I self identify as billionaires

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Self identify

I self identify as a billionaire. How would that work? Politicians will start kowtowing to me. I get more tax cuts. Will that really works?

Say I self identify as a successful billionaire. Then I want to borrow $1 million dollar from you for a business idea I have. Would you lend it? If you don’t then you’re being disrespectful for not treating me the way I self identify with.

Well. Good for you. I am not a billionaire yet and my biz ideas aren’t that good. Okay, they’re good. Not THAT good. Not yet.

Now say someone self identify as female and you marry her. Well, not much damage actually given that marriage sucks anyway. But you got the point?

Why Satanism Makes Sense

I don’t like satanism. However, they have a point. Humans true nature is something to be embraced. Greed. Envy. Glutton. Avarice is what makes us successful.

Anger is what we feel when we are treated unfairly. We feel disgust. Lust is what get us to reproduce. Sloth is what makes technology possible.

And like it or not, it’s our nature anyway. Why is it the very thing that makes us successful is the very thing religions declare to be evil. You can’t be happy if you’re religious. The very thing declared sin by religions are things that make you happy.

Read that again. Not things that hurt others. Things that make you happy. Someone somewhere fears that you are happy and they want to prohibit that out of envy. That’s how most morals come from.

McDonald vs Crack Cocaine

black teenagers selling crack cocaine earn less than minimum wage and have a higher death rate than those in death row.

It’s easy to say they’re dumb. However, the minimum wage causes this.

It’s easy to say the poor are evil and ungrateful. Yet they are taxed for working and subsidized for breeding.

I fast-forwarded by 750s so you get the more interesting part straight.
What I am trying to say is.

Yes poor people are often evil, ungrateful, and dumb. However, they are so because the middle class are ungrateful, evil, unfair, unwise and dumb too.

Should We Justify Self Defense More Easily

I hear a story of a tae kwon do practitioner. He gets mugged. So he kicked the mugger. Almost kill the mugger. Then, he stopped thinking that he won. The muggers have friends that stab him.

He’s death. It makes me think a lot about self defense. On his circumstances should he just go all the way killing the mugger? If someone mugs you, should you ever stop till the threats are eliminated?

Would jury’s or judges decide that the threat has stopped and you should have stopped? People incorrectly believe that threats have stopped and died for it.


What makes me sympathetic to the black guy is that the white guy is a vigilante that asked for it. If the black guy was a mugger I would have been glad he got shot. It seems that he’s just excessively defending his girlfriend and got excessively shot.

What Incentive does the Poor Have in Voting Libertarianism

Currently what incentives do poor people have in voting republican?

Republican party or libertarian party win, they lost their welfare and healthcare. Why should the poor vote libertarians or republican? You need something a bit in the middle.

Vote modified-libertarians party and you can sell your citizenship at a higher value and live like king in 3rd world country. Another 3rd world entrepreneur will buy your citizenship and live happily here.

Why Georgism Makes Sense

Well if the state own the land and the people own the state, land ownership will go to all people/voters in the state.

Actually, that is the exact problems with land. If I produce pencils I own the pencil. It’ll encourage me to produce more pencils. And that is fine. That’s how capitalism works.

Lands however, are not produced.

Hence, it encourages war and killing of each other. That is why Henry George says let’s divide that equally.

While I do not fully agree with Henry George, I like the idea. If something is not produced by specific individuals just share ownership. If you want to be richer there are plenty of other ways to produce something.

Basically, there are 2 ways libertarians assign initial property right. The left libertarian says divide that equally. The right libertarian says that give it to the first person that claims it and produce something out of it.

In practice, it doesn’t really matter. By Coase theorem, as long as who own whats’ clear then resources allocation will be efficient. However, if I can choose, I will agree with the left libertarian here.

The state perpetually needs the support of its people. So it’s also politically stable for the people to perpetually own a share of the state they live in. That’s why democracy works.