Prohibition of Prostitution Violate the Sanctity of Our Freedom

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I love free market.


However, I understand that we need compromise.


So when there are tons of deviation from free market, I tend to judge which one is the most harmful. Tolerate the harmless one in exchange of eliminating the truly harmful one.


How do I judge?


Market distortion.


Every government intervention is a form of market distortion. Minimum wage, maximum wage, etc. All are market distortion.


However, there is one market distortion that is so big it affects our very existence.


Reproductive market distortion.


If that’s gone, everything else doesn’t matter.


We can buy all those welfare parasites big TV they always wanted and still lower tax for the rich. Yes. It’s win win. Both can happen if the rich breed more kids than the welfare parasite.


Now, imagine if you’re a welfare parasite. Do you really want to breed? All the pro choice arguments convince me that the poor don’t want to breed anyway. No body get hurts here.  It’s government that wants them to breed and breed so they vote for bigger and bigger government.


We’re solving problem that we deliberately create.


That’s, the biggest distortion ever

Why Prostitution is Illegal

I am going to write a long answer for this. Let’s examine some analogy first:

Say you are farmers of mangos. Say there are those willing to pay a lot for those mangos.

You have several options
1. You can give the mangos away for free.
2. You can let your mangos rots.
3. You can sell your mangos to “small buyers” with great discount for those least able to pay for it.
4. You can max out your profit by selling it at market price?

Question: If 4 is illegal, will price for mangos go up or down? Does it make sense that some people want price to go down?

1. is free sex
2. is abstinence
3. is marriage
4. is prostitution

Obviously very few would do the first 3 if 4 is legal.

When it comes to mating, women are like mangos farmers. Their offers expire quickly.

Both men and women got things to offer to each other. Each of us want to get the best offers. Our offers’ market value drop as a function of time. Women’s offers drop very fast.

Yet, government prohibits humans to freely exchange what they have. The only alternative to government endorsed marriage is celibacy (option 2), and free sex (option 1).

Now lets’ examine another analogy.

You have a car. I decided who you can rent the car to, who can drive the car, who can sell the car, who can buy the car. It’s your car, but I decide. People would pay me for your car right? Why should they pay you? I decide. If latter you choose to take ownership of your own car, would I allow? Of course not, unless you got bigger gun than I am or offer money or something.

Let’s look at Taliban. Women “own” their body. Taliban decides who can rent it, who can use it, who can sell it, who can buy it. It’s the women’s body, but Taliban decides. What would Afgan males do? Obey the women? Of course not. What afgan males do is DIE for Taliban.

That’s how we control people. Know what they want and control it. That’s the same reason why we have laws against ecstasy, ganja, imported product, inheritance, etc.

That’s how Taliban are in power by the way. If we take away Taliban’s control of women, without bombing, without violence, all those regime would crumble by themselves.

However, western civilization is surprisingly not that different.

Western countries, just like Taliban, do not want to let women to freely choose who they want to mate with and on what terms. If women freely choose, too many will pick Bill Gates, Brad Pitt. The other male voters won’t get any or can only grab the ugly ones (unless consensual women trafficking is legal).

So just like the Taliban power decide what women should want. Usually mating against best selling men or those who can pay are heavily discouraged to ration females to more males, including poor, homosexuals and impotent ones.

So the answer is because most males can’t afford them if it were legal. It’s the same reason why polygamy is
illegal. To ration females in equal share for everyone, especially to those who can’t pay. I also mostly agree with Jason’s answer.

Women too have intensive to avoid prostitution. Ugly women, for example, would be better of if prostitution is illegal. They don’t get a high price in prostitution anyway. Prohibiting prostitution will hurt their inter sex competitors more than themselves. If something hurt others more than it hurt you, many humans will find that preferable. Just ask a suicide bomber.

Well not all married women will be out of biz, but it’ll be much tougher for alimony seeking vipers to get clients if they have to compete with cheaper hotter eastern european babes.

Read Matt Ridley’s red queen or any normal evolutionary psychology book.

It’s already science. It’s the reason why I am an agnostic.

Prostitution is effectively a privatized marriage. Prohibition of prostitution is then a price control. Plain and simple.

In prostitution women’s right of her body is respected. She decides the price, which will be very high if legal given that all the richest males would bid too. She decides who she can mate with. If she only want to sell her self to Brad Pitt or Bill Gates, rather than to someone single, it’s up to her. If she wants to give discount for richer smarter taller men, it’s up to her. If she wants high salary with no severance pay, it’s up to her. If she want her mate to only pay for his children, in exchange of getting richer mates that are willing to pay more, it’s up to her.

Everything is up to her.

In marriage, she decides little. Government, rather than consumers, or often religious leaders, decide who she can mate with and on what terms.

In Taliban women can only marry Taliban supporters or somebody the Taliban allow. See why Taliban has many loyal supporters? Legalize prostitution and porn in Afganistan and we’ll see the end of religious extremists. So the Taliban is effectively the pimp of all women for they, rather than the women, decide who and on  what terms women can mate.

In US, she can only marry single men, which usually of lower quality for not being able to attract even a single mate. Or she can sell her self for free which is just below her market price. Same reasoning. Congress has effectively become the pimp against women’s wish.

Marriage means women need to charge less to poorer males. A housewife is a job with low salary and high severance pay. What kind of job have that kind of arrangement? The one whose deal made by government rather than consenting parties.

That effectively kick the rich out of mating market. As all price control, it causes market distortion and inefficient allocation of resources, which leads to poverty. Now, this market distortion is the biggest market distortion ever. It’s virtually the single cause of all poverty in the world.

The mere act of pointing this out will often meet harsh ad hominem attack by facists for no logical reason.

Why not let the women decide? You may disagree with me that prostitution is better than marriage. Fine. Why not let each girl decide? Who are we deciding what’s best for women?

NB: My maid’s sister got married and the husband just left leaving debt. It’s not even illegal. The law does nothing against that type of behavior. I saw many poor kids begging on the street. It’s NOT illegal to beget kids into poverty. Yet when some rich males consensually attract women on terms they agree, it’s a crime.

My class mate got married. She wanted a divorce but her husband does not let her. That’s what marriage really is in most countries: Legalized rape.

To persuade women to agree to get married, quite obviously those rapists need to prohibit better arrangements. In Taliban, women can’t even work to effectively force them to get married.

So no, I don’t hate women. I do not advocate rape or forcing. But that’s what forcing truly means, taking away all better alternatives under outrageous irrational, and hence naturally religious, pretexts.

It’s hard to get upvoted answer in serverFault

If the connections have already been dropped specifically due to requirement, why do people still want to keep a log for it? Wouldn’t logging all incoming connections (rate limited) be more useful than logging unwanted traffic?

Don’t you think logging what went wrong is more important than logging what went right?

I would log only error log.

I turned off everything else.

I handle 50k visitors per day I do not need to know where every single one of them go. So I just make my own custom text log every 1000 visitors.

So this is what I did:

either use VI or if you’re a windows guy ftp as root (in filezilla you need to change ftp to sftp) download the file and edit to edit file.

Now edit /var/cpanel/templates/apache2/vhost.local you may need to update different file depending on whether you use apache2 and ssl

add # in front of customLog

If you’re windows guy just reupload the file.

Now type this spell

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller --update
/etc/init.d/httpd -k graceful

I suppose you can just say it loud charm style if you have installed voice recognition on your linux server. As of now I haven’t been able to installed the GUI so let’s worry about that sometimes latter.

Tada you get rid that annoying domlogs.

Now go to whm search for statistics, disable everything.

Then click the support create a ticket make sure that your logs are gone.

Some of the actually important logs are:

tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log
tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log

Then there is messages and secure. I forget where the directory is.

I don’t think what I suggest will eliminate those error logs.

You said it’s particular for network. However this solution will log all networked traffic.

Should you get married?

At least not as long as government still regulate marriage and you can still do it outside marriage legally.

If that doesn’t persuade you, you need to take into account that marriage is like selling options.

Here, when to sell your options depend on how much you think you market value will go up, measured by the expected value that you can attract higher quality specimens and the lost of fucking opportunity you get if you marry now.

Say you expect to be richer within 3 more years and will be able to upgrade to a girl friend that 1 or 2 points prettier. That means you will be shagless for 3 more years but will enjoy or 2 points happiness equivalent points for years to come.

Take into account that you probably don’t get erection that easily 3 more years down the road.

When the marginal gain you can get by shagging now exceed the marginal opportunity costs of what you could have gotten by postponing, it’s time to get married, grass hoper…

However, all these calcs are worthless because there are bigger factor as government interfere in marriage.

1. If she doesn’t understand this, she’s not a match. Even women need IQ rather than just look to compete nowadays.
2. If she doesn’t want you outside marriage, she’s a gold digger.
3. Marital rape is illegal so you’re not really buying (and getting) sex anyway by getting married. You can’t get refund if she doesn’t perform. You also still need to keep payin an payin while she happily bank other non paying males.

Each different to each person though. If working your ass off for your life supporting milk man’s child turns you on, great. You’re meant to get married, and go extinct.

So again, my answer is never.

Instead, make an agreement that you’ll support her child (automatically created without agreement). That’s it.

To hell with marriage.

If you’re religious and you think God want you to get married, then draft your own contract based on what you think God wants to include into marriage terms. Maybe left out the stoning or levirage marriage part, but hei, it’s up to you. Still, don’t get government to approve your marriage. Marriage as defined by government has nothing to do with marriage as defined in your scripture, whatever it is.

Still want to be married? Watch porn first, go to massage parlors first, wait till you’re 60, then go to China.

What’s the Cause of Antisemitism

Jews are special in many ways. Winning nobel price is one of them.

However, fortunately, having large number of people hating them is not one of their special trait.



If we study chimps we will see that for primates, hatred is actually natural. It’s what we do against anyone that get in the way of our reproductive success. It’s very understandable.

Prohibition of all victimless crimes (such as being jewish, or smoking dope) in our species are based on simple hatred, which is masked under 1001 pretexts. Some of those pretext is often “love” of the victim, which is utter BS.

That’s because unlike chimps, our species count on BS to gain political power rather than mere muscles. We evolve to embrace BS that fit our political agenda. We BS so well, we truly believe our BS and don’t know it’s BS. Most people don’t know except evolutionary psychologists and even they tend to stay away from politically incorrect topics that would unmask the most sacredly held BS.

For anti semitism we have

  1. Envy
  2. Jewish lack of power and political cloud (in the past). Yap anti semitic claims are simply false. If jews were that powerful they wouldn’t get screwed over so many times. If I am going to go postal on somebody I would be better off picking easy target right? The natural way to persuade others to join and condone me is to portray the target as something powerful.
  3. Fear and lack of choices. Put your self in the shoe of lebanese christians that have no grudge against jews and was once jews’ ally. Or what about palestinians that don’t mind selling their land to jews and move on. Many just want to leave for nothing just to avoid conflict. Neither jewish’ military or their enemies are nice to the moderates. This is the most regrettable because it can be fixed. But those who have little choices have little power and what they wish matter little. So no body bother fixing it.
  4. Proximity… People tend to hate those that leave near them. Attacking far away land is expensive. This is the strategy that the Qin used to unite china -200BC. Usually humans, following their feeling, would act exactly like the smartest political analyst. It’s not a coincidence that those who are friendly to jews are those who live far away from them, like Indians, Chinese, Japanese.
  5. Trade restrictions. Gaza blockades. Prohibition against selling land to jews. So things that could have been resolved peacefully through cash end up becoming political issues. I think this is the biggest one for all hatred in the world.
  6. Hatred factor combo. Some are of different race. Some are richer. Some have different faith. Jews are often all 3.
  7. Unusual aggression combo. Some countries seize land. Some country kick people out. Some country do that based on race. However a country that seize some land and then kick the population out of that land based on their race and religion is very few since 20th century. We got turkey kicking armenian, german and israel. This is blown out of proportion like shooting of mere 20 children in gun free zone, but well, that’s how the world works.
  8. Tight control of media by everyone else. In Indonesia, I can’t access many sites without changing name servers. Anti semitism is common in countries whose government interfere in information trade.

I think I’ll explain the #1. That’s because anti semitism is simply not common anymore and hence anti antisemitism is simply a past thing. In the past, #1 is the reason. Very few people hate jews nowadays except those that’s actually in war against them and hence don’t have much choices.

I look around for many explanations.

The best I can find is the book by Matt Ridley, “The Red Queen”. You can also try Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

The idea is that life is a race. Certain resources, like university seats, women, etc. are limited. Winner takes all.

Capitalism has brought wealth and hence wealth is no longer a limited resources. Now socialists no longer bitch about they’re getting poorer. They bitch about disparity of wealth. Effectively, they complain that the rich are getting richer.

But why do they complaint? Because happiness does not come from mere personal success. Happiness come from RELATIVE success.

In other word, happiness come from:

  1. Your success
  2. Unhappiness of others

Beautiful girls, for example, do not pick the rich, they pick the rich*est*.

Hence most males evolve huge preference to get rid richer smarter males out of mating market.

Antisemitism is just a dot in a string of other bizarre customs all over the world.

  1. Monks in china and europe don’t get married (monks are smarter, smarter people out of marriage market)
  2. Alimony laws. This ensure that the richest males go bankcrupt every time they attract another girl.
  3. Trade restriction on sex to prevent rich male from “just paying”. Many beautiful girls prefer richer males that pay more than a poor males that offers a life time commitment.
  4. Killing the rich or minority groups that are richer.
  5. Anti polygamy laws in most democratic cultures. The single males simply vote to ensure that women can only pick singles.
  6. In poor muslim countries, sex outside marriage is illegal, and women can only pick muslim men.
  7. In US, prostitution is comprehensively defined as all sex for cash or other consideration. Now what kind of sex doesn’t have consideration anyway? Curiously if you have only 1 sugar baby, somehow it’s okay. Start collecting a few more and poof.
  8. Income tax punish the smart, diligent and productive.
  9. Child support laws are set to be proportional to men’s income. Hence, higher income males cannot support many children.
  10. Pogrom and genocide often target intellectuals or more successful minorities.
  11. Laws prohibiting IQ tests for determining job and college admission.

In other word, if you are going to be successful but weak, you might as well put a sign “kill me and get good drops.”

Basically all those bizarre customs have one pattern in common. They all reduce gene pool survival of the smart and productive.

Jews are not unique in this regard. Armenian in Otoman, Borgueis in mainland china, indian in africa, white males in US, are getting the same hatred.

As Chinese oversea that live in Indonesia, we too used to get the same treatment.

  1. We’re accused of both being capitalistic and socialist at the same time (go figure)
  2. The accusation is somewhat correct because capitalism is the most pro worker economic system in the world as Mark Zukenberg have clearly shown.
  3. Without quota system chinese would fill most seats in Indonesian university. In fact, at one year, this is tried once. We got like 90% of the seats despite a mere 2% of the population. Jews would too to a lesser extend.
  4. They told us to “assimilate”.
  5. Globalization effectively put an end to this. When people can easily move to other country when prosecution is too tough they do. When those people are actually productive their country start missing them. So now we got chinese vice governor in Indonesian capital. We got chinese new year as national holiday. Bigots pick other minority target (Ahmadiyah). The same way jews too get well accepted now in US society.
  6. Chinese won’t get welfare no matter how poor they are. Poor chinese do not get married. So, the only chinese that survive in the gene pool is the rich, reinforcing the stereotype. Jews too faced the same thing I’ve heard.

All 6 things happen to jews too. Some are too obviously. In US, being jewish/white/asians means affirmative action will prevent you from getting to college, for example.

So many jews in Europe, or chinese in Indonesia, align themselves with leftist liberal because conservative is even worst.

Of course, all those hatred are explained, often by both the bigots and their victims, by things that do not make sense. The limit is just creativity of story teller I suppose.

Should Government Give Free Ganja for Childless Unemployed People?

Some says the world has too many humans. Some says that life is precious and we should make more children.

I am, as you all know, is always a moderate. I am not going to say whether there are too many humans or not. However, I do know that certain kind of humans are already too many.

How do I know? Unemployement. If they’re not employed and not willing to work at a job at the wage the market gave them, that means we already have too many of those and need to stop producing them.

You see, the market price is a sacred number where the supply and demand is balanced. If price is lower than say, cost of production, we have one thing obvious. Oversupply.

How do we reduce supply? free ganja for unemployed childless people. People that prefer weed rather than having children and can’t even afford those weed shouldn’t make children anyway.

Now, most libertarian will scream that it’s effectively socialism.

Again, I am a moderate here. I can tolerate or even endorse a little socialism or facism. In the past I have supported mandatory porn consumption, mandatory concealed gun ownership, and minimum wage for all sex to improve women’s dignity. This is just another small government that actually can solve problem.

Do you want to support another children from cradle to grave or do you want to give free ganja for could have been parents?

Too Much Violent?

I think the biggest source of violent is not that we don’t care. It’s because we care too much. It’s not that government do too little. It’s government doing too much.

There are so many criminalization of victimless acts that people simply channel their ambition through worse means.

Gun control will not solve problem. In fact, it makes things worse. Mass murders tend to happen only in gun free zone.

Prostitution, polygamy, concubinage, cohabitation are often restricted or prohibited. So people rape.

Imagine a world where you can’t buy and sell stuffs? What would you do to get food?

Ganja, alcohol, and ecstasy is illegal. So people kill to get those.

The solution for now is always more freedom.

What hot rich girls do?

Most evolutionary psychology book will say that the girls will pick men that are even richer. You see, a girl in 80%  of desirability can aim for a man at 90%. The girl in 90% can aim at the 99%. The girl at 95% then find out that unless they share, the competition start getting tough.


One of my niece is like that. She earned more than I do but unmarried (and didn’t produce children on any other way either). Stupid….


In US, in practice, those girls often end up childless. What a waste…

IQ underrated or overrated

Back to the topic.


What’s important is not IQ. What’s important is if a person can contribute positively to societies.


In fact, in some area IQ is overrated and in some area it’s underrated. Only free market can give the right balance.


For example, many things you have to memorize in school is not there to make you smart. Those memorizing is just effectively a primitive IQ test that’s used to get rid those who cannot memorize things easily (like me).


On the other hand, for programmer, IQ is paramount. Most employer would like to hire high IQ people rather than college graduate.


College degree is pretty much a new nobility. Only the  rich can afford college and rich kids use that to maintaint their status. College degree will mean much less if government does not interfere encouraging companies to hire people based on degree and prohibit people from hiring based on IQ. As the world is getting more and more free (yes it will), college degree will worth less and less..