Publishing Book Goal

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

My goal for publishing book is not really just about money. It’s about spreading the idea.But I think the idea is so big, once it becomes popular, it may rake in tons of money for publishers. Currently, every time I talked, so many want to squelch me. I just want the word to spread so much that it can’t be ignored anymore.

The content is politically incorrect. Here are some of the main points:
1. Anti prostitution laws and anti polygamy laws are there to “ration” females in equal share for everyone. It’s not there to protect women that often don’t mind.
2. Anti women trafficking are there to protect women in rich countries for having to compete with cheaper and often prettier women from poorer countries.
4. Legal definition of prostitution, namely sex in exchange of incentive, is so broad everything effectively is. Marriage is just prostitution where government is the pimp. Government is the worst pimp because it tries to force women into demanding more money from richer men. If that same women set her own price, such as not demanding exclusivity, or alimony, but straight forward cash instead, she is presumed to be a whore and can go to jail.
5. Deals everyone said is so bad that it should be prohibited are actually deals that are TOO GOOD, that those counting on the normal deals will lost customers. People doubt why would any rich pretty girls want to be sugar babies or concubines instead of a wife. To me, what’s strange is not that. What’s strange is why would any rich pretty girls want to settle for mediocre men,. It’s kind of strange to expect women to prefer marriage more than actual quality of men they can get. Not to mention the bigger financial support rich men often give.

I believe in free market. I think everything should be governed by free market and commercialized.

I think prosperity of the whole world depend on how properly aligned our interests toward productivity is. The more we reward the productive, the more people become productive rather than resorting to be tyrants or corrupt officials.

Meritocracy requires proper signal on how much something “worth”. That way, people know what to offer and can get fairly rewarded for what they produce.

Procreation with a beautiful smart woman is an extremely valuable offer. Yet, what’s the price? The mere act of assigning monetary value is already so politically incorrect.

How mess up a situation is can be easily measured by how distorted commodity price from market price.

The most distorted commodity price is of course, drug, sex, and organs.

I happen to concentrate on sex because it directly affect our reproductive success, which is 80-90% of humans’ utility function. According to evolutionary psychology, men spend most of his money on conspicuous consumption to attract a mate. Imagine if all those money goes to women and children straight? There will be no more poverty in the world. However, for that to work, it of course has to be his biological children. Using your money to pay women to beget your own biological children is legally complex. Women cannot, for example, commit not to demand too much child support payment. Government set child support payment proportional to man’s wealth.

Societies are often too socialists when it comes to reproductive success. We are expected to have 2.5 kids irrelevant of how much we want to have kids, how much we can afford those kids, or how much we can attract mates.

At the end, so many people that don’t even want to have kids, can’t afford it, and can’t attract mates somehow produce more children.

I am not eugenic. I do not advocate government to actively encourage or discourage anyone to reproduce. As I said, I believe in free market.

Currently government actively encourage and subsidize poor people to reproduce while making costs artificially prohibitive for the rich. I think this is pretty much 90% cause of all poverty in the world. Get rid of this distortion and everyone will be better off.

Should I start sending book sample?

A Mother Wannabe’s Difficult Choice

Mary is a successful girl. She is smart pretty and talented in many different ways. Mary is a programmer. She makes enough of her own.

“All this making money is fine,” said Mary, “Now I want to get my egg fertilized, and be a mom to propagate my genes.”

Because Mary is a smart and successful independent girls, she doesn’t really need child support payment. However, she also wants a good life. It costs around $500 to raise a child in Mary’s country, and that’s all Mary wants from a guy that fertilize her eggs.

“Well, it’s kind of a fair deal,” said Mary, “I am helping him to reproduce. He doesn’t have to get pregnant for 9 months, breast feeding the babies and all. So I expect the sperm supplier to pay $300-$400 of the cost of raising children.

Mary soon got 2 proposals.

Bob, a smart tall handsome billionaire, think that what Mary want is reasonable. “Sure, $300-$400 is fine. I don’t like spending too much money on a child. I just don’t feel like it. If she wants to help me reproduce, I won’t mind spending $300-$400 per month as she wished.” Bob tells his friends.

Charlie, a welfare recipient, also comes up with a proposal. “Yea I’ll impregnate you babe. However, I am not going to use my own money given that I don’t have any at all due to my lack of genetic talents. But don’t worry; we’ll just be counting on tax payers’ money that worked hard to support our future children.”

The mating market is so frictional due to market restriction. Mary wants to be a mother now and she has to make a decision.

“Obviously I’ll choose Bob,” said Mary, “Bob genetic quality is proven. He is a billionaire. Looks like he got what it takes to be a billionaire, whatever it is.”

“I am not saying that Charlie is inferior or anything. But I do not know whether he can ever be a billionaire or not. One thing for sure is, his genes are not proven yet,” added Mary, “I’ll just tell Bob that.”

“It’s a deal,” said Bob, “But how do I know that you will indeed ask for only $300-$400 per month as you said? The last time I went through this I get sued for $1 million a month,” ask Bob suspiciously.

“I suppose I can make an agreement that I won’t ask or sue for over $300-$400 a month,” said Mary.

“Well, that kind of agreement is not enforceable in court,” said Bob, “So your commitment means nothing. Even though I know you’re not a gold digger, you effectively are because you can’t commit you’re not.”

“I understand that you’re proud that you’re financially independent and stuff,” said Bob, “But current child support laws effectively make you less tolerable than a very expensive whore.”

“But I am not a whore. I do not need your money.  Forget the child support. I’ve heard you got IQ. Hence, I don’t need payment at all.” said Mary.

“Well, but there is no guarantee you won’t sue me for $1 million bucks a month later after babies are born. The court decided that future mom couldn’t commit to lower their child support need. That means to me, and all other billionaires, you are effectively a very expensive vicious gold digging whore.  Even normal whore are affordable to me, but this charging of money proportional to my wealth is unaffordable for any male,” added Bob.

“Each girl I knocked up got an option to sue me for a gazillion dollar. That’s the law,” Bob explained.

“I am not a hoe, and I do not even want or need such option. I am a financially independent woman.” protested Mary.

“But the law says you effectively are hoe. The government pretty much decide what the price is, namely an option to demand large amount of money, whether you want to ever exercise that option or not.” Bob explained.

“Don’t worry, you can make such commitment with me,” said Charlie, “I know you won’t sue for over $300-$400 a month, because I don’t have that kind of money.”

“Wait a minute, so I have a deal, and I can make that deal with Charlie, but I can’t make the same deal with Bob. Is that what’s really going on,” ask Mary to her lawyer. The answer is affirmative.

“In that case I have to choose Charlie then,” said Mary, “If I choose Charlie I got subsidies. If I choose Bob I got complexities. I don’t really have a choice.”

So Mary ended up mating with Charlie and supports their kids with Bob’s money taken forcefully through tax to support Charlie’s children. Their children all are likely to further burden the already heavily socialized system.

“Wait a fucking minute,” said Bob disgruntledly, “The girl prefers my cock, on top of that I provide better deals, and it’s my money paying for the kid. Why the hell it has to be someone else’ cock that fertilize her eggs?”

“Well the girl prefers Charlie,” said Don, a typical voter, “It’s this mystery called romantic love.”

“There is no mystery. It’s not legally possible to deal with me and yet the same deal is legal with Charlie. You forced her to pick Charlie,” complained Bob.

“No it’s not. Well you don’t understand because you don’t feel love,” said Don.

“Charlie doesn’t think having a child worth $500 per month. He also doesn’t think renting a Ferrari worth $500 per month. Why do you bother subsidizing Charlie when he wants to make kids and yet you don’t subsidize him if he wants to drive a Ferrari instead?”

“Well, Charlie’s offspring can be a future tax payer,” said Don.

“Look, my families have been paying taxes for generations. Charlie’s families have been sucking governments’ money for generations. Yet you artificially increase my cost of reproduction and subsidize Charlie to breed like rabbit with MY money,” pointed Bob.

“Sure. We actually prefer Charlie to reproduce like rabbits and make it legal rather than letting jerks like you to do so. In fact, we plan on killing all the rich and productive in gas chamber,” said Don.

So Bob then went oversea to find countries that value his productivity more. The country he left then gets more and more socialized because all the productive people either fail to reproduce or go somewhere else.

Why Feminists are so Mysogynists?

You make a good point. Prostitution is there anyway and it hurts nobody. So why not make it legal? If some girls got beaten up forced or tricked, we have laws for that already namely against battery, rape, and fraud.

My biggest concern is women in poor country. I am sure they are not happy with males available there. Especially women in Afghanistan where they can get stoned. I am sure 90% of beautiful girls there honestly would rather go to europe even though they ended up becoming sugar babies rather than a wife. I think having a “wife” status is overvalued.

Well, when those women come they are called trafficked. Again if some fraud and force is involved, we already have laws for that right?

What about girls that come out of greed? What about women that honestly and correctly believe that they can get much higher pay for sexual service in richer countries?

Shouldn’t they have right to be greedy? Aren’t women human too with right to be as selfish and greedy as any men?

Hey, a long time ago I did came to US out of greed. Salary was higher there. I don’t feel exploited. I am grateful to my boss for paying me a lot providing me with capital I can use to start a business here.

Why women that want to be sex workers are not treated like programmers like me? Why can’t women enjoy the same privilege males have, namely having society respecting their choice as their self interest without too much second guessing?

I am a man, and I enjoy doing things my way and choosing my own path. Quite often my path is a path everyone else think is bad.

I enjoy raising my middle finger laughing at all those moron and mediocres that don’t see the profit of what I choose.

Why beautiful girls don’t have the same right? If they think being sugar babies is better and societies think otherwise, why can’t they just raise their middle finger and tell societies to just go fuck themselves like any men would do if societies try to run our life?

How Socialism Work in Africa

Just look at Africa. It gets more prosper too finally, not out of western aid, but due to chinese selfish trades.

Western aids are just loan to dictators to oppress the people. The europeans bill the loan from the poor african people and then marketed the loan as if they’re helping those poor people.

It’ll be like I am loaning money for Harold to beat Mike up, and then bill Mike for it. Then I call it  humanitarian aids for Mike. That’s what foreign aids is, and pretty much all socialistic measure.

Free trade is far more humane, honest, and effective in eliminating poverty in Africa.

I never hate poor people and women

Yea. There are many poor people that have been nice to me. However, paypal, a rich company seized $9600 out of my account. Everyone said they’ll return it after 180 days. So, just for the record, I love poor people, and I love women. I’ve been poor my self.

The truth is, free market, is the best deal for the poorest and for women. The only one benefited by market distortion are just bigots. I’ve never heard government help the poor by much. If redistribution of wealth come in the form of dividend, I probably won’t oppose it by much. The rich can shop for the best countries and globalization will keep tax rate low anyway. The poor can use the dividend to start a business. They can breed more kids only if they really want to and think that the kid worth the whole expense..

Currently, redistribution of wealth comes into the form of marriage trap where strategies that lead to poverty is rewarded while strategies that lead to productivity and wealth is punished.

If Bob and Charlie is poor. Bob work hard and Charile just breed. Government would tax Bob and reward Charlie. How in the earth this is helping the poor? Government is effectively forcing poor people to be Charlie.

Drug is Rational

Thus Objectivism holds that drug abuse is an immoral abdication of reason and profoundly self-destructive. But there is nothing about it that demands the initiation of force against others. Drugs are traded by violent criminals today because the drug trade is illegal, not because it inherently attracts criminals. The mob sold booze during Prohibition, after all, but it does not do so now that alcohol is legal again. We would be much better off to end the drug war and have the peace of free trade instead.
Similarly, Objectivism views prostitution as a denial of the true nature of human sex. Sex can be the most intimate of encounters between people, a deeply personal experience of self. But this is not possible if it is not undertaken through mutual esteem that values both the conscious and physical aspects of the other person. But assuming that all parties take part voluntarily and are adults, there is nothing about prostitution that violates rights. It is absurd that we waste tax dollars trying to stamp this out, and it is a shame, too, because it drives prostitutes into the hands of criminals, where they suffer abuse and extortion.

Drug is not irrational. Ganja is safe and cheap. It’s like playing video games. Don’t you want to enjoy your life in ways that are far more cost efficient than buying cars? Prostitution is not denial of true nature of sex. Actually prostitution is the MOST natural arrangement of sex. Think about it. In MOST sexual encounter, men pays, women have sex.Almost every sex, is in a sense prostitution sex. Those who are not are like “island” in the middle of general rule that’s not much different than the regular sea but considered different anyway out twisted logic.

If women ask for cash, it’s prostitution and illegal. If women ask for huge devastating alimony instead (i.e. marriage), then it’s holy and sacred. What’s the real difference? In the former, the women decide what the fair deals is. In the latter, the collective decide what’s the deal.

By saying that drug is irrational and prostitution is not natural you have compromised your principle. You admit to the bigots that want to prohibit those acts that they are partially correct. You gave them credit that they actually genuinely want to help others, rather than just want power over others.

The very reason why they are prohibited is precisely because they are good. They are better. They are so much better that peddlers of usual products will be exterminated when those are legal.

It’s almost the same mechanism with anti smuggling laws. Smuggled goods are cheaper and better and that’s the very reason why it’s prohibited.

If you want to understand politic, understand humans’ true nature, observer what they do, ignore all what they said. All people said are bullshit anyway. Incentive, intent and result are the only way to know their interests.

Ayn Rand is an Interesting Figure

Ayn Rand is an interesting figure. She doesn’t know that optimum strategy is is often mixed strategy. In fact, certain strategy is hard wired to be fixed that you can’t even rationally override that. A sample, would be the gender of your children.

She’s not aware of evolutionary psychology where instincts guide all living things to profit far more than rationality.  In other word, she is a good philosophers, but even she can only go so far.

Her idea that selfish means capitalistic selfish is simply wrong. That’s why she has a hard time explaining all those other people that behave differently than how she thinks. In her mind, it’s the majority that’s “wrong”.

A better model is humans do not maximize wealth but power, and being bigots do indeed serve their own interests because that’s what humans’ utility function is.

Citizenship Dividend

In theory (libertarian theory that not everyone believe in anyway) right comes from productivity. That’s an ideal. In practice might makes right.

If you want to win election and be more “libertarian”, propose citizenship dividend (to those who make less kids). You’ll get your votes.I think one day government will be governed like corporation and citizenship will be like stock ownerships.

If the choice is between public school and no public school the poor will choose public school.

If the choice is between public school and cash that would have been used to pay for that public school, the poor will choose whichever is more efficient. Of course government is almost never as efficient as free market and this is where things kicks in.

The problem with that is cash is far more attractive than public school it’ll encourage people to breed just to get more cash. So politicians/government/voters will probably just need to arrange that the marginal cost of raising a kid is the same with the actual costs.

Some Words to Think About

  • If you think a girl is useable and she isn’t, she can always say no. If you think a girl is not useable but she is, you have done your self and her a great disservice.
  • We need to remember those who don’t get girls yet. So whenever a hot babe want to have sex with us, we need to remember not to ever waste her kindness for it may not last. That way we shall never wasted any girls. It’s the same reason why we drink beer. Remember, that some kids in India are sober.
  • I never said that all women are useable. Saying that all women are useable is like saying that all women are pretty or fuckable. Of course not. Those who are not are simply not important. At least not for me.
  • The best of the best of women are those that are pretty. The best of the best of pretty women are those that are buxom. The best of the best of buxom pretty women are those that are useable. The best of the best of useable pretty buxom women are those you knocked up. Be very grateful to those great women. Listen to what they want and reward them in anyway they wish. Ignore opinions from the rest.
  • The problem with prostitute and sugar baby  is that they know their value and they demand what’s fair, honest, and reasonable out of the value they can give. A women that think like them are usually prettier. Men want to be treated fairly, honestly, and reasonably. Hence a whore or a sugar baby is a a very competitive threat by ugly girls that try to get males out of deceits like marriage or love. Whores, in a sense, are like jews during Nazis era. The one that everyone says inferior is actually superior. Prostitutes are on average superior women. Prostitution is usually a superior job.
  • The cruelest of the cruelest of males are those who say no to hot smart pretty girls that want to sleep with him. Such cruelty is what societies taught us to inflict on all those nice girls. If she said no, tell her that you’re available anyway, for all her kind no matter what, then find someone else.
  • Playing hard to get doesn’t work for male. Even the most desirable males are not hard to get for women. Hence being hard to get doesn’t imply quality whatsoever.