How to Handle Riots

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

A very good way to eliminate riots is to genetically replace their kind with our kind.

How? Many ways. Eliminate welfare. Anyone breeding while not rich will starve to death. Many many many ways. Lower taxes.

What else? Keep the government smaller. Tougher penalty on criminals, especially the low tech ones.

Let the worthless die and kill parasites and we’ll bring heaven on earth.

Encourage abortion and all kind of contraception.

Oh separate child support payment from the wealth of non custodial parents. So a billionaire that feel like making 100 children can do so easily.

There is absolutely nothing eugenic here. The government doesn’t decide whose best and encourages those that breed. The market does and the market is always fair.

Lots of Riots

I wonder if they have riots in Texas.I think US is different from other countries. In other countries, we don’t have guns but we can just beat up thieves.

In US, the cops are pussies against real rioters. That is why you need gun to slaughter vermin looting stuff from your store.

How to differentiate rioters from the good guys though. Also, how would you do it? AK 47? How do you know you won’t get murder charge if some vermin happen to run away when you shoot the maggot in the back.

Technicalities technicalities. Do we all have to be lawyers just not to be bothered by vermin?

From each according to his ability

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

That can be interpreted very capitalistically. You don’t see Beckham playing basketball. If his ability is playing soccer, of course, that’s what he gives to the market. To each according to his needs is also capitalistic.

You don’t see me buying lipstick. I don’t need it.

So what’s the catch?

The market decides what’s a person is best for. Why is Beckham playing soccer? The market pays him best to play soccer. If he plays basketball, he gets less.

What’s wrong with this idea is not the idea itself. From each according to ability is good. To each getting paid the same regardless of ability and actual productivity is bad. To each according to need is also common sense. To each being given the same thing even though they pay the same or even less is not.

Land Taxes vs Income Taxes

Land taxes encourage players to use land efficiently.

Income taxes encourage players to minimize ratio between taxable income to Haig-Simons income.

Basically, the rich among us are those whose assets valuation increase tax free.

Jeff Bezos earn $40billion and he pays no tax over that. Why? While his Haig Simons income is high, his taxable income is zero.

Real estate landlords, start up founders, and most rich people I know make money that way.

Most people just think to get rich you need to work hard and get high salary. Huge amount of effort is actually spent on reducing tax.

A Much More Rational Strategy

A much more rational strategy would have been to lock down nursing homes and let young healthy people out to build immunity. Instead we did the opposite, we forced nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients and locked down young people.

Uber and Lyft and Countries

Imagine going to Uber or Lyft. Imagine saying, wow, a lot of their driver can’t drive. Uber should do enough to help those who need help the most.

What will happen?The day Uber does that, it’ll get slaughtered by Lyft. The more Uber reward unproductivity, the more fucked it is.

Countries are similar. Maybe not the way it used to be, but similar.

We can say the government should help/reward those who are unproductive, sick, not contributing, lazy, or whatever. The day the government does that, is the day another country that rewards the productive, diligent, contributing, to grab all the smart people and get more prosperous.

In fact, that’s what US government did. It used to sponged in the best and brightest to come in. The 3rd world countries protest. It’s brain drain. But well, it’s the way it should be.