Should All Genes Propagate Equally?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Should all men and women have equal wealth? The answer will be very ideological. Are you a capitalist? You will answer no. Are you a commie? You will say yes. Most people, even libtards and right wingers are somewhere between. We’re all quite moderate here except a few extremists.

I have a more interesting question.

Should all genes have equal probability to propagate?

I mean should genes that make people super smart have the same probability with genes that make you obese or dumb? Should startup founders have the same number of children with a welfare recipient?

And I don’t mean individuals. I mean genes. Meritocracy but in terms of genes.

I myself don’t have superior genes. Some of my genes are superior. I am a mensan. Some of my genes are inferior. I am slightly fat and don’t have six pack. Still working on it.

Most of my genes are arguable. I am politically incorrect. So what? My unusual idea is what gets me rich and being a capitalist, I am quite productive arguably.

What about if we think of some ways to make genes that make people more productive to reproduce more than genes that don’t?

Like capitalism but on genes. You can call it eugenic and genocide. I am thinking more of designing babies. Or encouraging productive capitalists to breed by more liberal reproductive rules. Or eliminating welfare, or giving money to the poor and parasites to stop reproducing. That sort of thing.

Abortion Right is Awesome

Not only abortion right is awesome, but it should also be strengthened. Men should also have the right to demand abortion if they don’t want the baby. If the woman chooses to give birth the man should be free from child support.

This should give women incentives to abort their babies if they are not rich or don’t have financial support from a rich boyfriend/sugar daddy/husband.

There should be no welfare. Again another incentive to just kill more babies.

1 year after born? C’mon. What’s the fucking difference. No it’s not satire.

What will solve this even further?

What about, instead of marriage, men and women can make deals of child support before conception. That’ll solve a lot of problems.

I’ve heard some women would claim to a man that she is on the pill when she’s not. That’s a fraud. Sometimes a woman claims that a man is the father and put it on newspaper. The man, not knowing, not disputing that, and somehow is liable for child support.

It’s very easy to solve this. Imagine a law that if a woman wants child support from a man they should get married first to the man. But that’s too much, right? Too intrusive.

Get the man to commit a certain dollar for child support before conception. That’s it. Nothing else is important.

What about if the man commits too little? Easy. For the sake of the child set a minimum amount. Say the cost of supporting a child to go to college is $500k. Make sure the man has deposited $500k first before he produces a child. That should cut down number of kids with poor dad a lot.

Not only we should legalize abortion, but prostitution should also be legal. That means sugar babies don’t have to hide anymore. It’s all up up.

Now, how are we going to persuade right-wingers to support this? Simple. Tell them that all those dead and unborn babies from the poor will mean less welfare and tax for them in the future.

I couldn’t understand anyone that wants to prohibit immigrants from coming in fearing the immigrants will drain societies’ fund to somehow hate abortion. Those unwanted babies will drain welfare far more than immigrants.

You see those looters, burglars, robbers and BLM? You know why they’re there? Because they’re born. If they get aborted there wouldn’t be such problems would they? Less robbers, less burglars, less looters, less welfare, less tax. Which are these are not libertarian values?

All Relationships Should be Transactional

I pay for sex. I pay to knock girls up. Simple. With “love” too many things to consider.

I suppose a girl needs to like me enough to let me pay her. She must like me a lot to let me pay her to knock her up.

But that’s it. It’s not free. I’d rather pay money than offering marriage.

Should women rule men or the other way around? Whatever the deal is.

No pay no play, no play no pay. That’s not ruling. That’s bargaining position.

I don’t expect to fuck for free. Too complex. I want the pretty and smart.

Other guys promise marriage and love, I don’t. So I offer money. Simpler.

I am pissed off with fraud though. I take measures it doesn’t happen again.

How to Improve Lives of Everyone

I don’t believe that cops are biased against black as much as I don’t believe Mensa is biased against black.

But perhaps there are other policies that while not racist in the letter, racist in spirit that should be fixed.

War on drugs is war on black according to a Nobel laureate Milton Friedman.

Quite obviously, affirmative action is, of course, war on Asian.

The minimum wage is also war on black. Before, racist employers will be driven out of business if they refuse to hire people that sell their service at lower price.

Now racist employers and even governments can select whites to work because of the minimum wage. Again, this is also the opinion of great Milton Friedman himself.

I read a book Freakeconomic. It says that many black drug dealers actually earn less than minimum wage and have higher death rate than those that live in deathrows. They asked the researchers for “dream job” which are minimum wage jobs.

Want to improve life of everyone including people of color? Free market capitalism is the way the truth and the light.

All this BLM bullshit is made by far left crazies to justify communist measures like minimum wages, welfare, etc.

They don’t fight for black people. They fight for economically worthless people in general.

They fight against economic freedom and prosperity and hence are enemies of humanity.

US is the Light of the World

US is the light of the world. We comment on the light because it affects us all.

You prohibit ganja we do too. You tax income, we do too. China is not westernized. China is Americanized.

So what the fuck ever happens to you is a concern to us.

Now US practices racism against whatever group has higher IQ.

As a Chinese in Indonesia, that shouldn’t concern me?

Were You Happy when Osama bin Laden Died?

Were you happy when Osama bin Laden died? Are you concerned that he could have been surrendering and should have been captured alive?

Do you think what Osama had done was irrelevant and all that matter was whether he was surrendering or not when he was being “captured?”

Well. George Floyd had robbed someone. Just saying. The cops aren’t exactly Navy seals. So ups…. Shit happened. I hope we can forgive the cops. Can we?

Why Police Killing isn’t a Big Concern

In US there are 400 people that got killed by cops and 1 millions violent crime every year.

Also there are 10000 murders every year.

Imagine if the number of people that are killed by cops increases to 1000. However, the number of violent crimes is also reduced by say 1000.

Or the number of murder is also reduced by 1000. Will you be happier?

Yes, that means numbers of people that are killed by cops jump more than 100% for a very modest 1 per mill reduction on number of violent crime. Or a mere 10% reduction on the number of murders.

I would say you should be happier. Just compute the probability that you are the one that’s killed by cops and compute the probability that you get killed by violent crime.

In general, you don’t care how you are killed right? You just want to reduce chance you die early.

But what about if you do care how you may be killed? Are you a robber? The chance that you gonna get killed by cops is so low it’s not a concern at all.

If you are not violent criminals the chance is less than 1/1 million. More like 1/20 million. It’s not a concern. I would fear bitcoin prices drop more.

If your unhappiness for being a victim of violent crime is 1/20th of your unhappiness of being killed. I know for sure that the chance I will be killed if someone robs me will be more than 1/20th. Then you would be happy if number of violent crimes drop by even 1 per mill.

That is even if cops kill 150% more people. In fact, you should be happy if shit happens if it happens to others anyway, especially, those that you don’t get along well.

It’s just a rational thing to do.

Is it psychopathic to think this way? Let me think. How many people vote in certain ways just to prevent you from getting rich? Capitalism already makes them richer than say poor people in other countries.

Yet they still hate capitalism because they don’t want you to be richer. They tax you. They want to tax you even more.

They complain about income disparity or whatever. Now that’s evil. So why can’t you do the same? If they’re happy you’re poorer, why can’t you be happy that robbers die more because of ups…..

Why Black Lives Matter is Worse than Racist

Thomas Sowell

The slogan itself is racist enough, but the truth is worse than what you think. Those people don’t care about black lives. They don’t care about innocent black lives. They care about the lives of those who are dangerous.

They said black life matters because black people are their mascots.

Imagine you are a voter. Imagine that a major is in an election and wants some measure to say reduce crimes. The major says I will make cops more trigger happy.

That will reduce murder in our city by 10 people. However, the numbers of robbers shot will increase by 1.5? Would you vote for that guy?

I would do so even if 1000 robbers will die. That’s what I am saying. The risk of getting shot by cops in US is already very small. The risk of doing that if the one getting caught isn’t resisting is even smaller.

Why worry about small risks? The risk of being robbed is high though.

Given that I am a programmer and don’t work as robbers, higher death risks of a robber does not concern me at all.

I am quoting a black guy whose opinion I respect. That proofs I am NOT racist at all. Anyone that think I am racist is I don’t know. Strange I guess.

Makes me Think a Lot

My smart beautiful daughter asked me. Why my girlfriend got a baby sitter and why her mom didn’t. I told her to pick a rich guy and don’t worry about marriage. I told her to pick a guy already rich instead of someone that may be rich in the future.

The truth is, I doubt my own advice but I think it’s something that a parent should talk to their children early. It’s about the reality of life. Having a one-sided story that marriage good and everything else is wrong isn’t going to be good either. At least that’s what I think.

Why would I parrot societies’ opinions that I don’t agree with? The truth is I am probably the only guy like me. Hence, my advice is probably bad advice for most girls.

Most guys want fuck whores and love a wife or have several wives. To me, a whore and a wife are the same things and I want a hybrid.

It’s just different arrangements. Whores and sugar babies have a stronger link between payment and sex. I don’t need laws or religion to love someone. I just want to be fair.

I still love my ex wife because she gave me a child. Marriage and end of it mean absolutely nothing. Our marriage ends because she disagrees with me (obviously). We keep calling each other stubborn.

I also like strippers because they turn me on. I want to spend my life with one and I want her to keep stripping after she’s with me. I am very open minded with sharing and polyamory.

This is 21st century. There are paternity tests and contraception. If not because of the risk of STD I would pay per meet girls and be friends with benefits with many. Having children will just be another deal for me. To me, marriage is obsolete.

Sugar relationship ensures the woman’s financial need. Paternity tests ensure fathers’ paternity. And that’s pretty much 90% of why people need marriage. Marriage comes with so many unnecessary baggage that have nothing to do with the child’s well being.

My girlfriend wants marriage and because she is Muslim and because Christians don’t have an unofficial marriage, that means Muslim marriage. The one officiating wants me to say syahadah.

I offered more money to avoid that and he refused. Marriage is too complicated to me. Why would I have to do so many strange things? Why would I want to embrace a religion I do not believe in? I don’t live religiously and so are my sugar babies.

Sure I am a financially responsible father. I took care of my children financially. The word responsible, to me, has nothing to do with marriage. It has a lot to do with being rich first before reproducing.

What should I say to my daughter next time we meet? Her 43 years old mom (same age as me) is around. I still love her. Of course, my ex wife stubbornly doesn’t want to live with me unless we’re married again. That will never happen because I hate marriage.