A Teacher I Wish I Had

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Former middle-school teacher, caught having daily sex with 13 year old student, gets sentenced to 10 years in prison.

For all the 13 years old dreamers out there

I mean, where the fuck all these goddesses are when I were 13.

If I were a judge, I would just tell her to do community service as bdsm stripper for ugh, oh well, legal age males.

For those who think that women should be treated the same way with men. Hello…. Have you checked market price? How much would fucking a girl this hot worth if prostitution were legal?

And that’s the problem with counting on the law, rather than market mechanism, to guide morality. With market, we know the value of a good, namely the price people are willing to pay for it.

With the law, government has to put a blindfold on many big pink elephants.

What about the poor boy?

I bet his hand is broken for having too many high five. I felt sorry for him. He should have written a book. How did you do it?

Best Paying Jobs for Women are All Those that are Illegal

You know the problem with feminism? They insist that women must have equal pay with men in what’s obviously “men’s job”. There are jobs where women are paid more than men. However feminist insist that all those jobs should be illegal.

Here is one of them Wanted, £45-an-hour cleaners – must work naked (and only women may apply)

And how do I know if a job is a men’s job than a woman’s job? I just look at the pay. If men earns more money than women, it’s a man’s job. If women earns more money than men, it’s a woman’s job. If it’s about equal I wouldn’t worry about gender when picking someone to do the job.

If I need a massage, for example, followed with some happy ending finisher, I definitely would hire a beautiful female massage therapists. Would I hire a male one? You probably should ask how much money I should get if I let a male give me a massage.

You see how I am a sexist? I value women more than men for pretty much the same job, giving me massage.

Now what are women’s job?

Housewife (It’s female version of “husband”, except that “husband” usually earns negative salary from his spouse).
massage therapists
porn star

Does that mean that men shouldn’t be a porn star? No. They’re welcome to try. I mean I would like to try that my self if I have the talent. I wish I have that talent. Being good at Math is nice. But having an eternally hard cock and chiseled body may be even better. God must have put more talent points there.

Should women be engineers? Well, they’re welcome to ugh try… Cute… So cute….

Why most beautiful women should be prostitute

I think most sexy beautiful women should be prostitute. It’s just the most efficient way. We pick occupation with the highest pay. We got the highest pay when we do what’s most valuable for others.

Not all women are sex objects of course. Only the pretty are.

Now, look at a beautiful big tities woman. What should she be? Engineer? Soldiers? Sex objects of course.

This truth is so important and profound in our evolution that it’s imprinted in all men’s DNA and hardwired in most men’s brain. Women are sex object. When we men see beautiful women, what we think and feel the first time is how do I knock her up.

This is not lack of control or sinful thought or whatever religious leaders would want you to believe.

It’s the way it’s supposed to.

If you see a butcher, of course you think he is a meat provider.

The same way if you see a hot woman, what you think is of course she is a candidate to reproduce.

You don’t even have to think. Through years of evolution, men that don’t instinctively feel that way have gone extinct.

But western civilization (and westernized ones) are unique.


Women can be anything BUT sex objects.

She can be soldiers, she can be dish washers, she can be road cleaners, she can be soldiers. But get paid for sex? Whoa….. That’s oppression, demeaning, bla bla bla bla bla

Now look at white guys birth rate. You guys are going extinct. You ignore the most fundamental truth in the world. Women are sex objects. It’s TRUE.

Think of any objects you want. What objects is most suitable for sexual reproduction? Think about it? Your TV? Your cat? Your Dad? What kind of objects will max out numbers of your genetic copy if you have sex with? Women.

Now some religious leaders would say. Sex is great as long as you do it within marriage.

What is the difference between marital sex and prostitution?

If you ignore the religious mambo jumbo like sanctity, sacredness. If others’ opinion like “legitimacy” means little to you. Marital sex has only one positive side.

Paternity determination.

That’s it.

In ancient time, before blood DNA tests, the ONLY way to know who the father is is by institution called marriage. In fact, MOST religions do not prohibit sex outside marriage as long paternity fraud is not an issue.

Ancient jewish religion, for example, allow concubinage and polygamy and sex with slaves. As long as you don’t have sex with someone else’ wife or fiancee you’re good.

Nowadays, paternity determination in marriage is obsolete. We got DNA tests for that. Marriage is totally useless if we don’t give fuck about religions and others’ opinion.