Why Females aim for Males That Already Have tons of Females?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

It doesn’t work on female. Every male know how attractive a girl is without having to rely on what other males think. Females are simple. Pretty, smart, big tits -> attractive.

Males are complex. Some are tall, some are handsome, some are funny, some are smart. Most of men quality is hidden.

The cost of sharing is also different. In ancient time, there is no blood test. Men that share a women will have a hard time deciding which kid to support. So waiting for other men to have her first is costly for men (unless he can knock her up and run).

Cost of sharing is much lower than women. In general, women like to share more than men. If both polygyny and polyandry is legal, there will be more of the former (and that’s why it’s illegal).

Satoshi is fired for saying that black women are less attractive. The day after that I asked my employee if they like black women more or white women. Most prefer white. In most massage parlors, white women command higher price. In wickedfire.com porn are dominated by white women. Some dating sites also report that black women rarely get replies when asking for a date.

That is not racist. Satoshi does claim that black men are doing fine in attraction. So guys like Michael Jordan is a stud. The same doesn’t seem to work on black women.

My suspicion is Satoshi is discredited mainly for political reason. It’s simply politically incorrect in US to claim that a specific race is better or worse than others on a specific case.

I have a different opinion though. I think white women are attractive because white men are (for now) richer. Richer males tend to get hotter babes that produce prettier daughter. Japanese girls used to be ugly, but now are getting prettier and prettier.

Also porn tend to improve women’s beauty because ugly women simply go extinct due to porn. That’s why feminazis hate porn so much. Countries with whites are more likely to tolerate porn (for now) than other countries. This result in bigger tities girls.

Satoshi Kanazawa is by far the most popular blog in psychology today. Many scientists are defending him. This is just another case where science have gone to the way of religion. Pretty much conforming to political correctness rather than truth.

Pro Marriage People are Bigots

Harold, Tons of people are financially ruined and you just callously say that it’s their fault.

What do you call people that say that it’s the jews fault to get into concentration camp? People will think you’re a bigot if you say that.

It’s like jews in concentration camp. Yes it’s their fault. They should have fought like hell than getting into concentration campl. But that doesn’t mean that the Nazi was innocent.

The same way those pro marriage people are not innocent when some people are forced to pay huge alimony or child support.Marriage is idiotic and it’s Tiger Wood’s fault to get married. However, a lot of hatred goes into getting people to get married.

Which government prohibit porn? Ever wonder why porn is not G rated while romance is? Who decides that? Free market?

People get married because bullshit like “live happily ever after” is G rated, while more realistic porn is X rated. I wonder if those alimony payers live happily ever after.

When you tell kids that choosing stupid strategy will get you to “live happily ever after” what do you think those kids will do when they reach adulthood? You guess right, paying life time alimony.

Let me see samples of alternatives to government marriage:
1. Sugar relationship. Illegal if made explicit.

2. Short term marriage also called pay as you go. Illegal under anti prostitution laws.

3. Polyandry and polygamy. Illegal if you celebrate.


So much restriction. In fact, let me know if there is any way 20 women can share a financial support from a rich smart male that’s actually legal if done explicitly with explicit contract. Can they?

Some of What Karl Marx Write is Correct

Some of what Marx write is correct though. Marx says that capitalism has improved humans’ standard of living, true.

Marx complain about money from workers are taken and given to political power and land owners. True. Currently workers pay income tax, the money is taken and given to corrupt officials and building infrastructure that raise market value of privately owned land. Not sure why Marx hate capitalism because all those are done under pretext of socialism.

Marx also has soft spot for entrepreneur and counting them as worker. That’s great Marx. Workers, like programmers, start up founders, and CEOs, are earning tons while capital owner become middle class earning a measly 4% interest in bank. This is while those who simply own political powers but not productive, like minimum wage workers, or welfare parasites, get less and less.

Karl Marx must be very happy now.

Does Christianity Prohibit Sex Outside Marriage?

The issue is not christianity. The issue is the very human nature that’s hidden. In other word, in the absent of christianity, such as in china, in muslim world, and among liberal feminazis, we too will see opposition to prostitution or any efficient system.

The real issue is human nature. We can think of marriage as prostitution where everyone is the pimp. Everyone wants to be pimp and they do not want to compete with more efficient pimps. That’s all.

It’s the same reason with mandatory healthcare. In ancient time, insurance company simply raise insurance fee for those more likely to be sick. It’s fair. Then government prohibits it. Why? Because it hurts the interest of those who are more likely to get sick and hence has to pay higher. Obviously that doesn’t work because then only the sick will buy insurance if the price is equal for everyone. Then we got bigger government in the case of mandatory health care.

The same way, in ancient time, males pick the pretty and girls pick the rich. Also there is no one on one pairing. Best sellers get all. And that’s fair. Those who can give more value deserve more. Obviously ugly women and poor males don’t like it. So they eliminate the efficient fair market and replace that with marriage where everyone pay the same (their soul) and get the same (one mate). Obviously that doesn’t work because then only the poor and ugly would want to get married if prostitution is legal.

If prostitution is more legal, only ugly women that can’t get rich males, and poor unattractive males that can’t attract many women anyway, that will get married. So they make it illegal.

Basically free market provides a fair meritocratic solution that is NOT equal, and commies wanting equality, prohibit efficient solution.

I wouldn’t blame Yahweh. First of all, I am not even sure He is real though would love to know more. He never prohibits sex outside marriage. He’s kind of harsh against sex against married women. At that time it influence inheritance and hence means a lot of money. Not sure what He thinks now when humans already have blood tests.

The 2 women that come to Solomon in the splitting babies’ case are prostitute. They are not afraid of getting caught, and bring their case to the king anyway. That part of the bible is hidden in Sunday school. Solomon story is famous, but the prostitute aspect is hidden.

Jesus turned water into wine, and would have produced ganja if it were the one more popular on the wedding party. Fundamentalists Christians also hide that. Jesus said that prostitute and tax collector will go to kingdom of God before religious leaders. We don’t see that in Jerry Farwell’s sermon.  Oh ya, the bible actually prescribe death penalty against those making false testimony. Nowadays, as long as that guy is pro family, christians are fine with it.

Those who want to enslave others prohibit sex outside marriage, often under the name of Yahweh, or under women’s best interest, or under any other bullshit, that’s not even relevant. It’s they who prohibit serving their own interest. They are the enemy.

Evil Stereotype

Saying that prostitute are poor or pimp is evil is stereotype. It’s like saying that jews, christians, muslims, programmers, businessmen, politician, are thieves. It’s not true, with possible exception be the politician. It’s self fulfilling. Even if it’s true, why not aim at the thieves? Why do you care about their race or occupation or whatever?

Look, if they have drug addiction, it’s their choice (unless they got injected non consensually).
If they earn only $200 a day, which is not bad. There are months I earn less than that, it’s also their choice.
So they got what they choose, which is not that bad. It’s nothing compared to having to pay $1 million to some ex wives.

What is the problem with people choosing what they think is best. Hell, even suicide is legal. Even Tattoo is legal. Even self mutilation is legal. Even marriage is legal. And enjoying drug while earning $200 is so bad?

Actually I know why I hate marriage. Every time I get rich, I fear that I will be forced to give my wife too much money by a judge. Subconsciously I fear making too much money.

I always presume the worst in life. It’s just habit. Come in package with being a programmer and good at math. Love, optimism, is just not me. I feel way more comfortable with real bargaining position and seeing the true game structure.

My wife is actually very nice. I was lucky. But I read enough horror story to know that marriage must be sucks.

I feel good if all marriage are destroyed. I just hate marriage. I think I get by so far because I am careful. If I make too much money, I’ll go bankcrupt due to alimony. If I make too little, my children won’t get the best education. I have to be careful. And it sucks.

Outside marriage I can just be as rich as possible without worrying about all these nonsense.

Actually no body answer the simple question. What is so special about sex?

You can work in the army risking your life murdering people. You can do really really dangerous job like becoming daredevil. I saw kids walking on the rope, no body says it’s dangerous for minor (or anyone). Yet when it comes to sex, suddenly, ups, you can’t commercialize that.

Am I the most pitiful man around?

What an ugly women like you know about how competitive I am.

There are men paying way more than I am only to get nothing in return. You’ve seen the horror stories.

There are men spending way more money than I am and get someone uglier. Hell, even miss universe don’t worth $3k per month. Not sure why anyone want to bid higher. they got too much money I guess.

By the way, did you know that great wall are penetrated by manchu because the general that guard the great wall has a dispute over a beautiful women. Chinese got enslaved by the qing for 300 years because of that. In western world, I’ve heard about face launcing a thousand ship.

All those males and males that don’t even get a piece of the cunt are paying huge price over 1 woman. How stupid is that? Imagine if playboy magazine has been around and men knows that women are just fuck toy. None of those horor would have happened right?

There are men that can’t get hotties.

Yet, somehow I am supposedly, the most pitiful men around. Like I care what you think.

And Harold, if you won’t spend money on your wife, why do you get married? I can’t understand. I mean marriage doesn’t make sense whether you are paying or not. But if you’re not paying cash why give her an “option” to bankrupt you that may cost way more than cash. It doesn’t make sense.

And no Harold, women aren’t that complicated either. They look complicated because you use bullshit science to judge their behavior. Forget romance. Forget love. Then everything will make sense.

The same goes for socialism or anti drug laws. Forget the fact that people care about each other. They don’t. Then everything make sense. Why ganja is illegal even though a quick visit to wikipedia show it’s not dangerous? It makes perfect sense if you understand that humans simply hate each other.

What’s Wrong with Paying?

If you go to supermarket and ask for meat, do they really want to give you meat or just want your money? Do you mind?

Would you go to burger king and say, look I want business that cook burger for me just because he wants me to eat his burger and not some shallow business that just want money.

Or try to marry someone and say, I won’t pay you a cent with the girl saying, I won’t fuck you. Would that kind of marriage work? Gee, I wonder why those never show up on prenuptial.

What makes relationship meaningful is not whether you pay or not. What makes it meaningful is how hot the girl is and how many babies you breed out of that thing.

Women… The other white meat.

Offering Love and Kindness to Girls is

Offering love and kindness to hot girls is like offering spinach to cat. Then people are confused why girls prefer jerk. If you keep offering spinach to cat, it just shows how idiotic you are. Girls don’t like idiots. They pretend they do to fit in social scripts and encourage other girls to pick idiots. Deep inside they don’t.

When girls choose for themselves they max out what they truly want. That is, alpha males cock. You see why bully beat kids up in school? Why nazis killed jews? It’s the same mechanism. Mediocre wanting to get rid of alpha males. Anti prostitution laws and anti polygamy laws are the exact same thing.

You see why girls pick jerks? The jerk shows that he can beat others up. Nice guy keeps yielding, signalling how weak he is.

That’s life. You strong you win, and everyone will think you’re right. They want to believe whatever nonsense that make you look right because they fear you and don’t want to antagonize you. That’s how morality, religion, got developed.

Truth about sexual selection?

Getting married is more than just an advice.

From the day you enter school, any information that suggest pleasure outside marriage is censored to protect children’s “morality”.

The reason behind anti prostitution laws, besides prohibiting prostitution, is to actually keep prostitution underground. Government doesn’t want you to know that you can just pay.

You go to school for so many years. 20 years. How many time they taught you about how child support works or how costly alimony is? Think about it. Government teach so many things in school no body need to know, like ethnic studies, or literature. Yet, whether you want to get married or not is probably one of the most influential decision you will make.

Should you get married? With how many girls? Can you more profitably and cheaply bang more girls outside marriage? Is marriage maximize your profit? What’s the cost and benefit? Does the ratio between marginal benefit to cost optimum? Are hot girls willing to have sex outside marriage? If so, why would you bother marrying?

Porn suggest that the answer is yes. Religion says no. Which one is right? Guess which one government protect children from?

All children learn, is bullshit called romantic love.

Let me tell you the truth. Hot girls prefer the rich and they don’t mind sharing. Pssssssttttttttttt.No body is supposed to know that. They don’t tell you this in sunday school. It’s illegal under the pretext that no girls or too few girls are willing. The truth is, if it were legal, the girls that want to take that offer will be too many.

Like all bigots, girls also prefer to prevent others from being happy. That’s how we have all these laws against consensual acts. They know what happiness is, they don’t want others to enjoy it.

Do Most People Happier on Long Term Relationship?

If they think they will be happy in long term relationship, then go for it. Why they should insist others to go into nonsense relationship they believe in? Why should they prohibit more normal relationship where you pay for what you want?

Of course 50% divorce rate, and cases like Beatty Chadwick shows how unrealistic the idea that marriage is a great idea.

Well, totally privatized, it’ll can still be fine though still not for everyone. Anything government touch will just turn to shit. We got shitty public school. Shitty expensive health care, and now shitty prostitution called marriage.

Those who want abnormal relationship, like marriage, will get none. It’s neither long term (c’mon). It’s not loving (I get more “love” before marriage). It’s more expensive per fuck. It’s not cost efficient. It’s what we expect from irrational delusional person. They make stupid decision. They believe wholeheartedly in their decision so they can trick others into going to the same hell.

Curiously, how much I hate marriage, my marriage is probably better than most of yours. Many of you are divorced and I am still fucking my wife. He he he… use it while it still works.