People say so many mean things to Donald

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

And yet he just smile.

He said something funny about women, that is in no way disrespectful, and people fry him.


Donald is real winner. If american don’t pick him, well, they’re losers.

Saying that if you’re a star they let you do it is like saying if you feed a cat they let you pet them. It’s like saying cats like fish.

What is so disrespectful of that?

And Donald meet Arienne after that. Did he “don’t even wait and grab her by the pussy?” No right. We saw that right away.

Donald is talking about Arienne. He’s teaching billy how to be a stud. What is wrong?

A Hypothetical Referendum for Libertarians

Your countries have tons of states. People can easily move from one state to another without restriction.

One day there is a referendum.

Choice 1:
Everyone can paint their house in any color they wish

Choice 2:
What everyone can paint their house with is decided by the state. Some state will say cool, paint any color you wish. Some state will say, all house must be red.

Which one will you choose?

You’re a libertarian.

If people pick choice 2, everyone that doesn’t like the decision can have 5 years to move out and settle on other states they prefer. So the law is not in effect too soon.

Also some people like color red so much they want to live in a state where all houses are red. Some people like color green so much they want to live in a state where all house are green.

If everyone can paint their house as their wish, then those people, that like to live among people with similar preference with them, will have to move to another country, or another planet.

However, if the state can decide which color the house is, those who like red can group up among themselves and live together. Those who like green can easily go to another.

So the second choice has more “positive choice” namely the choice to live among people with similar preferences with you. If you like to paint your house with any color you wish you can still do that if choice 2 passes. You just need to move to another state within 5 years.

Let’s just say all states are equally wealthy and they vary with one another just on those house painting preferences.

What about if movement between states are not free? What about if some states only accept people that like green or accept people that like red? I mean it’s impossible to ensure that everything is red if deep down some people prefer green. We got graffiti and stuffs.

Trump, You’re Hired!!!!

Indonesia, have chosen 2 businessmen as their leader. The president and the capital’s governor were businessmen. The result is awesome for the citizens. Obviously the establishments would want you to believe otherwise.

Donald Trump is a real businessman.

Hillary Clinton earns her money by speech talk fee. That is effectively legal “bribe” you know. If that’s not bribe it’s effectively is.

Donald Trump need to understand so many things to be a great businessman. He must know who are to be hired. He must have known which business worth doing. What’s the profit margin. What’s the marginal cost? What’s the optimal allocation of resources?

At the end businessmen are judged based on results. Customers can more easily go to another.

Those are not something a mere public speaker or politicians needs to know. Any dumb people can get paid millions of dollars if they have power.

But to be successful businessman you need to know many important things. Only one presidential candidate is like that. Donald.

Donald hired the first woman that design sky scrapper. It is profitable for him and the woman. And I think we should learn how to think like Donald at least in this aspect.

At that time, where women have far less opportunity than men, Trump pick Barbara to lead the project.

“Men are better than women, but a good woman is better than 10 men,” Trump opined. … “Donald, for all his commentary and womanizing, was the least sexist boss I ever had as far as trusting me and viewing me equally with all the men we encountered in our mutual dealings,” the book reports. “He wanted me to be him on the job. He said I would be like a ‘Donna Trump.’”

Donald knew that if a woman “got this far” in his industry she must be better than 10 men. So Donald pick Barbara to lead the project.

The woman herself testify on behalf of him. Donald understand that the woman he hired must be very good to get this far and pay her well.

We too must understand that Donald must have been a very good businessman to get this far. America should hire him.

Think about it. BOTH parties do not support him. He uses his own money to campaign. He must have managed his campaign very efficiently. He can’t afford not otherwise. Donors and bribers have plenty of money to waste on Hillary or even the commie Bernie. They know they gonna get their money back through kickbacks and political favor.

If politic in US is not much different than politic in my country, then it’s simply how the game works. People donate, bribe, pay for speaking arrangements so they got favors, and licenses from the establishments, that will then give them return.

A corporation can lobby government to prevent all meat import. Then only a few selected companies can import beef. Those few companies will have higher profit margin that they then share to help legislators elected. It’s how political money work.

Ganja and most safe soft drug is illegal so that pharmacies can sell shittier product at much higher price to you. Who cares about so many people getting jailed or killed in the trade of otherwise harmless substance?

Governments build schools so your children can be indoctrinated to hate free market so the voters can be convinced to want bigger government. It’s vicious cycle.

Donald doesn’t have that luxury. The establishment hates him. He has his own money and doesn’t need to kowtow to bribers to get elected. He’s not in their pocket. That makes him very dangerous to establishment.

Donald is not a politician. His opinion is often politically incorrect and he’s not even bother hiding it. He has many false and irrelevant accusation against him. Basically he got this far despite all that.

Perhaps normal politicians are better than normal stubborn people. But to have someone like him to get this far, he must be 10 times as good.

American should hire Trump.

In Indonesia, we hired a businessman as president. His name is Jokowi. Ever heard of him? We even have a Christian businessman, Ahok, as governor of Indonesian’s capital.

The result is unbelievable. Boy. Oh Boy…….

Before, everything needs licensing. Indonesia was a poor country because everything is expensive. My friends, a lawyer, told me that there are many lawyers making millions of dollars doing one and only one thing, getting biz licenses.

That changed when a businessman, namely Jokowi, became president. He simply shortens and remove most business licensing and let free market handles the rest. He said that we don’t even need to increase tax to supply electricity to many remote regions. He said that he’ll just ease licensing and private sector will handle that.

Free market coming to my country? I couldn’t believe my ears when I hear that.

This is not something a normal politician can do. Normal politician does not care nor do they know even if they care what’s really needed for the economy. Normal politician only care and knows how to fool people to maintain their offices.

One day Uber is coming to my country. Many politicians lost their bribes. Many taxi companies lost customers. Some minister tries to prohibit uber.

Well, petition is made on, people discuss that in facebook and twitter. Then, Jokowi, a democratically elected president, reverse that in a day.

All that happens despite lack of American bombing. Perhaps also because we run out of oil

It used to simply be more profitable to be powerful politicians. It’s easier to bullshit the people, and get bribe, than to actually develop a technology that help people.

Too many parasites are so used to live comfortably sucking people’s blood. Real productive businessman that improves technology are thrown away easily.

Jokowi, being a businessman, understand that. He knows what’s going on. Politicians understand that too, but of course do nothing about it. That’s how politicians get rich. They have no other way to get rich.

Politicians, with no other job, can understand what it takes to get a job done. Politicians are never judged by customers. Politicians, unlike businessmen, are rarely judges based on result. They are judged by how well they bullshit their customers.

Jokowi pick a good education minister. The new education minister is meritocratic. So Indonesia won gold medal in International Physics Olympiad. That’s because Chinese Indonesian students are allowed to participate again. Before, the Chinese couldn’t participate due to government’s silent racial discrimination.

My city has a Christian businessman as governor, in a country with 80% Muslim. Same logic. If a Christian can “get this far” he must be very good.

Indeed, he is. Now has all road is fixed and paved. The river is now clean. The flood happens far less frequently and only when “accident” or sabotage happens. Religious thugs that terrorize the population are made harmless. My city has been saver. Ahok replaces incompetent employee with those that get things done.

And all this happens with my city having so much money left. Yes, that’s actually something that reflects negatively on Ahok. In Indonesia, governors are supposed to “spend” all the budget.

Ahok has so many disagreements with other politicians, that simply wants to steal the budget. So he didn’t get the budget approved. The politicians didn’t budge because they hope they can steal more money with their version of the budget. So finally Ahok have to operate with far less money and yet the result is still much better.

We can only wonder where did all the money used to go?

A new electronic system, called e-budgeting, makes it extremely difficult for corrupt officials to steal government money now.

Before, government officials say they want to help. That’s a code word for, “give me money.” Now we have another rumors. Government officials say that I can’t help you, you got to obey the rules. I am fired if I help anyone. Sometimes I wonder if this is a change to better direction. He he he.

Internet and various internet forum makes it easy for people to voice their voice anonymously.

While not as advance as US, hiring businessmen as leaders have turned my country to at least something I can be proud of. Indonesian is not as wise as American, but at least we know how to elect real businessmen, with real balls, as our leaders.

Ahok is controversial. Many said he is rude. He swears at people calling corrupt officials’ dogs. He’s not polite. That’s often used against him.

Many Muslim leaders do not bother hiding their wish to openly discriminate Ahok due to his religion.

Recently Ahok said that he doesn’t mind if people do not elect him because he’s not Muslim. He told people, in one of his speech that if you are lied to by using Quran, then you don’t have to pick him. His program will still work for you and you will still receive most benefits of what he achieved.

Somebody removed the word “using” and spread that he said “… lied to by quran.” It became a big news. People says that guys like him don’t deserve to be governor. People say city with Muslim majority should have a Muslim governor. People tried to jail him. Head of some Muslim organizations demand that he is arrested so he’s not on the ballot. The news goes all the way to Turkey.

And that reminds me about Trump. The more an “establishment” wants to kick someone out of the ballot the more we know he’s on his people’s side. Not on establishment side that would do anything to deprive us of one real choice we didn’t have so long.

Similar like Ahok, Trump is accused of saying politically incorrect things.

You see, in US, you have official religion to. It’s called libtardism.

The mere acts of making honest money is punishable by tax.

The main purpose why we need government is for security. Yet cops let rioters loot people house. This is while you are prevented from defending yourself.

Your race rather than your merit decides whether you’re hired. Most Chinese can score perfect on Math GRE. I myself can score perfect even if the time is halved. And that’s the test used to test the smartest American to get into graduate school. Yet, even perfect scoring Asians can’t get into top schools because of government endorsed racism.

Under libtardism, you can make fun of Jesus but not Muhammad. So your government is endorsing a certain religion. Not much different than the Arab.

Southpark episode 201 is censored so not to offend because their creators got death threat.

Can you imagine that? Your fellow citizens have to kow tow to some Islamic terrorists. They have to forgo their God given right to draw funny cartoons.

Jesus, Santa, Krisna, Ganesha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu and other even more powerful deities are not censored. Hell, 1 billion people think Jesus is a fucking God you know. Many say that his power is only matched by Flying Spaghetti Monster itself.

They don’t mind you’re making fun of him. So why are Americans kowtowing to some Arabic warlord that died hundreds of years ago? Did Osama bin Laden raise again from the death or what?

I am not racist. It’s simply more profitable to be race neutral under free market. I am definitely not a white supremacist. I am not even white. Have white men lost their balls or what that they bent over backward for ungrateful refugees? Do the Arabs bent over backward to accommodate your religion when you’re there?

Imagine American tourist going to Arab saying, “Hello Arabs, I am American worshipping flying spaghetti monster. I think I want some public fucking. I hope you respect my religion and allow me to do that while using weed I legally bought from California. All of you are wrong. Pastafarian is the one true religion. Believe or die.” Do that and see how far you go. Oh, what about threatening to kill civilians for refusing to honor Flying Spaghetti Monster? If an American tourist do that, he’s death.

If Arab tourist does that in your place, you have to “respect” his religion.

But that’s how libtardism, the new sacred sacrosanct religion of the west works.

And obviously the establishment wants to put Trump out. He is accused of saying something politically incorrect.

Trump said that if you’re a star they let you do it. Isn’t that obvious? Why don’t you ask your dad if a woman ever let him grab her pussy or not? Chance is yes. Actually your very existence is a proof that some women must have let your dad did far more than pussy grabbing.

I saw so many people say that Trump advocates sexual assault. They want to get him out of the ballot? Depriving you of one real choice you will never have. Do you enjoy your slavery so much?

What Ahok said wasn’t blasphemous. Even if it is, so what? We want a governor. Not a religious leader. Sometimes I wish to speak to my fellow Indonesians. Dude, there are many corrupt officials want to steal our money. Who the fuck care about religions?

However, we don’t have full freedom of speech in Indonesia. If I said that, I can get literally killed for insulting or belittling religion. And so is you, by the way. And I really have no way to get my point across without making religion looks less important.

And guess what? I’ve heard Americans can get killed too for “insulting” religion.

We both have common problem. Certain stupid ideas are protected by violent. Usually the more messed up a belief is, the more blood spilled to protect it.

Want to know which religion is right? Buy a book promoting capitalism and pee on it. See how many airplanes hit your towers. Somehow most capitalists do not mind you insult capitalism. They have something that strengthen their faith on capitalism. It’s something called abundance evidences by the way.

Imagine if your family are slaughtered by some terrorists screaming Allahu Akbar. Imagine if the terrorist is put on trial. The terrorists say that his act is justified because you are unbelievers anyway and it’s his right to do so according to Quran.

Imagine that the judges give the terrorist a favor. You cannot criticize the terrorists nor their arguments because those are sacrosanct. You are as good as death as fuck.

Now that’s how anti blasphemy laws work. That’s how politically correctness works. You think that’s farfetched? Now check this video It can happen to you. But remember, their beliefs are so sacrosanct you must not even make cartoon and make fun of it. Less they got offended. I mean you need to ugh, respect. Somebody got beaten up to death but all of us have to respect whatever fairy tales they use to justify that. Otherwise they may have their pheeepheeepheeeeeeeeeeling hurt and feel offended.

Imagine if some Mullah said, “Gives me $1k, it’s a religious thing to do.” Imagine you said, “Fuck no. I don’t give fuck about religion.” Then the Mullah will ask, “Why don’t you give some fuck about religion?” Now you have two choices. You can just ignore the mother fucker. Or you can “explain.” If you said, “Because religions are shitty.” Fuck… Beeeppppppp Blasphemy laws kicks in.

In Indonesia, we got MUI charging a lot of money from all food for halal certificate. They charge a lot. Many says they’re getting bribed. And many have spoken against it. It’s very difficult. Says the wrong words, and Beeeeeeeeeeeppppp…. Blasphemy….

Pick Hillary, and those people that even did far more horrible things in their country, will be your neighbor. Hope you “convert” soon or end up like the guy beaten up in the video.

Oh the guy that did the beating, in front of 20 cops, didn’t go to jail by the way. Don’t worry. Pick Hillary and your country will be like that. It’s already like that. I’ve heard riots against store owners.

The establishment say that Ahok is politically incorrect. That a guy like him doesn’t deserve to be governor.

The same way, it’s natural to know that what Trump said is politically incorrect. Under libtardism, of course Trump is wrong. I suppose if a country is full of libtards, it’s natural too that they have a libtards president. But do they?

Ahok offends feeling of Islamic cleric. So what? We want a governor, not an imam.

Trump violates libtards’ Sharia. So what? You want a president. Not a libtard imam.

There are inefficiencies in government. There is lack of meritocracy everywhere. Governments all over the world interfere too much in economy. Many immigrants, that literally want to kill you, are in. Who the fuck care about some wet pussies letting some handsome rich guy grab themselves? You want a fucking president, not a pope.

There is one other reason why you should choose a businessman over a politician. A real successful businessman does not need your money. He can actually think how to get good result.

Someone once hired a lawyer for a simple. It costs him $30k. The lawyer advices him to buy investment to protect his assets from his wife. Little did he knows that a term on the investment is that 55% of the money is gone for fees. The fee is to pay the agent commission, which happens to be the lawyer’s wife. The lawyer asks for another huge success fee for protecting his assets. It turns out, the assets are not even discussed in the court. Not to mention some substantial money the lawyer asks for the “judges” for actually really small and trivial case.

He pretty much fails in his objectives because his wife, believing that her religion wants government sanctioned marriage, simply appeals to higher court and prolong the divorce as long as she can. Putting more and more money to that lawyer won’t solve the problem. If anything, the lawyer will want the problem to persist.

I am sick to my stomach every time I remember how shitty marriage regulated by government is. I stay away from anything that may be encouraged by any religion to be frank.

I’ve heard in US it’s even worst. You can get a life time jail for making too much money while married Donald also have lost tons of money for getting married. I am sure he understands how shitty government infested marriage is. Pick a guy that at least understand.

The divorce case I talked about went on and on. The guy finds another lawyer that have many clients. The lawyer is smart at delegating minor tasks to employees. That second lawyer fix his problems for a mere $200.

I think Hillary and most politicians are like the first lawyer. Politicians are so used to be judged based on bullshit rather than results. All their concern is to get themselves elected while cooperating with other politicians to grab your money. They won’t solve your problem. If anything they want to keep it there hoping that you keep paying them more and more money to “solve” your problem. All those moneys will eventually go to their pockets and their cronies.

Jokowi, Ahok, and Donald Trump are like the second lawyer. They’re a businessman. They have other “job” besides being politicians. If they want more money they can just keep running their own business.

They do not need bribe to stay rich. If you don’t hire them, they can work “somewhere” else. They do not need to be politicians to get rich.

They also do not need to kow tow to establishment to live comfortable life. They have enough. They just want to improve their brand and make clearer mark. And this is why establishments hate them. This is why they want Trump to fail.

Be wise like Trump. Pick the one closest to real businessman. Pick the best. Pick the one that survive despite adversity. Pick the one people thought of as underdog.

For your own sake. For your own profit and your children’s profit. For business sake. Ignore his politically incorrectness. Ignore his religions or his beliefs. Ignore his skin color. You don’t want people to hire you based on that right? Just look at him and see if he has real business experiences that makes him qualify to manage your country.

Then, tell him, “You’re hired.”

Then make your country great, free, and prosperous again. Then our countries can copy what works from each other. So far, picking a businessman, works very well for many Asian countries.

I do have one problem with Trump though. If I could choose, I’d rather Bill Gates, or Elon Musk. Why aren’t they on the ballot?

Fiona Understand What it Truly Means to be Human

Ann is a staunch feminist. She marched through the Supreme Court demanding that all hot babes are sent to concentration camp.

“We have always asserted to men that women are NOT sex objects,” said Ann, “That has been the prevailing opinion all this time.”

“Because women are not sex objects, you cannot interbreed with them and produce fertile offspring. That means they are not members of the same species with men. Because humanity is a species, that means they’re not human (Q.E.D),” argues Ann confidently, “Nor would your evolutionary proven cognitive neurons hard wired in your brain, or amygdala specifically, give any signals that suggest that pretty voluptuous women are sex objects.”

“Well, what about if hot women are indeed sex objects?” asked Bob in protest.

Bob then got killed by RPG in recent mass demonstration for questioning the most sacrosanct ideas of liberal western civilization.

“You don’t get more politically incorrect than that,” said Judge Charlie.

“Someone said, if you’re a star, they let you do it. Women like stars,” Bob spoke before being killed

“No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” Reince Priebus answered.

“I am not sure what you mean by should or shouldn’t be said. Is it true? Someone told me that my dad did much more than grabbing my mom’s pussy and she did let him. Dad would actually put his cock deep inside mom’s pussy. Actually that’s how I was conceived,” asks Bob again.

A large gasp sounds are heard.

“His parents are heterosexual,” screams somebody.

“That’s how their kind reproduce,” screams another.

“What he said is just unthinkable. What about the children?” another mob angrily yells.

After that nobody can stop everyone for launching RPG to Bob.

“Next thing we know he’ll say women prefer the rich,” Charlie adds. “If he is allowed to travel freely, he will speak publicly and spread his ideas.,” some other judge says.

“Die misogynist pig,” says Ann.

This doesn’t become like this all of a sudden. For decades, humans’ population, especially among those most productive in society are in great decline. Feminazis kept winning and winning more influence.

The ever changing definition of marriage evolve into civil union between women and castrated men.

“Women want exclusivity above all. What would be a better way to signal exclusivity if not by making the ultimate commitment,” Gill, a feminazi, said.

Many protested the new rule. However, Gill just shrugged that off. “No body forced you to get married,” explained Gill.

Meanwhile, most choices of mating outside marriage were becoming illegal. First prostitution was illegal.

“Basically women cannot exchange sex for cash because that’s immoral,” said Iris, the priest.

Because women couldn’t exchange sex for cash, they then end up having sex for expensive dinners, gold coins, chocolates, flowers or wits.

To counter this immoral circumvention of anti-prostitution laws, definition of prostitution is broadened. Prostitution is defined to sex for cash or “other consideration. (” This happened before the start of 21st century.

What count as “other considerations” are pretty vague. Soon prohibited considerations pretty much cover any consideration. Women are not supposed to consider anything at all when choosing their mate. Each woman either chose to be a nun or pick any males while being blind folded.

“We pretty much harmonically combine positive features from all cultures around us,” explains Lenny, a multi culturalist. “First we accept this immigrant with strange authoritarian culture They demand that all women must wear ninja clothing. Obviously that would constitute gender discrimination and is not suitable for western culture. So we require all men (and women) to wear the same thing too. Finally, feminists point out that gawking is sexual harassment and it’s not the fault of the sex object if people are gawking over them. It’s the fault of those who are gawking and ogling. So we require everyone to wear blind fold all the time,” explains Lenny.

To be continued in uncensored original version? Get the book. Free. We don’t even ask for email.

Real Donald Trump

This is fact checked at

It’s checked to be basically true. Yes the anti donald skeptic said that he did it for his own profit. So what? It shows selfish capitalism alone would motivate people to do well.

Here is a testimony by the first woman in the world that design skyscrapper.

The women did a professional assessment on Trump. Trump is meritocratic. Never discriminate based on race or sex, except probably when required by laws he doesn’t like.

And all the guy in sceptic stackexchange says that at the end the women didn’t agree with Trump.

Even though she disagree with Trump, she still objectively says that Trump is not sexist.

Is what Donald say True?

Donald Trump says,

And when you’re a star they let you do it

Dan Bilzerian also says the same thing,

“When you’re famous, they let you do it, you can do anything, just grab em by the pussy”

I wonder why no body accuse Dan Bilzerian as women hating.

Do “they” really let you do it if you are a star?

I still have no idea why is this politically incorrect or is it at all. Be it politically incorrect or not, is it scientifically correct?

Is this true?

Can anyone verify that being a star does improves your chance of women letting you do much with her?

Maybe people think that it’s not very nice to talk that way to women. Well, why not see the hotbabes. See the kind of guy hot babes choose and read what he says.

I must admit. Trump did make a big mistake. He shouldn’t have said women will let some men grab their pussy. That is too unbelievable. It’s like saying that women want to get paid for sex. It’s unthinkable.

He should have said that women will let you tie them up on some cross naked, whip them, and put the show on JAV. There is no doubt that one must be consensual.

Why would people think that trump advocates sexual assault?

This is some that I saw:

If you’re talking about Trump, it doesn’t have anything to do with
Political Correctness — it has to do with bragging about kissing and
grabbing women’s genitals without their consent. In particular, for
many people, it’s about being married and doing that to other married

But that’s not what Trump said.

“And when you’re a star, they let you do
it. You can do anything.”

He’s not saying, I will grab their pussy whether they let me do it or not. He said if you’re a star they let you do it.

It’s like Selena Gomez or Ariane Grande saying, “If you are pretty, men will let you grab their cocks.”

Isn’t that obvious? That doesn’t mean that those hot babes gonna grab men’s cock randomly. It means that they have a very reasonable expectation that men will not mind if pretty hot babes like them grab their cocks.

Why do people think trump advocating non consensual assault? He honestly and probably correctly think that many hot babes would let her do it. And 90% of the babes he groped would probably okay with it. The other 10% would probably have signaled in some way that they like him. I mean he’s rich and handsome and all.

Why is it Politically Incorrect to say That Women are Sex Objects?

Biologically speaking, every organism, be it males and females are sex objects. That’s how sexual species reproduce. I mean my tom cat is sex object. My tabby cat is sex object. The polen and the flowers are sex objects.

They are usually sex objects for certain other organism that can improve their reproducing capability by recognizing the sexual use of another organism. So I suspect many human males would think that human females are sex object too.

Not that I do. I mean of course not. I respect women. It’s just that I think many other human males would. Those who aren’t have gone extinct.

Another thing I am confused with, why is it so politically incorrect, in the west, and it seems only in the west, to think that way?

One would say that westerners value equality between men and women.

Fine. Let’s reverse the gender.

Imagine Selena Gomez has a recorded bathroom chat. Imagine she says, “If you’re pretty, you can do anything. You can grab billionaires in the cock and they would let you.”

Would anyone have a gasp? Would republicans would say, “No man should ever be talked like that.”

If anything any men would think that Selena is a very nice girl I should try to get close to and hope that may be I get lucky.

Would anyone says, saying that men are sex objects are demeaning or offensive?

It’s politically incorrect to think that women are sex objects, yet it’s okay to think that men are sex objects.

Isn’t that sexist? Isn’t those crying sexism is the one being sexist?

And worse than that, it’s sexism condoned and even encouraged by government. Racism and sexism by itself is totally harmless under market mechanism because the market takes care of everything anyway.

But may be I am missing something. Look, this sort of thing bothers me a lot. Can anyone explain?

Why Donald Trump is the Best Presidential Candidate Ever for Americans

It’s about time americans got a real man, with a real cock, to lead the way. Never before we have someone that dare to be politically incorrect. Never before we have someone with proven biz record and very good at deal making.

Donald Ha Mosiach, were thought of as underdog. However, with little resources he has he can manage to go this far.

If you are jealous of him, just get richer like him. You too will bang many super models. If you can’t, at least having someone as role model can help you get there.

Yes he said some politically incorrect thing about women. However, if any group of people need so much respect then there is something wrong with that group.

See, king demands respects. Tyrants demand respect. Certain immigrants and minority demand so much respect they kill you if you draw some cartoon. If people say something that may even be true and somehow it’s a big deal, that means the women have become americans’ overlord. We don’t have fairness and equality anymore.

Those who speak truth have little worry about respect. Try peeing on any books supporting capitalism and see how many planes will hit your towers. So what is it? Are capitalists some form of second class citizens that don’t deserve special respect so many other minorities have?

It’s okay to say men are sex objects. In fact, men wants to be sex objects. And yet it’s not okay to say women are sex objects? Why the double standard? Those that cry sexist are the true sexist people.

Can his word defensible? Easy. Just ask any scientists. Scientifically what he said is true. If you are a star, women wants your cock. Does that mean you should ask permission first before grabbing their pussies? Well, what’s the industry standard here? What do you guys do before groping some pussies? Got written signed contract?

Here let me show you how a star got girls

See. Those words look like “sexual assault”. But the girls really let men do it to her. Imagine if a man is not only handsome but also rich as fuck.

Read what he said again, “when you’re a star, they let you do it”.

He doesn’t say he gonna touch girls pussy irrelevant of consent. He’ll do it only if the girls let him. Don’t we all? Who among us wouldn’t want to touch hot babes’ pussy if they let us?

Worse come to worse, we had some guy that have grabbed some pussy. 90% of the girls whose pussy he groped probably want it anyway and ask for more. I mean what? Do you get written signed consent before you make sexual advance on girls? Sometimes you took some risk and if she doesn’t like it you back off.

Perhaps the real problem of Donald Trump is that he is a winner. A billionaire saying that women like him is probably not something most men can relate. It doesn’t fit their experience. Most men would have women running away for simply looking.

But that’s the problem for most men. Not Donald. He’s a damn billionaire. Why should he care about the problem of losers?

Many political leaders have done far worse than Trump. We have far bigger problem than some reasonably handsome, smart, and rich guy grabbing wet pussies that ask for it.

You know tax? Some people work their ass off only to see the fruit of their labor taken away from them. Some males commit suicide due to alimony. There are trade restrictions that make raise price for customers.

There are kids being bullied, punched, and kicked in schools. There are people getting mugged. There are people actually killed in robbery. There are far far more horrible things that happen than having some pussy groped. There are actual rape.

What have the liberal done for that? Oh lighter sentences. Tougher gun controls so you can’t defend your home when burglars enter. Affirmative action so your race rather than your ability is what counts in hiring.

The world need leaders that dare to speak the truth rather than be politically correct.

It’s about time politics are left to someone that knows how to lead an empire.

I bet Trump is pretty meritocratic on his business. If he isn’t he wouldn’t have built a great empire.

Donald is the one guy to do it. We need meritocracy. We need a businessman. Donald is the best presidential candidate ever.

Indonesia got a businessman as president. We’re doing fine. Tried and tested. Always vote for real businessman. Not some feminazi old hag that wants bigger government.