Why Welfare Program Hurt Productive People and Why Unemployment Insurance Can Take Care of It

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Not sure. Oversea chinese evolve into a certain unique culture. We never get welfare. So most of us never need one.

Yap in Indonesia, government sometimes give welfare, but when you’re chinese you won’t get it no matter how poor you are. There is a stereotype perception that chinese must be richer anyway.

Ugly women work hard all their life and pretty women pick the rich. So, if you’re chinese and you fail to get rich, you will most likely fail to get girls and reproduce either. See. No need for welfare and the lazy and stupid among us are gone by itself.

Why not ask your chinese friends whether they like welfare program or not?

It’s not just wealth. In US, the indians, jews, and even whites earn more than chinese. Most chinese household earn more because they have 2 income earners. Still chinese are less likely to like welfare.

Yes I know, any one of us can be disabled. I cannot understand what kind of insurance government can give that free market cannot give? Why should someone earning $40k-$100k a year pay half of his salary for unemployment insurance whose risk is only 2-3%?

Welfare disproportionately benefit those who have high chance of being unemployed and disproportionately hurt those who have high chance of getting high paying job. The latter include mensa member by the way. It’s unfair insurance whose price way differ than the market fair price.

Moreover, most insurance company doesn’t want to insure people against unemployment for due to huge moral hazard. That moral hazard is still there when government do the insurance.

Why Evolution Theory and Economic Theory are Awesome?

All cultures are about the same. We kill males and save women and children because decisions are made by males and males see other males as competitors. The chinese do it. The jews do it. The muslims do it. The europeans do it.

If you have one simple theory that can correctly predict humans behavior at such a huge range, that’s one damn good theory. Those theory is evolution theory and economy. Put “maximize reproductive success” in economic’s utility function, tada, you got humans behavior.

Thijmen, your formula is too complicated. I am sure it can be further simplified by realizing that at each minute pass, the long arm of the clock travel 6 degree and the short end travel only .5 degree. So each minute the difference change by 5.5 degrees. What I need is not people that can regurgitate what’s being taught. I need people that can think for them selves. A high IQ elementary school kids can. A low IQ college graduate cannot.

Another thing I am allergic about low IQ people is that when they don’t know the answer they put something up and “be sure” about it. It’s when you ask them to explain you realize they’re full of shit. That is extremely dangerous for bizs.

Those low IQ people need to do the same thing again and again. Not bad. They can be extremely rich doing so. But not programmer. I could use some of them. But there are things we can do that they simply can’t.

Speaking of culture, I am not really sure, but don’t you think I am the one most blunt here? Sex and violents are the 2 important points that decide who stays in the gene pool.

All cultures try to be “polite” about it. We censor it from kids, we say it damage morality. All those are like those poor co pilot. Then our children crash. They faced huge alimony. They ended up getting married to assholes. They’re not maximizing their profit. They may even get killed.

We are all selfish

When you want to be altruistic, you’re not really helping anyone. What you really want to achieve is to simply say, “Look at me, I am such a nice guy. I am good. Obey my whim.” And that is indeed all that you achieve.

The africans are not helped by aids. They are helped by capitalism and yet we never run out of insane do gooders that’ll just get more and more.

You’re not helping them. You only make yourself good and that’s it, which is the original goal.

They’re not helping. Only free market help.

Why do I say that everyone is selfish? It’s actually a biological fact. If being conspicuously altruistic doesn’t help your ancestors reproduce, those traits won’t be in you in the first place.

You feel like you want to help others as advertising fee of your niceness. I am not saying it’s wrong. No body expect cigarette factory that put charity concert is bad, but that as far as it goes when it comes to help others.

We are all selfish, but those who truly are useful for others are capitalists.

Help is Coming to Africa

Look, may be I am a little sarcastic. Help does coming to Africa. It comes not in the form of altruism. It comes in the form of selfish trade.

Before, western power, would lend money to those African country, which translate into loaning money to their dictators and pretty much make the poor peasants cosign those hefty loan.

How could you?

Not even I would be that callous, but that’s pretty much what all those forced altruism is really about, robbery in disguise, often under the pretext of helping the very victim.

Now the Chinese are simply trading with those Africans and everyone economy is improving.

Again and again selfishness help, while altruism destroy.

It’s not that hard to imagine when you realize that altruism and anything is truly just a form of selfishness. Even our children are biologically mere tools to produce grand children and that’s the real reason why we “love” them so much.

If our children is not useful for our own reproductive success, the traits to love them would not have evolved so widely among our species.

We are selfish. There is masked selfishness, which is apparent altruism, and there is unmask selfishness. The latter is unmasked because the relationship is win win anyway and win win relationship is the basis of all profitable relationship.

Why it’s tough to have high IQ and not be psychopath?

You can learn faster, but the system is designed so everybody moves at the same speed.

You can graduate at school faster if you try to graduate by taking tests. Government is already prepared for that and arrange that high school diploma can only be given by tests to those who have reached 18 years old of age. So even if you can do calculus by age 12, you will have to wait till you’re 18 before you graduate from high school by the most natural way, namely tests.

You can get higher GPA, but school systems are designed that you compete with your schoolmates, that are usually as intelligence as you. It’s like affirmative action where you compete against your own race when you apply to schools. In schools you compete with guys with the same IQ.

You can ace your SAT and GRE, till you realize that scoring perfect is so easy that you’re not really differentiating yourself from many other students. Looks like your race matter more than your intelligence in college admission on both of our country.

You can pick occupation that only high IQ people can do, like programming. Alas. The low IQ jobs are helped by minimum wage and protection from foreigners. High IQ job is not.

You can work harder, but there is income tax.

You can save money up and all those money will go to some low IQ idiots that breed 10 kids because it’s not the kids’ fault daddy is poor nor is it their mom’s fault to pick such daddy.

Also your child support payment is set up proportionally to your income.

At first, I was like, “It’s wrong.” Then I was like, fuck it. Everything is part of the game. The sooner you realize that, the better.

This applies to all others that actually want to be productive.

Free Market Leads to Prosperity and then What?

I am just seeing pattern.

  1. Free market leads to prosperity
  2. Prosperity leads to cowardice (late Sung, contemporary US). I am too rich to die.
  3. Cowardice leads to dictatorship or socialism or other form of heavy oppression (heavy taxation in US, socialism in europe, mass murders in Kamboja).
  4. This lead to poverty (Yuan dinasty, communist countries, sub mortgage crisis).
  5. People got fed up they fight for freedom. Starving means they don’t fear death anymore (Early Ming, American revolution, french revolution, capital flight to Asia, tea party movement).
  6. That leads to free market capitalism.
  7. Free market leads to prosperity.

Looks like we just got to repeat this same karma wheel again and again till we are enlightened enough to know the truth.

Morality 101b

Okay, let me make this a little clearer. First you need powah. It comes from bullets, or ballots. But that alone is not enough. We are not simply greedy, selfish, cruel and cowardice species. We are greedy, selfish, cruel cowardice and hypocritical species.

If I said to Thierry, lets’ loot the central plain, or baghdad so we become rich and to hell with those suckers that we fuck over. Thierry wouldn’t do that because Thierry doesn’t want to look selfish.

I need a paint. I would say, let’s loot the central plain or baghdad. God says so. The inhabitants are evil because they worship 4 gods even though the correct number is 5. Or whatever.

Now, the killing, looting, raping, burning, becomes holy war. It’s called sanctify for a reason.

People need veneer. They need paint to cover their true nature. That paint is what we call sacred teaching, religion, ideology, or whatever.

The paint has to be believable but not in scientific sense. The tell tale sample of such beliefs are religion. The claim can be totally baseless. Who can verify heaven or hell exist? Scientifically it’s not a credible claim. However, literally, it is a believable claim. Why it’s believable? Why would people believe in religion?

1. You can’t disprove that.
2. Gun in their head gives them benefit of doubt.
3. They share the loot.

The same goes. Government don’t just prohibit ganja and claim that they want to be drug tzars. Government need to bullshit first. They need to say that ganja is so dangerous.

1. You can’t disprove that. Definition of dangerous is not even clear. The statement is not that disprovable.
2. Government got powah.
3. Everyone else want to be drug tzars too. Many, for example, belief that ganja should be taxed. So that gives incentives to control it.

The paint doesn’t have to be true. It doesn’t have to have any evidence whatsoever. It simply need to be something hard to disprove and serve interests of others’ in powah.

Most claims are vague. Name one claim that justify non libertarian measures that we can ask in sceptic forum? The claim is not really false. It has no scientific meaning whatsoever that it can’t be disproved at all.

That’s Morality 101b. Questions?

Scandinavian vs Capitalism

You’re right. In Scandinavian, for some reason, people actually care about each other, or I don’t know what.


In Indonesia, giving money to government is like throwing money away. Actually government will use your money against you. Government is just an oppressor.


I’ve heard cases where “peace” do happen. So Indonesian government put muslim Javanese people to emigrate to other islands. The problem is the immigrants got free land while the native population do not have land yet.


“Fortunately”, the native populations are peaceful Chinese. So that is one area in Indonesia where the Chinese are poorer than the rest. The Chinese work diligently at the land while the immigrant, because they got free land, just do nothing and collect rent. That’s the situation last time I’ve heard. If latter out of hard work the Chinese workers can eventually buy the land that’s given freely through political mean, as often happen, those poorer mobs will get angry again demanding redistribution of wealth or whatever.


Quite obviously, other situations doesn’t get this “peaceful”. Quite often the native populations are simply mad at the treatment and we got ethnic war.


I don’t see Scandinavian. However, based on what I see in both US and Indonesia, I would vote for capitalism all the way till the day I died. I think it’ll work the same way in Scandinavian too. Proponent of socialism simply gloss over too many facts.


I saw again and again, how “helping the poor” is just an excuse of taking from the weak and productive to stronger parasites.

Understanding Morality 101

I got gun. I tell people what to do. I explain to them why being my slave is the best deal for them.

Now use your theory to explain why ganja is illegal then.

With my theory, it’s simple. Government got gun. So they want to control anything that make us happy, like ganja. Then they bullshit that somehow it’s good that we follow their wish. What’s their fairy tales again? That it’s dangerous? or what?

What’s your theory? Why do you think ganja is illegal? Why people think it’s immoral to smoke ganja?

Or what about this:

My theory is simple. They got sword. They beat people up. Then they scream something that might lower political costs, and cops do nothing, and people sympathize with the aggressors because they’re coward.

What’s your theory? Got better explanation why 1 billion of world population think it’s moral? To be fair, the rest are not much less bigotic by the way.

And what about those huge alimony? It’s simple. Government got gun. So government criminalize all sex outside marriage. Then government bullshit the world that somehow marriage is what’s best anyway. Then you’re screwed. What’s your theory?

What about paying tax? Explain to me how paying tax is good for anyone else but bigots with gun. Oh what? You really want to support those welfare parasite kids? Good for you I guess, says tax collector. We all need to have this sense of responsibility that we deserve to get fucked over by those less fortunate overlord, or something like that.

What’s your theory?

In all those cases, my theory correctly predict prevailing morality in society. What’s yours?