Religion in Context?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Don’t look at the context when the stuff is written. Look at the context of political interests now when the religion is actually practiced. That fits the dot most.

Should we drink alcohol? In the context of christian mongols that love beer, they would gladly show that Jesus’ first miracle is producing alcohol and enjoy the fact that drinking alcohol is part of a holy sacrament.

Obviously the puritan in US have very different view.

Should a man get many women? After catholic and protestan war where ratio between males and females are 1:10, the answer is hell yea. Polygamy were legal in christian europe at that time. Now, it’s not because there are too many single males that can vote. Same bible, same scripture, different message.

Should we kill witch? In ancient time, hell yea, the bible says so. Now, killing people for doing something that can’t actually be done will look so silly it’s politically incorrect. So scrap that.

Should we kill disbelievers? Depend. In democracy? Tough. It’s not toward the best interests of voters to let religious leaders decide who live or who die. Now, put your self on the shoes of those religious leaders? Should we kill unbelievers? Awesome. Hell yea.

The context here is whatever the interpreters want it to be. Usually they try to balance what they really want and what’s politically correct.

As far as there is no coercion in Islam or any religion… Well…

Just look

It’s not fair to see that the problem is in islam. The nature of humans are to max out power. I want you to do what I want.

Religion is a great answer on the simple question. How do I get people to do what I want. Think about it for a while. How? You got better idea? I suppose you can give them better offers but that’s often expensive right. What about if you can’t? So how? How do we get or say trick people to do what we want?

Here people believing in a god that tell them to do what I want kind of help. Those who disbelieve is out of my control zone like free slaves.

So what do humans do to slaves that just free themselves?

Just look again…

How Should We Define Wealth?

People often ask about the amount of money you own. The thing is, ownership is a very vague concept that simply add confusion. What does it mean that I own my body, for example? Can I smoke dope? No. So what’s the point?

Rather than concentrating on ownership, we should concentrate on control ship.

Why dictators live an opulent life? Because they CONTROL, not own, great wealth.

Back to dope. Do I control my body? The answer is scientific. No. I can’t smoke dope and get away with it. That means I don’t.

By that definition, welfare parasites are very rich. They truly are. They don’t work, and yet make more money than hard working programmers. Why? Because they control a lot of wealth. They control very productive slaves, namely you. Their control and effective ownership is as sure as their right to vote.

Control, rather than wealth, have more precise meaning that we can actually measure. Ownership is a philosophical concept. Controlship is scientific concept. Can you do something and get away with it. That’s control.

What happen if you own a car and someone steal it? You will get angry and kill the bastard right?

What happen if you embrace slightly different beliefs? Just search for cikeusik in google. It’s actually very easy to see why religious leaders are made with different beliefs. Before they CONTROL people. Freedom of thought take away control to them. For all practical and psychological purpose, freedom loving people are STEALING control from their oppressors.

Why people want you jailed for smoking dope? Because that means you are stealing control from your oppressors namely voters.

What? Do they really want you jailed? Maybe they just wants what’s good for you? Well, here is an easy way to see what people want. See what they do, not what they say. Also humans are selfish. The idea that someone care about you so much they want to restrict your freedom, is nonsense in most cases.

Now what about right? What does it mean that I have a right? Again, right is often just a philosophical concept. Do I have a right on my self? No.  Dope sample is a good sample.

So what is a right? Well, here is a more practical definition. Things you can do and get away with it.

Imagine if you make an agreement and there is no way to enforce contract. Does the person have a “right” to break it? Happened to me once. Lost $1700. I didn’t even know his name but posted whatever name written in domain registrar that the asshole is a fraudster.

Unless I have powah to hurt those that violate my right, I don’t have right. Why government doesn’t want people to have gun? Because they don’t want you to have the right to live. They just want to be able to decide who live or die. Without gun, it’ll be up to them, to decide whether they want to help you or not in case of robbery. Oh wait, they got dopes to catch.

Welfare parasites are very wealthy because they own slaves, namely the programmers that have to slaviously pay tax to majestic welfare kings and queens.

Also they can afford infinite number of biological children due to welfare program. That’s something not even a billionaire can. I seriously doubt a billionaire can afford 20 biological children.

Not to mention that they are the pimp of all hoes because they control sex trades along with feminazis.

Do Japs Love to Gang Bang Women?

I am surprised that you are a little culturally insensitive.

Bukakke is actual japanese proud tradition. They are so creative they come up with that.

I wish my culture can produce the same.

Those who think bukakke is bad are insulting another’s proud tradition here. Imagine if someone said that fencing is bad or boxing is brutal or balet is boring (unless zenra balet)? I bet white guys will feel offended. So why complain about bukakke?

Not only the japs invent great culture, they also enchance and preserve other cultures. Ever heard of zenra ballet?

Fuck there are cultures that are proud of stoning women. They should be ashame of that. Bukakke actually honor and exalt women. It makes women the center of attention by being women. Not to mention the pay is good. It’s one of those few jobs where women are paid more than men.

For those who don’t understand what bukkake is:

Bukkake is when a Mommy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy all decide that Mommy needs some special facial moisturiser

What a Billionaire Can’t do Now that the 1900 Millionaire Can?

I think the biggest upset that billionaires cannot do is the most important thing money should buy. Billionaires cannot afford his own biological children without risking his whole wealth. In particular, billionaires cannot simply afford many (say, 20) biological children.

Okay some comparison.

There are 2 types of billionaires. Females and Males. Obviously female billionares cannot have 20 biological children, nor can they do so on 1900. So let’s ignore the trivial case.

In 1900 China (not sure about europe), it’s simple. Have tons of concubines. Have tons of children. Period. It is easily done. Many are actually doing it.

Moreover, welfare recipients can afford infinite number of biological children due to welfare. They can just breed and breed and put babies on drop box and move on. Women wouldn’t bother suing them for child support because they don’t have money anyway.


A billionaire cannot afford having kids?

Okay I need to tell you first that I am not kidding.

First of all lets disprove the strong misconception that billionaires do not want children. Lest people think that billionaires low birth rate is due to lack of intent to produce children.

Look at people that commit abortion. How many of those are billionaires? Now look at people that pay for artificial insemination. How many of those are billionaires? People that commit abortion are usually poor and people that commit artificial insemination are usually rich.

Obviously the rich prefer to have children than the poor. If I am willing to pay an apple for $5 and someone else is willing to pay $6 for the same apple, obviously  that guy value apple more. The same way the rich put higher monetary value on “having one more children”

Yet despite higher capability to produce more children, higher willingness to afford more children, and higher ability to attract females with the latest Ferrari’s chick magnet, the billionaires tend to have less children.

This seems to be very surprising. But look for a while. How would you afford biological children? What about if you want to make 20?

Obviously you need more than one women.

First you would convince the woman that you are able and willing to afford the children. Here’s a catch. Women do not have legal ability to decide pre-conception how much the child support amount be.

So society will decide that amount for the woman after conception. Society often decides that the amount is simply proportional to your capability to pay. So, no matter how rich you are, you cannot afford 100 children easily.

A woman may prefer $4k per child month from a billionaire than $0 from a welfare recipient, but women do not have that choice. After conception, society will say that the amount of child support is $4 gazillion dollars.

How would you persuade women to beget your biological children? Well, the easiest way is to pay of course. Well, prostitution laws are defined to be sex in exchange of cash or other consideration. Who knows what other consideration counts. Obviously a girl have a lot to consider when proposed by billionaires.

So? Build a relationship then. Well, relationship with women are riddled with bizarre default contracts, most of which cannot be overridden. If the woman has children and that children call you dad, you can be held responsible for child support.

If you live with a girl under the same roof for a while, poof, the state will declare you are married. That is even though you never intent to agree to all the nonsense written in marriage contract. It’s effectively forced marriage.

Of course the state simply call that giving “benefits” of marriage to unmarried people (that don’t want those benefits). One such benefits is exclusivity for women that probably prefer to be the fifth of a billionaire than the first for a welfare parasite.

The rule is not very clear. Basically anti polygamy laws can be stretch to jail polyamory relationship. So even if you don’t marry the girl, you can still go to jail due to anti polygamy laws.

The chance is small. However, if you are a billionaire, even a small chance of going to jail costs A LOT. Jail is a punishment that are heavy on the rich.

What about if you can have a great lawyer that convince the juries that you really really really aren’t married? There is that prostitution laws again that could kick in if you financially support more than one girls.

Maybe you can just marry those girls? Well, marriage institution is designed to be extremely costly for the rich. You can create prenups but that’s complicated and may not even work.

There are so many unintuitive insane laws lurking in marriage contract. Tiger Wood, for example, spend huge amount for his wife just because he had a real estate in some state. That allows the wife to file divorce there. Is that spelled out in the contract? No.

Why not write your own marriage contract? You can’t.

End result is, despite far higher capability to afford children, and far higher willingness to produce children, billionaires, have fewer children.

If you really want to have many children, can you? Yes. You can have tons of concubines in various different countries. There is no easy way to make a contract with the women and enforce it. In your own country, the girl can simply sue you a lot of money. In other country, the girl doesn’t have ability to enforce even a small reasonable child support.

You can be a sperm donor. I don’t know. Not very open, and not natural. But if you really want to, you can.

Paypal Account Permanently Limited

I am sending this email to this people

I’ve been using paypal for 10+ years. Everything I did is above the board.

Eight months ago my account was permanently limited. After 6 months I got $9600 of my money back. Thanks. However, account is still permanently limited.

Here is why I think why paypal will want to re-review my account.

1.       My only mistake at the time of banning is making too much money. Every transaction is like the way it used to be but one day balance reach too high. I was too confident that nothing goes wrong I didn’t even bother withdrawing money quickly.

2.       Paypal asked for utility bill. It’s not clear what Paypal means by utility bill and people in Indonesia does not have utility bills like in US. Moreover, like most middle class Indonesians, I used cell phone, use ground water, paid electricity through vouchers, and buy gas from stores. So I sent my cell phone bill instead and maybe my ID is not scanned perfectly among the edges. Who knows.

3.       I think I spent around $300 per month for pay pal fee and I enjoy the convenient.

4.       None of my bizs are fraudulent. No dispute against me in 10 years of my account. No trouble.

5.       I have an iPhone and can implement additional security measure to further improve security for my paypal account if that was the issue.

6.       I didn’t complain to various government agency. I moved on when I found out that others are getting the money anyway. I was being nice here.

7.       Paypal occasionally reinstate permanently limited accounts.

8.       You paid me my whole balance anyway.

While I already moved on to using banking straight, I simply miss paypal’s convenient.

Let’s see the result.

Romance is Illusion

I checked history. I didn’t see any reference to romance in chinese literature except sam pek eng tay. Romance seems to be a western thingy. Because white guys get rich and chinese love wealth, we mimic what ever white guys are doing, including this nonsense called love.

When chinese controlled 33% of world GDP my ancestors think everyone else is barbarian. Now chinese control 11% GDP and will exceed US GDP by 2017. Soon romance will be a thing of a past too.

Perhaps it’ll be the white guys that mimic us and start having tons of concubines. Hei whichever work right?

Romance, like humanity, isn’t real. You can’t tell people are not murderous when they simply have no power to murder anyone. You can’t tell people are devoted to his wife, when he simply can’t attract another woman. You can’t tell women want marriage when so many alternatives are illegal.

Give human a power, say by creating a gun free zone, and soon enough, we’ll have a human being enjoying this public facility by mass murdering people. Legalize prostitution and soon we’ll see most beautiful girls becoming sugar babies of the rich.

Are We Still Evolving?

Actually humans are still evolving. However, the way it happens is politically incorrect. Raising the issue will often yield with a bunch of misogynist accusation, etc. Often opinions about this tend to be censored, etc.

Naturally, as in many species, certain individuals have higher probability to reproduce.

1. Some males have more resources and can afford more children.
2. More attractive women can aim for such males and produce more grandchildren.
3. Some males can simply attract more women. Women in humans prefer the rich.

In all countries, including, if not specially, western civilization this advantage is “balanced out”

1. Child support is set proportional to a man’s income. So rich male actually fear making children. No preconception agreement can change that.
2. In marriage, women can only pick single.
3. Women are not free to set up their own reproductive contract. Simple cash for sex, for example, is illegal.
4. Government ensure that every kid have the same chance irrelevant of parents’ wealth due to heavy socialism.

All these improve gene pool survival of the poorest people and decrease gene pool survival of those most able to afford children.

So can we evolve?

Can some human breed way more kids than others? Can certain genes that carry say programming talents out reproduce other genes?

Yes they can.

1. Be a terrorist and “marry” 10 wives.
2. Be a ghetto stud, impregnate thousands of women, let tax payer pay for all expenses (women won’t sue for child support if the man is too poor).
3. As #2 points out, capability to seduce women is then more important than capability to make money, especially in western civilization.
4. Bang others’ wife. Her husband will be forced to pay the child support. This is the only way I know how to make many children, stay rich, without getting slammed by huge child support.
5. Go to Asia and breed like rabbit there.
6. Donate sperms. However, last time I check it must be done anonymously. Otherwise you get slapped with child support again.
7. Genetic enhancement (which is getting illegal).

None of these are normal. We like to think that we’re successful when we serve society productively. However, servants, rarely out-reproduce their master.