Are Humans Rational?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Is cat rational? Is mouse rational when it run away from cat? Mouse does not exactly do some calculus and decide that it’s toward it’s best interest to run away from predators listed in his database. Yet, it rationally run away from cat. In fact, we can predict that the mouse will run away from cat with well 95% probability.

Am I rational when I pick beautiful big tities girls? Of course. The kind of men that pick beautiful big tities girl have higher reproductive success than the kind of men that pick ugly flat chested girls.

Why? Who knows. I can think of some reason why, but I don’t need to. Through out trilions of years of evolution, my ancestors have been picking big tities hot girls and I just inherit their preferences.

Whiteys must have had even stronger preferences because white girls have, on average, bigger tities.

Does that mean we’re not rational? Well, our emotion lead us to maximize a certain utility function. That utility function correctly predict what we will do.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, children of all age, what economists mean when they say we are rational. It doesn’t mean that you bring your calc around. It means that there is a utility function satisfying 4 von neuman axiom that predict your actions.

Are Chinese more Peaceful

But nation is just a concept. It’s people that’s real. I understand that some people think killing your own wife is more acceptable than killing neighbor’s wife, which is the reason why marriage should be abolished. All in all, it’s just killing.

We divide countries into nations so we have excuse to kill each other. It’s just one of the smoke screen. The chinese simply have different smoke screens. We’re still killing each other, we just do not need to claim that the others are different nation.

In middle east, their smoke screen is religion.

In a sense, based on that, none are really more peaceful. They just have different veneer to mask their true nature of killing each other.

In western world, polygamy is illegal. In arab, sex outside marriage is illegal. They are both fascist. Both government want to be the pimp of all women. They simply use different veneer to mask what’s really going on.

Chinese are indeed more peaceful in one real way. Indians have ksatriya. Europeans have knight. Japanese have samurai. Chinese have a proverb. Good iron are not made into nails. Good men are not turned into soldiers.

But that’s all. One day the Qing attacked and mass murder the whole city. Parents are in chains to the slaughter while their babies were crying on the street. At that moment, most people would have agreed. We could have used more soldiers. Killing and other evil is inevitable in the world filled with evil.

There is another important source of peace. Tolerance of differing opinion. Ask the same question and most whiteys will come up with different answers.

We don’t have that in Asia. At least not as much. Will different of opinion create war? Could be. But I prefer having freedom to think differently than fascist peace.

Zukenberg should just rest

You are damn right. Zukenberg should have just lay low and rest. I totally agree. Why would anyone that already have $ 2 million dollar keep making money?

They only have 1 wife.
They only have 2-3 children.

The rest are seized by government through inheritance tax. So why should the rich work?

And that is exactly what most millionaires do. That’s exactly how I wasted my life when I got residual income. Rest.

Now imagine if reproductive success is as commercialized as everything else. Imagine if zukenberg can have tons of mistresses and biological children.

Then everyone that’s resting will work harder to make even more money. Wealth redistribution will be irrelevant because ratio of the rich and the poor will be so big, a small percentage of money from the rich will be enough to give the poor some start up capital to start over again.

That’s how I plan to eliminate poverty. Keep the tax rate the same, or even lower. However, let the productive breed. Free money for everyone.

Asking for alimony is like asking for suicide. It’s her right to demand that out of all potential mate. It just that she has to compete with all the other girls that are more reasonable.

There is no way any men will agree to alimony if sex and reproduction is fully commercialized as everything should be. If there is, then he deserve it for being an idiot.

Women asking for alimony will be like potential employee asking for high severance pay. They can. But why would they?

By the way US court system do not recognize marriage as a contract. In other word, marriage laws are really just unfair stupid laws instead of agreement between 2 people.

Why US court does not recognize marriage as a contract? Simple. If they recoqnize marriage as a contract they have to deal with issues like

1. Why it’s difficult to make alternative contracts? What about if you don’t believe in one on one relationship?
2. Why government rather than the couple write the contract? It’s more like government write the contract and interested party can modify it. Most other contracts are fully written by the consenting party with little modification by government.
3. Why harsh exit clauses, such as life time alimony, are not mentioned explicitly?

So marriage is just a law. A law that government has no business to be in the first place. The only reason why people still get married is because government treat marriage favorably compared to non marriage. That effectively means forcing people to get married.

Harold, how many children are born within marriage in Netherland? Are there still any?

Alimony can be fine

If women want alimony, that’s fine. She need to simply demand that before marriage rather than getting that term automatically set up for her.

The way it’s set up, it tends to get in the way of women preferring the rich, and hence doesn’t serve interests of hot babes that want richer men.

Most such women, just want cash.

Men are only misogynists to ugly women.

Even then, it’s not by much. Men hate ugly women as much as they hate other men. It’ll be even less than the degree men hate handsome, tall, rich, intelligent, and promiscuous men. For most men, that means not at all.

If I see young ugly women, I just run away. I don’t hate them. I just don’t get near them. That’s all. I don’t feel like it. That’s all. No harm done.

Actually if women do want exclusivity, alimony, and bigger child support payment from richer men, I would totally support that.

They just have to ask for it before the start of the relationship.

Currently a man just hang out with a girl, and suddenly, boom, government declare they are man and wife, and suddenly the men may be liable for alimony and huge child support for kids that’s not even his.

The way this is set up make rich men run away from hot babes. It’s not toward women’s best interest to be avoided by richer men.

It should be up to her, rather than government, to decide how much and what she wants from a relationship.

Many hot babes don’t mind getting just sperms if it’s from nobel prize winners. So it’s her right. Case close.

Some hot babe may want exclusivity, testimonial, etc. That is her right, but she just have to explicitly negotiate that before the first fuck. Let’s see who get fertilized by higher quality cock.

Chinese are not that peaceful

Olimpiu, while I appreciate your positive outlook about Chinese, I think some of it is overtly positive.Saying that chinese is peaceful because we mainly kill each other, is like looking at second world war and say that whites are peaceful because they mainly kill each others.

Number wise, there are about as many chinese than there are whites in the world. The Han ethnic outnumber every other ethnic group by very very far. Our civil war is your world war. Our riots is your genocide.

It’s just a different term for saying the same thing.

Because China is just “a country” in western world, westerner tend to use diminutive words to describe china. Some conflicts that kill 30 million people are called civil wars by european if it’s done in China.

That taiping rebellion is a world war size conflict for all purpose.In a sense, different regions in china are like different country.During warlord era, and yes that’s war in warlord, china is one country only in name.By the way, I remember that china recently acquire Tibet.

Mao claimed that Tibet has been part of china for a long time. However, we know what happened. Tibet is too weak and primitive. Any country would swallow weaker countries.

US are not that different than China in that regard. The main difference is that US is far more powerful. Hence, it’s far more tempting for US to wage war. Another reason is US is far richer. Attacking other countries are not lucrative when you can get money more easily through productive means.As china economy grows and grows, I think there will be more and more peaceful world in the future.

Chinese unification is done the Chin Shih Huang, that asshole is worst than any US president. He killed a LOT. His empire last only 12 years after his death, replaced by Han and Chu that fought one another again till another 400 years unification.

US don’t grab Iraq Oil?

US don’t grab Iraq oil? How honorable. I think it looks more like you tried too but then the public relationship backslash is too big that you choose to withdraw. Anyway it’s fair price. The iraqis seems better of defeated by US. They are effectively liberated.

I still do not get it though. Saddam was quite nice to Christians minority. He didn’t betray US. He attacked Kuwait not knowing that US is against that. He attacked Iran because Iran messed up with US. Yes he killed his own people, but only when US government approve that.

So why you hate him so much? He is evil. Everyone is, and he’s not evil to you. I am just curious.

If you really just want to spread democracy, you don’t need to bomb. Free market brings democracy in chile and many other places. Why you bomb anyway? I am not talking about right or wrong. What do you get?

Trade Restrictions

The one and only source of evil is trade restriction. When people restrict trade, they effectively tell everyone else that if you want to get what you want, you just have to fight for it.

To be frank, there are many other source of evil.

Trade restriction, tax, fine, and subsidy. However, all are essentially equivalent.

Fine and tax is the same thing. They are both money you pay for picking a certain strategy.
Tax and subsidy is the same thing. Subsidy is simply a negative tax. It’s equivalent with taxing everyone except those not subsidize and then give money in equal share for everyone. The net effect is transfer of powah from hard working dilligent workers to their politician overlords. This then cause workers uprising everywhere demanding just laws such as those incited by Adam Smith.
And they are both are just trade restriction. Income tax simply means that you are not free to earn income. Earning income is a crime fine able by tax.
True trade restriction, are simply infinite tax against some transaction.
The rest are smoke screens.

Hence, I would say trade restriction is root of all evil. Fewer trade restriction prevent countries with many GOOD reason to kill each other at peace. Just look at Taiwan and China.

Trade restriction put countries with many GOOD reason to be at peace to war.

Just look how laws preventing jews to buy land in Palestine turns into or just look how trade restriction in Gaza put by Israel turn palestinians into.

Trade restrictions are enemies of humanities. We should all wage wars against trade restrictions.

Verity doesn’t matter. Faith and Sincerity matters more in shaping humans’ believe

I am a mensan. Actually I won an international math competition and rank #1 in my country for that year. So  yes I qualify here.

After a while I realize that arguing is futile. It’s like trying to argue to McDonald that Burger King is better or via versa. Verity doesn’t matter.

Stupidity is a choice. It’s a choice our genes make because knowing too much have little value and too much danger.

If you’re dilligent, of course, you will agree with whatever argument whose conclusion is lowering income tax. It doesn’t matter if the argument is based on some fairy tales that’s not even relevant anymore.

If you’re lazy, of course you will agree with whatever argument in favor of higher income tax. It doesn’t matter if all nobel laureates on economists swear up and down how messed up free market is.

If you’re an ugly women, of course you will hate being judge by beauty. You will come up with all plausible explanation that somehow valuing women based on beauty is misogyny.

Barbara, is an exception. She’s reasonably pretty yet agree with feminazis. Too much indoctrination I guess.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to be truly objective. The other side is often even more biased than us. Make much more sense to just stupidly believe whatever bullshit that justify our political interests.

And that’s how most humans’ brain are set up for.

I started to see how IQ really have gone up. It’s not genetic. Genetically we’re dumber. It’s just that having higher IQ start paying of more and more and our genes subconsciously chose to make us smarter.

Subjectivity, seen as stupidity in western civilization, and rightfully so, is actually a very smart feature, our genes use to override harmful objectivity. When we are objective, we may be more correct. But the conclusion may not work in our favor and so our brain will constantly override that.