra right whatsoever for the man. This ridiculous trade is usually explained away by religious and common bullshit nonsense called “love”.

She doesn’t have to like the man at all. All women around me want marriage. It seems that they like any kind of arrangement as long as it is called marriage. That explains why she marry the man.

The downside of marriage is actually like the downside of prostitution. You can end up with a girl that doesn’t like you at all. However, if you bargain like fuck before you pay, then the chance of getting a sugar baby for life is quite good.

Of course, after marriage, she gets paid anyway whether she fuck or not. So she left the man and fuck other guys she prefers. Actually, a woman is freer to fuck other guys within marriage than outside under modern marriage. Before fuck a poor guy and she doesn’t get money. After marriage, she gets money anyway from husband or ex husband or suckers, and she can fuck anyone she wants.

The law in some states stupidly stipulates that an ex-husband obligation to a woman ends when the woman marries another. Very stupid laws. The woman can just marry a rich guy, divorce, cohabit with poorer guys.
Basically, once a girl is married, she can often lose interest on her husband. She no longer has a financial incentive to make her husband happy. Also, deep inside she will realize how much an idiot her husband is. People explain this as “love fade”. Whatever.

Seeing women as whores give us insight on understanding women and making more mutually beneficial arrangements with them.

What about seeing women as sex objects?

I have no idea why anyone complains about it. Everything is an object, why not women? Also, if not human females, what else are sex objects? Pigs? Cats? If our ancestors can’t figure out that human females are sex objects, they would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Would you dad marry your mom if sex isn’t included? Would your mom marry your dad if your dad doesn’t provide financial support? At least 60% to 100% of all relationships have a feature where a woman is a sex object and the man is ATM. Of course, I prefer something more than transactions. That being said, when with me, it’s the women that prefer that sort of deal. How the hell I am supposed to see differently? It’s just a realistic feature in any mutually beneficial arrangements.

What do you do to objects that you don’t do to people and via versa? Do you blame objects for your problem? No. You understand objects. You blame people. Seeing women as objects mean men rarely blame women. We just try to understand women and make fair deals. Isn’t that a good thing?

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong is that relationships may not be monogamy and women can end up with far richer guys. Democracy is a government of, by, and for losers. Anything can be consensual. However, if women ended up with the rich and richer guys have an edge, someone somewhere somehow will say it’s wrong.

That’s why feminazis and many people consider paying for sex is wrong. Because it’s very effective and because that’s what rich guys like to do.

And that’s precisely why we should avoid what’s politically correct and acceptable in many things, especially sex. The idea of romance, monogamy, and feminism is simply incompatible with capitalism, and hence evil.

Transactions, however, works. Mutually beneficial transactions make people do nice things toward one another and facilitate long term repeat order relationship.

How to make people love me?

When I was a kid, I wonder how to make people like and love me?

Then I got an idea.

I do not need people to like and love me. I need people to be useful to me.


That’s actually easier problems to solve. Just keep things transactional. People will be useful to me if and only if I am useful to them. That is in the absence of force and fraud and within reasonable negotiation.

Also, be nice to people that are good to me and be mean or don’t care about people that are mean to me.

What about if people are useful to me but not good? Say I scammed people (usually after they fucked me up first).

I have no idea what to do with that one. Just stay away from evil people I guess.

What about if people are not useful to me but love me? For example, my ex wife loves me, and because of that she is religious and demand I care about religion?

I would say, useful is more important than love. Hell, someone that chop off your head may do it out of love because he/she thinks you will have less punishments in hell. Fuck. Chop his head first.

Trade tend to lead to balanced relationship.

In fact, if I am too generous, I will run into problems latter. For example, the benefit may not be balanced, etc.

What about love? Well, loving one another is of course preferable to a certain extend. However, it’s hardly necessary. Self interest is often sufficient.

Do Americans want to kill the Chinese? No right. Mutual trades make people do nice things to one another. When people do nice things to one another, they tend to love one another, even though a little. And that’s enough.

Imagine if instead of trading with one another, the American and Chinese just throw nukes to one another. Of course they will hate another.

What matters is history of being nice to one another that can be achieved through trade. Love is an unnecessary by product that may not even be needed.

Same with women I guess.

Just trade, at least at the beginning. Transactions lead to repeat orders. And the love is probably stronger than most marriage. At least it’s less likely to end up in, say, murder.

Love often turns to hatred, but trade leads to at least a little love and that’s all it takes.

In fact, I found love to be problematic. So many women associate love with monogamy. Then they blame the man for having another woman. Then they hate the man.

I would say, start with trade, maintain the relationship through trade, make trades as explicit as possible. Everything will be fine. Worse come to worse you have a mutually beneficial transaction history and a good reputation.

You can be friends. Friendzones with trade zone is great. Who the fuck want to be in wife zone anyway? If she is your friend and you can pay her to fuck, and produce biological heirs, that’s as good as it goes.

Trade is what builds the whole capitalistic system. It works everywhere. This is why those who hate capitalism opposes trading sex.

In fact, trade is the most natural human interaction. The more things count on love, or morality, the more it doesn’t work.

Humans are naturally selfish. Counting on anything but selfishness is unreliable. The more something works only if people are loving or moral the more something isn’t natural and will fail. There is a reason why 50% of marriage ends in divorce. Modern marriage is very unnatural.

Moral of the story: trade.

I got a strange dream

I became the CEO of a large company.

As part of the corporate benefit, I got two extra wives.

One is a tan caucasian and another a chinese.

I am bored but I fuck the tan one anyway. Then I got an idea of getting some white guy of groping her. I cum easily and move on to the Chinese.

Meanwhile, I am busy negotiating corporate events to support some stuff. I have a hard time negotiating like usual. I thought, well, I am a CEO, why don’t I tell my vice CEO to do that. However, he seems to be very busy. Fuck I got to do it myself.

Latter I’ve heard the tan one have other boyfriend. The white guy I invited. She claims that she is getting DP and HP. I supposed that stands for down payment and handphone.

I don’t know how I feel. Jealous? No. I fear STD. There are paternity tests anyway. I just feel it’s unfair. She is being well paid from corporate funds so it’s not fair for her to moonlight for extra cash and still got salary from me pretty much doing nothing.

Again, another negotiation that I do not know how to do. So I was thinking of contacting HR departments to deal with her.

And then my wife woke me up.

Should You Tolerate Beheading?

We can argue argue argue whether it’s right or wrong to behead people for their opinion.

What about if people that think it’s right can just sell their citizenship to those who like freedom of speech more.

That way you don’t have to worry. All those that can vote in your state share your value. They’re willing to pay to live near you.

It’s like all people in the same bus wanting to go to the same place or direction.

We don’t have everyone going on the same bus and then let the passengers vote where to go. We don’t have everyone go to the same cinema and bend over backward for minorities that want to watch two girls one cup.

Those watching the same movie is in one location. Those going to the same direction are in the same bus.

Free market > democracy.

Kind of efficient isn’t it?

Why We need Residency and Citizenship to be Tradeable

Why we need residency and citizenship to be tradeable. Anyone treated unfairly can just buy others’ citizenship and move the hell out. The money will provide an incentive for the receiving countries to absorb a lot.

Those who can’t pay but have talents can find sponsors to borrow money and work. Voters can see the success of their country based on the valuation of their citizenship.

The case is pretty similar to the May riots against the Chinese in Indonesia.
In the end, it’s not democracy that ends racism. It’s globalization. When productive people can go to other companies or even other countries, there is no other way to judge people except by productivity.

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Just Legalize Infanticide?

Just legalize infanticide till 1 year, make it mandatory for welfare recipients. Problems solved.

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For those who say that’s cruel. I really can’t see the difference between not born and young. Why is that a big difference anyway?

One thing I do know is welfare is bad, capitalism good.

Humans’ lives are valuable. Not all humans’ lives are equally valuable. Also, humans’ lives are not valued equally by most people.

If you really value humans’ life equally you would be feeding the African.

Of course, you don’t. Of course, you value your own children and your own life. So why all this pretend to save babies that’s not yours anyway?

Humans’ lives vary and we don’t really have a market price because we can’t buy and sell that yet. I’d say it’s cheap when the kid is young peaking up to max value pretty much at 20-50 depending on money-making ability. For women, it probably peaks up at 18.

There is a continuity here. Sufficiently differentiable functions. Why add some unexplainable Diract function on some arbitrary moments on the derivative.

What do I really Want from Women?

I’ve been banned from some sugar sites due to being a pimp. I was accused of promoting other bizs by paying girls to take free IQ tests. Some women accuse me of seeing women as sex objects and whore. Some told me that I paid for sex.

Are all those true? Well…. In a sense. However, not like what they think.

What I really want from women are biological heirs and friendship. That’s all.

I would say, the closest thing I want from women is best described as cost-effective polyamorous heir producing friends/wives/sugar babies/girlfriends.

I actually do not like normal prostitution. Pay girl for sex is so meaningless. I do not like modern marriage either. What? Risking half of my wealth just for a girl. I also don’t understand monogamy.

I think the best kind of “wife” is the one that hang out with me periodically, for example, six month with me, and another few years with other guys.

I obviously want to inherit money to my biological children. Not to my sugar baby/gf/wife.

The question is how do I do so?

I got money. I am a bit fat.

I am not saying I am handsome. Let’s just say, with money, you can really fix lots of flaws naturally. Orthodontists can straighten teeth for $500. Dermatitis can remove all pimple scars and keloid and pimples.

Worse come to worse there is plastic surgery but I am confident enough with how I look without it.

IQ is far more important than look for me also precisely because of that. I was scammed by two sugar babies that I had threesomes with. Because I am very disappointed, I wanted to go back to a not so pretty sugar baby I had.

I thought I’ll just pay for her ortho treatment, and if she becomes pretty, I’ll just have her for life. Any smart pretty girl can have me for life actually if she really likes me and can enjoy my life style.

It didn’t work out because she was sick and I already found 2-3 prettier sugar babies afterward. One ended up pregnant with my child and I ended up having an informal marriage with her. I found 10+ others but I just move them to my friends. Capacity overload.

So yea, if I want to fuck a girl, I always want her for life, as a friend. A serious relationship with me means be a friend. I don’t understand all these monogamy/romance bullshit. I really don’t understand the concept of wife or girlfriend either. I like friend I can do win win bizs with. I can pay her for fuck, or I can pay her to produce me an heir. You know. Friend.

I don’t mind sharing my girlfriend/wife as long as the other guys are rich too and pay half the costs or something proportional to “usage”. If I am paying and the girl fuck some poor guys for free behind my back, then it’s unfair. Of course, I want to avoid STD and stuffs and that should be discussed openly.

A cyclical wife that live like a wife to me for six months at a time is fine too.